4 Ways In Which You Can Revitalise Your Bedroom Style

They say,‘a home is where the heart is’. What would first be perceived as a housing structure, would eventually metamorphose into an epitome of a humble environment for the growth of a family. And like any other familial bond, each component of a home, plays an important role in contributing to this nurturing.

The living room, case in point, would be the perfect representation of the strength of this familial bond. It is the perfect room, where families mingle and become one. It is this room that exudes the strength of the family’s bond, especially to outsiders and guests. The kitchen, on the other hand, is the perfect personification,of contributing to the nurturing and growth of each member of the family. But the bedroom, is more than just a room, with a bed. It is a private sanctuary. This is the room, built for your taste, desire and protection. It is a place that allows you to rest and recover for a new day.

Plenty of the real estate companies have recognized and understood the power this room embraces and exudes. Keeping this in mind, plenty of new projects in Thane are open to the endeavors of aspiring homeowners, who are looking to put their own touch and revitalize their bedroom style. Here are four suggestions to help you get started

Colour Scheme

Colour schemes play an important role in influencing your emotional well being. The general rule for any bedroom style, when it comes to colour, would be to opt for a calming neutral palette. Choices such as pale yellows, light pinks, soft lavender and light blues and greens are the perfect choices. For a unique touch, you can opt for delicate patterns to make a great accent wall in your bedroom. If bright colours and bold patterns reflect your taste, you can always pick a complementary colour scheme. This works perfectly for a 2 or 3 BHK in Thane or Mumbai where you will have plenty of choices to play with colors and patterns.
Bedroom Style

Window Treatments

Décor in the bedroom should be sensual if not peaceful. It should complement the outside surroundings, especially with new projects in Thane, located near the lush green hills. The best way to achieve this is through curtains. This sublime flowing material is perfect to evoke vibes, as per your varying desires. Opt for soft cotton, nylons or even satin curtains for a soft finish. Play with patterns to match the décor or colour scheme of the room. Ensure that the curtains start well above the window frame, flowing right down to the floor. Invest in a double curtain rod, as it will enable you to play with lighting and colour schemes through this mount.


Harsh lighting can ruin the vibe of the bedroom. Opt for soft yellow lights that are adjustable to set the mood of your bedroom anytime you want. You can house a small chandelier for a more luxurious feel, which is perfect for a spacious bedroom in a 2 or 3 BHK in Thane or Mumbai. For a more practical touch, you can install soft ambient bedside lamps, which can double up as reading lights when required.
Bedroom Style 1


Although your bedrooms house most of your personal belongings, it should always be clutter free. Ensure there is ample space between the cupboards and your bed to avoid any congested feeling. Investing in a storage trunk or bench at the foot of your bed to hold the bed linen or any other item you require.

Always remember, your bedroom is your private sanctuary. Keeping this in mind, plenty of real estate companies ensure that their projects provide aspiring homeowners with an opportunity to develop their own style and taste.While you may not redecorate your space on a regular basis, it helps to select a style design that can convert into a harmonious bedroom décor.