Some Useful Tips to Design Entertainment Room in Your Apartment

It is rightly said, ‘Home is where the heart is’. Every room of the house is important and hence should be designed in a right way. However, nothing can beat having a separate entertainment room that works towards helping you unwind after a hectic day at work. You can say, it is an ideal place to relax and de-stress. Home entertainment has come a long way than just watching television. Home owners now choose a number of entertainment options. This has further given rise to the new trend of having a separate entertainment room. So, no matter whether you have 2 BHK or 3 BHK in Thane and around, you can consider these tips to design an entertainment room at home:

Choose the Right Equipment

The first step towards designing your entertainment room is choosing the right equipment. When talking about the same, there are various equipment you can choose from, television, media server, Blu-ray player, state-of-the-art sound systems and so on. These are some major and vital equipment needed to get yourself immersed completely for an ultimate movie experience. Ensure the distance from the screen to the seating area it at least 8-10 sq. ft. For better viewing, the rear seats can be a step higher. To get a perfect theatre experience, you can opt for comfortable seats with armrests and cup holders to hold popcorns and cold drinks. Besides, ensure the room has dark and warm colours, thus giving a perfect heater feel and look.

As far as the screen is concerned, while a large screen LED is quite common, a projector combined with a screen also works great. Apart from this, ensure the entertainment room has proper acoustics.

Create A Relaxing Environment

Instead of storing thousands of DVDs, you can save a lot of space by investing in a media server. It helps in storing several movies in one place. Besides, the media server can be easily accessed from any room. A home automation system comes to your rescue when it comes to enhancing the environment of the room. As far lighting is concerned, you can opt for recessed lights. You can even opt for mood lighting that can be further synchronised with your favourite music.

Some Dos and Don’ts for Entertainment Home Décor:

  • Keeping in mind the available space in your room is important when working on the seating arrangement. For the huge area, you can opt for theatre-like seating. Besides, there are also other options like recliners, large cushions or even floor-level seating.
  • The speakers should be mounted on the wall
  • Avoid heavy furniture as it makes the room cramped.

These are some tips one can consider when designing an entertainment room whether in a 3 BHK or 2 BHK flats in Thane and around.

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Aspects to Check Before Buying an Apartment

Planning to buy a property or apartment? Well, you have a long way to go. With a number of real estate companies in Mumbai making a wise and safe choice is a must. A background check plays a prominent role in helping you make a wise choice. There are several factors that require your attention. Some of the major things that require attention are:

Experience of the Builder

More often than not, buyers tend to believe on the builders blindly. However, this is one of the major mistakes and should be avoided at any cost. When you are buying an apartment, ensure you check the builder’s construction experience. After all, you definitely do not want to invest or buy a house that will come down with a minor jerk. You will find reputed builders and real estate companies tend to have the complete list of ongoing, upcoming and completed projects on the website. Go through the same as this will give you an idea and whether the builder can be trusted. You should also know, experienced builders, have a clear plan or the steps for every construction.

Ensure the Approvals are in Place

Now that you know the builder you are planning to buy your first 2 BHK in Thane or around is reliable ensure, the project has a clear legal title and all the approvals in place. The plans of the building will reflect largely on the usage of space whether commercial or residential. You are highly advised to avoid projects if the construction is not approved. This will later cause problems in getting the Occupancy Certificate (OC).

Structural Stability

Buyers can ask for the structural stability certificate copy that is issued by the structural engineer from the builder. This ensures that the building is designed and built according to the load estimated. Apart from this, as a buyer, you can also inquire about the thickness and the type of blocks that are used for the construction. Do not go for the apartment that has used the four-inch block for the external wall!

Project Specifications

Your search for a perfect apartment or property does not end here. As a home buyer ensure the project specifications offered by the real estate company are well endorsed in the sale agreement. Also, examine whether the electrical load meets the requirements and also the waterproofing for the bathrooms.

These are some aspects that need to be checked by a homebuyer for a safe home purchase. Happy house hunting!

