The 6 Vaastu-Centric Points You Should Keep In Mind While Planning Your Home Purchase

For many buying a house that is Vaastu complaint is of paramount importance. For people who do not know what exactly Vaastu means, it is an ancient science of architecture which offers a complete insight when building structure. Vaastu is a Sanskrit work in which “Vaas” and “Tu” means “Live” and “You” respectively. When talking about Vaastu compliant houses or flats in Thane west and around, you should know a number of buyers now ensure the home conforms to the Vaastu norms.

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Mentioned are some Vaastu centric points or guidelines you can consider when buying your first house or apartment:

Sunlight and cross ventilation – Two of the major aspects that holds great importance in Vaastu is sunlight and ventilation. Considering this aspect, ensure your house receives ample amount of sunlight and also has cross ventilation. You can consider an east or north facing flat with balconies and windows in either of the two directions. You should know early morning sunlight is good for health and brings a lot of positivity, while afternoon sunlight can be harmful to the health. Hence, you should avoid buying a house that has entrance and windows to the south or south-eastern.

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Entrance – As far as the entrance of the house is concerned, North or North East tend to serve as auspicious direction. One of the primary reason is that the sun rises in the east and brings in a lot of positivity. South or West entrance should be avoided as the afternoon sun rays are harmful to the health.

Location of the kitchen – You are highly advised not to invest in the flats in Thane west or around if the kitchen is in the North-East. As it tends to welcome the morning sun and hence that room is perfect for meditation purpose or living room. The ideal location is the South-East corner of the house. Also, ensure the kitchen is not located directly facing the main door.

Location of the toilet – South-West corner or South serves as the best place for bathroom and toilet. Apart from this, North-West corner is also recommended. However, bear in mind that the toilet and Pooja room should not be next to each other.

Master bedroom – It is of paramount importance for the master bedroom to be located at the South-West corner for a home which faces to the east. Consider square or rectangular shaped bedrooms.

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Know the Community – Another important Vaastu centric point every buyer needs to keep in mind is the community. Ensure the building block located in the south-west direction is the tallest among the others. This further does the job of protecting the other building blocks from any harmful sun rays. Apart from this, the play area, garden and open spaces should be in the eastern or northern side. Avoid investing in a house that has these areas at the back.

These are some of the vital Vaastu centric points one need to consider when buying a house. Reliable real estate group like, Neelkanth Group understands how important Vaastu is for the buyers and ensure the houses and apartments are built on them.

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Do’s & Don’ts To Keep In Mind While Planning To Rent A Home

Buying a property is considered to be a feasible option and a long-term investment. However, as an NRI have you ever thought of renting a property than buying one? Well, renting a house is an excellent option than the purchase of a house. You should know it comes with a number of benefits. A lot of Non-Resident Indian prefer to have their own share of investment in properties. They also look forward to getting the best deals for a magnificent house. NRI investment in real estate is not only about buying, but also renting. If you happen to rent a right house, you can say lots of money.

You should know renting a house or buy a house has its own share of problems. It is definitely not a small task. If you have decided to rent a house especially if you are here for a short stay, then mentioned below are some dos and don’ts you can follow before signing the papers.

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Understanding the Rent Agreement

Don’ts – A lot of renters including NRIs often neglect the importance of going through and understanding the rent agreement produced by the landlord. In case, you do not understand anything; you can ask your landlord to explain the same.

Dos – You are highly advised to understand every bit of information written on the rent agreement. In case there are any changes, ensure you get them in writing to avoid any problems later on.

Overlooking the Inspection Aspect

Don’ts – Do not ever think that the house you are renting is perfect in every way possible. There is every possibility of finding out the house has leakage issues, roofing problems and more later.

Dos – Do make it a point to inspect the house you are renting thoroughly. If you notice any primary or minor problem, ensure you bring it to the notice of the owner. A lot of landlords tend to allow the renters to take a tour of the property thus helping them to list down the damaged area that needs repairing.

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What About Pets?

Don’ts – Do not ever make the mistake of hiding your pet and not discussing the same beforehand. If your landlord gets to know about the same later on, it can land you in soup.

Dos – Before you sign on the dotted lines you are advised to discuss whether pets are allowed in the house.

Make Timely Payment

Don’ts – Though you are an NRI, the payment needs to be done on time. Not paying your rent on time or several late payments can lead to eviction or even costly fees. Do not overlook your due date for rent.

Dos – When you pay your rent on time, you stand to be in the good books. This further leads to increasing your lease agreement to few more months or even years.

These are some of the essential dos and don’ts one has to keep in mind when planning to rent a home. If you still want to purchase a home, then consider looking for flats for sale in Thane as they are the best option.

