4 Tips to Invest in an Under-Construction Project

Buying your dream is not easy as your think it is. Various factors need your attention to make your purchase a great one. You definitely do not want to invest in a property only to later regret on. Buying or investing in any property requires your thorough investigation, from price, real estate market value, your budget, when do you plan to move-in, the neighbourhood and more. The list just goes on and on. While these aspects do play a major role, there is one aspect a lot of buyers are confused on – Whether to invest in under construction property or ready-to-move-in apartments. Well, the choice is completely yours. For people who are planning to invest in under construction projects in Thane and around, here are some tips that might prove fruitful.

No matter whether you plan to invest in an under-construction property or ready possession homes, it is important to be aware of certain traps that often gets neglected. An under-construction property definitely sounds an affordable bargain than ready possession homes. However, there are certain tips and traps you need to be aware of to ensure you make a wise decision:

•    It is the builder you will be purchasing for. Hence, it is important to ensure the builder has clean records. Check out for them for they will give you a brief idea on whether it is wise to invest in the under-construction property the builder is offering. Ensure the builder is trustworthy and has a good image in the market.

•    Ensure you get everything in writing. As a buyer ensure you do not sign anything until everything has been agreed upon, negotiated and written in the contract. If you have decided to invest in an under-construction property, ensure how your apartment will be finished, what will happen in case the construction does not happen on time, or if the deadline is not met and so on. While you ask these questions, ensure you take the answers in writing and is signed by the concerned parties.

•    When you are investing in new residential projects in Thane, and around, it is important that you as a buyer ask for a copy of the construction project’s drawing, floor plan, duly stamped by the authorities. Besides, do not forget to check whether the builder or the real estate company has the ownership of the land where the construction will take place.

•    As a buyer, you can ask for the commencement certificate of the floor, in case the construction is not completed to the floor you have booked your apartment in. For example, if you have booked your apartment on the 15th floor, but the construction is completed only till 10th floor, then you can ask for this certificate.

These are some effective tips that aim at helping you invest in right residential projects in Thane and around.