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5 Vital Amenities That Homebuyers Should Look for When Buying a House

What are the aspects you as a buyer will consider when buying a house? It definitely has to be price and location. Well, apart from these, there is also one major aspect that should not be neglected, and that is – Facilities. When talking about the same, facilities tend to change from one buyer to another. While you may be looking for a house with a nice and big swimming pool, there are some who want to invest in a house with top security solutions. To make your whole house hunting for 2 BHK in Thane and around process easy, here are some facilities you need to look for:

Open Space

One of the major aspects a buyer is bound to look for is open space. Understood, that being physically fit is every person’s choice. However, an elderly cannot hit the gym and do strenuous exercises. This is where the importance of having an open space in the building area is important. This is one reason why a number of under construction properties are now considering to have an open space that makes walking easy. This actually enhances the living for one can take a walk and breathe in the fresh and cool air.

Play Area

Just as having an open space important, so does play area. You will find a number of people now prefer investing in 2 or 2.5 BHK flats in Thane and around having a play area. This works in favour of children, for it helps them to indulge in different activities. Besides, these activities play a major role in the comprehensive growth of the child. Ensure the kids play area is safe and well equipped with needed facilities.

Parking Facilities

For homeowners who own a car, having the facility to park the car is important. A lot of buyers looking for buildings having covered parking facility. This is one reason why you will find companies offering this facility to its potential homebuyers.

High-End Security Solutions

Security is one aspect that cannot be given a deaf ear. You definitely want to invest in a house that ensures safety of your family. Ensure the property or apartment you are investing has high-end security options. It majorly includes, CCTV cameras, alarms, fire alarm, round the clock security guards and more.

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool at your own complex may seem like a luxury. However, nothing can be better than having a swimming pool that makes the whole hassle of going to a resort. However, ensure the company or the builder takes swimming pool maintenance seriously.

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2 BHK flats in Thane – A blessing in disguise

There is a sea of options when it comes to buying newly constructed 1 or 2 bhk flats in Thane. These apartments are fully equipped and are located in the highly developing areas of the district. This makes these housing developments a great adobe for people willing to lead a balanced lifestyle. The area is neither too crowded nor too deserted. The extremely well-planned connectivity and access to civic amenities make this region one of the best for modern living. Let’s go over the following benefits of investing in a real estate project in Thane.

Easy Access to the City:

There are numerous real estate companies in Thane that have housing complexes in centrally located areas. These localities are connected to the main city from all ends. You could either take the Eastern Freeway on one side or take the Ghodbunder Road that connects you to the western suburbs of Mumbai. There are many flyovers and highways that merge at Thane making it a highly commutable area.

Scenic Views All Around:

Thane is a locale surrounded by luscious hills and creeks. This creates an opportunity for property builders to construct homes with scenic views of bountiful nature. You will find hill facing, creek facing, and forest facing homes that strike the right balance between man-made and nature-made wonders.

All Kinds of Civic Amenities:

The area also has all sorts of civic facilities including renowned schools, colleges, multi-specialty hospitals, entertainment hubs, supermarkets, technology parks and more. They are the life and soul of any vicinity that fuels satisfied living. This is why buying 1 or 2 bhk flats in Thane is a blessing in disguise. It brings about a world of opportunities and amenities that facilitates a wholesome residential experience.

Amazing Price Ranges:

This is another perk of purchasing a property in Thane. The price ranges are much more favourable as compared to the suburbs in Mumbai. If you are looking for spacious homes at affordable ranges, this area is sure to fit the bill. There are various realty dealers in this zone that offer a wide range of enticing property options. The price ranges are constant in all the regions of the district.

These are the major advantages of buying a home in Thane. The development projects are great for domestic as well as NRI property investment. It is a wise decision for a buyer to invest in a residential property in this vicinity. However, it is also vital that you make a comparison of the offerings by different dealers and builders and to do a background check of their previous deals.

