6 Affordable Ways to Fix Up Your Bedroom

Decorating or revamping your home décor, especially of your bedroom of your flats in Thane, need not always be a major project. Sometimes, you don’t even need to spend a lot of money to decorate or revamp it. With effective creativity and planning, you can easily fix up the bedroom of your flats in Thane West in the most affordable ways.

Here below are 6 affordable ways to fix up the bedroom of your flats in Thane:

Lampshades:You can never go wrong with using lampshades in the bedrooms of your flats in Thane West. Updating lampshades with new ones in great shapes and shades or using simply fresh white shades could also work wonders. This will not only make a good decorative piece for your bedroom but will also brighten up your bedroom with the exact amount of lighting required.


Paint: Paint makes for a classic makeover option. Instead of re-painting the whole bedroom of your flats in Thane, you could paint just one wall in a focal colour, in order to highlight that particular wall. This would work best on the wall above the headrest of your bed. You could hang lovely wall paintings or a collage of pictures and photographs as a décor. Painting your ceiling lighter will be a great idea as you could let all focus go to your main focal wall.

Window Dressings:Update your window dressings. Many stores have numerous ready-made draperies that you could hem to the right size and put up on your window. You could also make your own sheets or lengths from differently designed fabrics and hang them from a new and fancy looking curtain rod which will enhance your bedroom even more.


Use Accessories Effectively:Using too many accessories in the bedroom of your flats in Thane West could ruin the elegant look of your bedroom, making it look quite clustered. One effective way to avoid this cluster is to gather all your bedroom décor accessories together and then put them up in places where they will have maximum impact. This will enable you to put up only the required décor accessories, making your bedroom look clutter free.

Replace Overhead Lighting with Chandeliers:One of the very common ways to fix up your bedroom is to replace overhead lighting with chandeliers. Chandeliers add an extra elegance and have a class of its own, making your bedroom look spacious and classy. A dated-looking chandelier can be painted white, depending on your choice of colours. You could also add extra crystal drops or colourful crystal chips for a better lighting effect.


Use Mirrors for maximising light: You could maximise lights in a darker room by hanging a well-framed mirror directly opposite the window. This will enable more light in the bedrooms of your flats in Thane West.

Apart from these, there are much more ways where one can fix up the bedrooms of your flats in Thane in an easily affordable manner. You could also experiment with new techniques and design ideas and see which one suits you best.