6 Decor Trends for Your Living Room

Living room décor trends closely resemble any fashion trend, which is in a constant flux. Today’s trend could be yesterday’s past, thus leaving you with an outdated room décor. However, real estate companies have recognized the rising trends of possible living room decors that will transform your stark room into a room of awe and envy amongst your guests. Here are a few décor trends you can incorporate into your living room for this year.

Millennial living rooms

The real estate market has seen an influx of millennial’s investing in diverse real estate projects and NRI property investment that reflect their taste. These individuals rely on technology to make their living experience comparatively easier. Additionally, DIY projects that reflect a personal taste are more prominent.  Small functional living rooms that possess originality and uniqueness are a variable option over ‘cookie cutter’ rooms.
living room

Tech free living rooms

Although tech-filled rooms may be the choice for millennial’s, it’s a contrary option for the others. Plenty of families are opting for unplugged living rooms, to facilitate family time. Digital free livings for such individuals would focus on comfortable seating around a low multipurpose coffee table. Alternatively, it would also include simplistic designs in term of décor which reflects the personal choice of the family on the whole, like framed pictures in simplistic designs. Family homes such as the 3.5 BHK apartments in Thane are the perfect choice for this décor trend.

Art endorsed living rooms

If you love the abrupt splash of colors on your wall without the need to replace the paint job on a monthly basis, then investing in art ledges is the best choice. One can call it the modernized version of gallery walls. All you need to do is incorporate in – wall ledges in your living room. It is best suited for 2.5 to 3.5 BHK apartments in Thane as ample living room spacing will allow you let your creativity flow. Transform your living room by placing works of art, which can be styled on a regular basis as per your needs or desires.

Wood Platformed Furniture

Wood platformed furniture is perceived to be a rising trend by the interior decorates and real estate companies. For those who appreciate clean and simple lines with a streamlined finish, this is your choice. Opt for high wood quality to complete that luxurious look, while ensuring it lasts a lifetime. Go for simple platforms or boxed cushions, especially if it incorporates that built – in or custom spacing. This décor trend allows you to look fancy, even when you aren’t.

Classical elegance:

The era of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ may have been well gone, but it is slowly making a return in the current décor trends. This is especially popular for those who have an ambient surrounding, which is appealing to the eye. Convert your NRI property investment into a literal storybook living room, with over-sized French window sills, backed by low seating furniture. The sunlight and outdoor should be the focal point of your living room. Throw in a matching coffee table with a pile of books, and you are ready for that classical elegance look.

Back to Nature

If you possess a green thumb and want to encourage this skill, you can opt for a green cover within the walls of your living room. Instead of the standard décor and artwork, you can opt for indoor potted plants, terrariums and plant inspired items. The good news is that there is greenery out there to suit everyone’s diverse tastes. You can back these items with earth based themes accessories to complete the look while injecting beauty and tranquility in your living room.