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Are you visiting a site? Don’t miss out checking on these

When you are in the process of buying an apartment whose construction is still underway, you should never hurry on the contrary you should take things slowly. Now that you are in the middle of the selection procedure and have zeroed in on a few under construction projects in Thane, Ghatkopar, Chembur, and other areas of Mumbai, these are a few things to keep in mind before the site visit. You have to investigate the property just like a detective; after all, it is an investment decision that involves a lot of money.

1.    Goodwill of the builder and brand

Before you buy the property, it is very crucial to know about the profile of the builder and the brand completely. It would really be helpful to enquire about the past projects of the builder. If you could go and talk to the people, who have purchased flats from the real estate companies you are considering then nothing like it. You always have the option of visiting the site of the builder and check on the completed and the ongoing projects. Word of mouth in such cases is very important. You have to speak to the previous purchasers of apartments from the same builder to get a valid testimony.

2.    Connectivity to your workplace

This is another important feature to pay attention to. The property that you have decided on should not be too far away from your workplace. If that is the case, then more than the required time will be spent in travelling to and fro. It will amount to a huge loss of time. If you do not consider doing anything else other than your office job and if your workplace is far from the flat and it is okay with you, you should at least check for the connectivity options from your apartment to your office location. There should be ample transportation facilities that should be readily available to you to commute easily.

3.    Resale potential of your apartment

When you are buying a 1 or 2 bhk in Thane, Chembur, Andheri, and other areas, you are either looking at staying there personally or making an investment purchase. Whatever the case may be, you should always be sure that when you sell the apartment or look for potential buyers who are on the lookout for a resale apartment, your apartment is sold for a good profit amount. This can be possible if the place where the property is located has chances for development, perhaps a metro line coming up in the vicinity, proximity to the train station and bus depot, and the likes.

These are some of the dynamics you should look into and be sure of when you are visiting an ongoing apartment site. Various real estate companies in Mumbai help you find the right property at the right price, which makes the process a lot easier.

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Want to Create a Balcony Garden? – Consider These Tips!

If you love gardening but is not able to because of garden space, then you should rejoice with the ideas of balcony garden. It is one of the best ways to take a step towards green home and also being closer to nature. You will find a lot of residential projects like 3BHK, and 2 BHK flats in Thane tend to have large balconies. You can make use of these large balconies to convert it into beautiful gardens. You can easily make your balcony your prime relaxation spot by having beautiful plants that let you breathe in fresh air. This simple place can be your haven, or also your place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Mentioned are some tips that help you to spruce up your flat’s balcony garden:

How About Having Railing Planters?

When it comes to having a charming balcony design, nothing can be better than having potted plants and bare railings. All you have to do is fix some planters on the railings. To spruce up, you are advised to choose from a variety of plants that are available in different colours. Furthermore, you can fill up these pots with herbs, flowering plants or creepers.

Dedicate A Corner for Herbs

Apart from growing flowering plants, you can even dedicate a corner in the balcony of your 2 BHK in Thane for growing herbs. You can use the same to grow different kinds of herbal plants like thyme, rosemary, oregano, or lemongrass. These fresh herbs can be of your great help especially during the time when you decide to cook something special.

Do Not Forget About the Furniture

Other than having wonderful plants, do not forget to invest in right balcony furniture. It can be anything from a couple of chairs to a centre table. You can even use wooden crates that make perfect seating solutions. You can make it beautiful by painting it with funky colours and arranging the way you want it to. Other than this, you can even have plastic chairs and table.

Opt for Hanging Planters

For hanging planters, all you have to do is put up some metal hooks above the railing or on the balcony ceiling. You can use these plants for small plants. You can choose from biodegradable to plastic planters.

Choose Right Lighting Solutions

Now that you have chosen plants, and furniture, the next step is all about choosing right lighting solutions. You can light up your balcony by choose end number of lighting options from paper lanterns, Christmas lights, small lanterns or even glass chandeliers. These lights are soothing and create a perfect environment.

These are some of the simple tips you can consider to create a beautiful balcony garden. A lot of residential projects offered by Neelkanth Woods Thane offers a great balcony size, thus helping you have a great balcony garden.

