4 Cabinet Designs That Are a Must-Have for Your Dry Area

Having an entire room dedicated only to your laundry is not something everyone is accustomed to, especially in the city of Mumbai; even though having a dry area is quite a practical idea. Managing to fit everything you need in a small laundry room is not that easy. Apart from the washing machine and the dryer, there are numerous other things that you need to take into consideration while designing your laundry room.


Keeping in mind the latest trends and the increasing number of NRI investments in real estate, many new residential projects have started offering dry areas, in order to have a separate laundry room; thus, making it much easier to do the laundry chores. In order to maximize the utility of your laundry room, it is essential to make the most of the spaces available in your dry area. Here below are 4 cabinet designs that you must include in the dry area of your NRI investment in real estate.

Combine Wide and Narrow Storage Cabinets: The design for such a laundry room needs to maximize long-term storage as well as maintain the space for each workdays tasks. For this purpose, home buyers or home owners need to install a narrow shelf a few inches above the countertop, using turned shelf supports to add details to space. Hooks add a quicker use storage.

Add Details to Your Cabinets for Decoration:Most NRI investment in real estate today, include investments in houses with expansive laundry spaces, where you have room for a few extras as well. You could add a few cabinets above the washer or dryer and hang rods in the shelves of these cabinets. You could use these cabinets for airing your used clothes which do not need immediate washing. This kind of assembly keeps the space looking neat, clean and tidy with a few extras that are hidden behind the well-designed cabinets.

Wooden Cabinets for A Classy Look: Wooden cabinets always add an additional beauty to whichever room it is put up in. Having a wooden cabinet in your laundry room will not only make your cabinet look good but will also help you utilize the various spaces in an effective way. Pretty wooden cabinets with traditionally styled panels, help blend the walk-through space with the rest of the home, providing storage for your laundry detergents and various other items.


Add Slim Counter Cabinets: Most dry areas of the new projects of the NRI investment in real estateincludes a traditional setup, where you have to leave some space between the cabinet and the countertop. This kind of laundry room makes use of the usually discarded area with a slim storage cabinet that is suitable for smaller laundry items. You could add decorative drawer pulls and interesting accents to enhance the look of your cabinets in the house of your investment.

These are the various cabinet designs that you could use in the home of your NRI investment in real estate.