6 Accessories That Every Bathroom Must Have

Bathrooms are one of the most occupied rooms in the house. To many it serves as a purpose wherein one can get ready for work. To others, it is the perfect haven to relax and unwind after a stressful day. Plenty of the real estate company in Thane has incorporated diverse architectural designs to suit this purpose while ensuring it satisfies your every need.

However, the architectural designs alone may not fulfill all your requirements. Investing in certain bathroom accessories will provide you the convenience required to satisfy your every need in the bathroom. Here are six suggestions that will get you started:

Toothbrush holders
No doubt, you would use your toothbrush only once or twice a day. But in between that time, if not stored properly, it is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Especially if kept within close proximity to the wash basin, or even the toilet. Investing in toothbrush holders, will prevent this situation from occurring, and also allow you to save space on storing these items. You can opt for cup holders or even planters. You can even attach toothbrush head holders well above the wash basin for more convenience.

Linen baskets
Handling dirty laundry can be a mess, but with the right accessory, you can soon turn it into a clean job. Linen baskets make for a great laundry basket. Ideally, it also makes it easier for you to handle your laundry, on a daily basis. When checking out your new residential projects in Thane, do check for any place in the bathroom that allows you to store a linen basket with ease. Nevertheless, plenty of the real estate company in Thane do provide spacing dedicated for laundry storage, so you only need to look around and find it.
bathroom must have

Chrome towel rack
Having a hard time keeping your towels off the floor? Invest in a chrome towel rack to keep your towels clean and dry. A free standing towel rack is the best option for those who want to fit it in any corner. The smooth finish also allows for easy cleaning with a damp cloth. This is the best choice for small flats, especially in any of the 2 BHK flats in Thane.

Magnetic Strip Organizer
A magnetic strip is best for those who want to keep any metal object within a handy reach. One can easily attach essential items like hair pins, metallic hair banks, tweezers or any other small metallic object. However, the location of this magnetic strip is crucial. Therefore, before placing it, you should first check out your home amongst the new residential projects in Thane and opt for the best place to fit this organizer.

Soap dispenser
No one likes a soggy soap bar, left in remains of its mush after every bath. As an alternative to this solution, you can opt for a soap dispenser. This will keep the surrounding area clean from any liquid soap suds. In addition to this,liquid soaps are easier to manage, and also take up less space which is essential in any of the 2 BHK flats in Thane. Invest in a soap dispenser design of your taste and you can place it near the basin or even on the ledge of the bathtub for better expediency.

Cotton bath mat
Stepping out onto the cold floor after a refreshing hot bath can make you feel uncomfortable. Additionally, it also increases the chances of slipping on smooth surfaces, which is dangerous especially for young children. Placing cotton bath mats will help eliminate this risk while also adding to the appeal of the bathroom.