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3 Ways To Cool Your Apartment This Summer

Nothing can be worse than the gruelling heat outside. The hot summers months are the time when people prefer going for picnics or to a cooler location. Did you know you can cool your apartment with right tips. You will find a lot upcoming and latest residential projects in Thane, come up with large windows for better ventilation, eco-friendly options and so on. When talking about cooling your home, a lot of homeowners rely on air-conditioners and coolers. Well, they do come to your rescue, but nothing can beat the natural ways to cool your home. Get to know some of them:

Ventilation is the Answer

The first vital aspect you need to keep in mind to cool your apartment is proper ventilation. You can say it is the key to a cool and relaxed atmosphere. Proper ventilation helps in getting rid of the hot air out. Considering this aspect, a lot of residential projects in Thane and around now offer large windows in every room. This solves the problem of proper ventilation required to cool your apartment. For the same, you can opt for a bigger apartment like 2 BHK in Thane that helps in getting rid of hot air from the room easily.

Heat Shields

Another great way to cool your 2 BHK flats in Thane and around is by having heat shields. As the name suggests, these shields do the work of protecting your home from the harsh sun. All you have to do is install them on the windows and doors. Apart from this, the apartments in Thane and around also offer glass panes and tinting at windows to prevent the sun’s heat from entering the home.

Beautiful Green Landscapes

While you stay in a busy city, getting a home that is also closer to nature is next to impossible. However, it is not the same when you own a flat in Thane. The projects are built keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the homeowners. They understand how significant it is to be closer to nature and help in achieving this objective by having green landscapes around the building. With large trees, shrubs and beautiful garden, it ensures your apartment is cool even in hot summer months. After all, plants have the tendency to absorb the heat and release the water vapour, thus creating a cooling effect.

These are some of the tips that go a long way in cooling your apartment in Thane and around. Do follow these tips to beat the heat the right way.

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A Buyer’s Guide to Selecting Property in the Under Construction Projects in Thane

It can be quite tempting to buy a house at a price range that is slashed by 20-30 percent. However, one needs to be cautious and smart while buying a house at an under-construction stage. Several property builders have upcoming 1 and 2bhk flats in Thane that are being sold at slashed price ranges. But, there are certain risks involved in this decision that must be considered before investing in a house.

–    Record Checking: While looking for 1or 2bhk flats in Thane it is important that the buyer does a proper record check before deciding to make any kind of payment to the builder. Check if the person you are dealing with has a good reputation in the field of real estate. A trusted name will always be professional and guarantee good quality construction.

–    Documentation: While you keep your documents ready for the final deal, you must also request the seller or developer to produce a Commencement Certificate (CC) and an Intimation of Disapproval (IOD). The IOD mentions all the authorities that have permitted the builder to construct the property like the departments of fire, traffic, environment and the pollution control board. The CC is a proof that the builder can begin constructing the building.

–    Proper Booking: Once you have done a proper background check, you can go ahead with the process of booking your flat. It is also best that you book your flat on one of the levels that has been approved by all the authorities in the IOD. Sometimes, the builders tend to promise their clients that the permission for higher levels is yet to come. Do not be fooled by such baseless statements. Invest only when there is proper documentation about everything that the builder is telling you.

–    Legal Assistance: If you are someone who is not familiar with the terms and laws of real estate, you can also take help of a lawyer or property consultant who specialises in this field. It is always better to take along a person who knows about all the documents and permits required. There are various under construction projects in Thane, Ghatkopar, Kalyan, and other parts of Mumbai. It is always better to get a proper check done before you actually buy the property.

These are the steps that you must keep in mind before buying a flat in under-construction projects in Thane or other parts of Mumbai and its developing outskirts. Be sure of all the documents so that you can make an informed decision.

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How To – Plan Out Your Home Loan Repayment

Home loans over the years have gained immense popularity. It has helped a lot of potential homebuyers to buy their dream home or property. It is a feasible option when all the other doors are shut. In short, there is no more room for complaining about not being able to purchase a home due to lack of finances. Well, now that you have taken a home loan for 2 BHK flats in Thane, you know you have to repay it on time and without any delay. Delay in the same only leads to increasing the interest rates. This is where the importance of planning your home loan repayment comes into the picture. If not planned appropriately, home loan repayment can take a huge toll.