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How To – Plan Out Your Home Loan Repayment

Home loans over the years have gained immense popularity. It has helped a lot of potential homebuyers to buy their dream home or property. It is a feasible option when all the other doors are shut. In short, there is no more room for complaining about not being able to purchase a home due to lack of finances. Well, now that you have taken a home loan for 2 BHK flats in Thane, you know you have to repay it on time and without any delay. Delay in the same only leads to increasing the interest rates. This is where the importance of planning your home loan repayment comes into the picture. If not planned appropriately, home loan repayment can take a huge toll.

An individual can easily reduce the burden of home loan repayment through prepayment, either full or partial, increasing the EMIs or even shifting to another loan. Coming to the topic of how to plan your home loan repayment, mentioned are some tips that might come handy:

Know the Ways for Repayment

You can take advantage if the loan offers the flexibility to increase regular repayments or lump sum repayment without incurring additional charges or fees. Other than this, you can even decrease the burden by making frequent repayments. It can be done either weekly or fortnightly, whichever suits you the best.

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Pay Off the Mortgage Quickly

One of the finest ways to save some finances on loan is by paying off the amount as quickly as you can. You should know the interest rates tends to increase when taking your time to pay off the loan principal. This further leads to higher loan cost overall.

Place Your Home Loan Repayment with The Cycle of Income

Another amazing way you can add when planning our home loan repayment is by aligning the repayment with the income cycle. In simple terms, you can pay the loan amount as and when your salary is credited. So, if you get your salary fortnightly, ensure you make the repayments fortnightly. By doing so, it maximises the amount that is paid against the home loan.

Do Not Lower the Repayment

You are advised not to lower the repayment even if your minimum home loan repayment drops because of a decrease in the interest rates. In fact, you tend to pay off the loan amount much quickly when you maintain your current repayment. This ensures you make your repayments on time, in fact, more than what was discussed.

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Deposit Any Spare Cash If You Have

Another great aspect to reduce your burden or to repay the home loan is by paying extra repayments whenever you can. This further helps in reducing the interest cost of the home loan.

These are some of the simple yet useful tips one can consider when planning out your home loan repayment whether for ready to move-in apartment or under construction projects in Thane.

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Legal Details to Keep in Mind While Planning Your Home Purchase

Undoubtedly, buying a house is one of the biggest purchase a person can make. Apart from the biggest, it is also a complicated one. Considering this aspect, it is vital to be aware of the legal aspects that revolve around buying flats in Thane West or around. You do not sign an offer to purchase without looking into the legal aspects it comprises of. You might have spent most of your time in searching for a property or house that meets your needs. Now, that you have shortlisted some, it is wise to know the legal details that revolve around it. This further avoids you from getting involved in any legal conundrums later on.

Get to know the legal aspects and documents that need great consideration before making your first home purchase:

Title Deed – This is one of the vital aspects you need to check when making a home purchase. You should know if the title is not perfect and free from any hindrances, a seller cannot transfer the property to a potential buyer. An individual claiming to be the seller cannot sell the property if it is not under his name. You can get information of the title deed at a Sub-registrar’s office. As a buyer, you are authorised to get all the property title documents. Ensure the title is free of any disagreements over the property’s ownership. While checking, do ensure the seller has the property’s ownership or just the rights for development.

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Master Plan – When making a home purchase you are bound to come across real estate companies and builders who claim of infrastructural development on the location of the property. It majorly includes construction of new schools, infrastructure, improvement of transport, construction of shopping mall and more. These aspects often do not hold any ground and are often said to attract buyers. Considering this aspect, it is important to inspect the area’s master plan and ensure the claims made are right.

Land Use Certificate – You very well know that constructing a residential complex over a commercial property is completely illegal. In order to verify the same, you have to apply to the development authorities to ensure the residential property you are investing in is a residential zone completely. It should not be a commercial, industrial or agricultural area. Doing so only leads to demolishing of the property later on.

Property Tax Receipts – No matter whether you are buying flats in Thane West or around, ensure you have checked the tax receipts. This further ensures the property’s seller has paid all the tax accumulating on the property for the last three years or more.

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Encumbrance Certificate – Another vital legal aspect to keep in mind is the Encumbrance Certificate. It is wise to know the property you are investing in is free from any legal dues. In the case of title deed, encumbrance can be searched at the Sub-Registrar’s office. It offers all the details like mortgage, liens, third party claim and so on, thus helping you make a wise decision. An encumbrance certificate should have all the transaction record of the concerned property.

Keep these legal details in mind to ensure you have a wonderful home buying experience.

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