An individual can easily reduce the burden of home loan repayment through prepayment, either full or partial, increasing the EMIs or even shifting to another loan. Coming to the topic of how to plan your home loan repayment, mentioned are some tips that might come handy:

Know the Ways for Repayment

You can take advantage if the loan offers the flexibility to increase regular repayments or lump sum repayment without incurring additional charges or fees. Other than this, you can even decrease the burden by making frequent repayments. It can be done either weekly or fortnightly, whichever suits you the best.

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Pay Off the Mortgage Quickly

One of the finest ways to save some finances on loan is by paying off the amount as quickly as you can. You should know the interest rates tends to increase when taking your time to pay off the loan principal. This further leads to higher loan cost overall.

Place Your Home Loan Repayment with The Cycle of Income

Another amazing way you can add when planning our home loan repayment is by aligning the repayment with the income cycle. In simple terms, you can pay the loan amount as and when your salary is credited. So, if you get your salary fortnightly, ensure you make the repayments fortnightly. By doing so, it maximises the amount that is paid against the home loan.

Do Not Lower the Repayment

You are advised not to lower the repayment even if your minimum home loan repayment drops because of a decrease in the interest rates. In fact, you tend to pay off the loan amount much quickly when you maintain your current repayment. This ensures you make your repayments on time, in fact, more than what was discussed.

under construction projects in thane

Deposit Any Spare Cash If You Have

Another great aspect to reduce your burden or to repay the home loan is by paying extra repayments whenever you can. This further helps in reducing the interest cost of the home loan.

These are some of the simple yet useful tips one can consider when planning out your home loan repayment whether for ready to move-in apartment or under construction projects in Thane.

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How to Shortlist a Property – Factors You Need to Keep in Mind

Buying a property is not easy as it seems to be, especially during the time when you have a myriad of choices to pick from. It is always advised to go for the property that has adequate basic facilities like water, power and more. You also need to do the necessary checks before finalising on a project. Connectivity solutions, the price of the property, infrastructure and so on are some aspects one need to keep in mind before shortlisting a property. Well, to help you get started, mentioned below are some factors that one can consider before choosing a property or 2 BHK in Thane:

Builder Reputation

Not many buyers consider this as a vital aspect, but it can make or break your purchase. As a buyer, you need to examine the reputation of the builder by knowing its past and current projects. You also need to look at the delivery track record. You can get some good amount of knowledge through reviews and testimonials. Do read them before making a deal.

Lighting and Ventilation Solutions

Your living experience is highly determined by lighting and ventilation solutions. After all, you do need fresh air and light to survive! Ensure the house you choose gets good air flow and sufficient light.


Valuation of the Property

Not checking the value of the property is one of the major mistake buyers tend to make. Get in touch with expert property valuers, or you can do it yourself by crosschecking them online. Ensure the price quoted for the property matches the market value. You can also simplify this process by checking the rates of the similar properties or the new projects in Thane which has the same specifications.

Know the Amenities Offered

Ensure the property or the house you shortlist offers the needed amenities for your survival. Well, this majorly includes parking area in case you have a car or bike, power backup, water supply and more. One of the primary reason why you need to keep in mind this aspect is that fact it helps in increasing the resale value and potential. This works well especially if you plan to sell the property in the near future.

Quality of the Construction

It is vital that as a home buyer you check the quality of the construction. This includes the overall finishing and ensuring there is no difference from the original plan.

Know the Maintenance Charges

Before shortlisting the property, it is highly recommended you to discuss the maintenance charges with the seller.

Cleanliness Tops the Chart

Not many buyers tend to focus on this aspect, but it is a vital one. Do ensure that the shortlisted 2 BHK in Thane or property is free from mosquito menace. Choosing a property with this problem will only create issues with your living experience leading to various health concerns.

These are some factors you should keep in mind when shortlisting a property.

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