Looking For A Flat In Thane? Here Are Some Tips To Remember Before Approaching The Real Estate Developers

The Thane locality in Mumbai was once known as the industrial area that emitted smoke from the factories leading to air and noise pollution. It was far from being considered as a residential hub. In fact, travelling to Thane was a task. Now, Thane is coming on its own. Various locations such as Manpada, Ghodbunder and Pokharan road have attracted an enormous chunk of buyers from other peripheral places in Mumbai. There have been at least 47 per cent demand in the Thane realty market.
Thane’s success attributes to its improved infrastructure, business centres, and affordable housing rates. Such is the demand that prominent real estate companies like Piramal, Neelkanth, Lodha, Kalpataru, etc. are flocking the area, targeting the middle and upper-middle segment.

If you are looking to invest in a real estate in Thane, here are some tips before visiting the developers:

1)    Transparent information: New buyers need precise data about the locality they are moving to. One should select real estate developers in Thane who offers them accurate details. The company should be up to date with their policies and procedures. The developers should boast of trained sales staff who can answer the buyers’ queries instantly. For example, T Bhimjyani and other renowned realtors are known to provide details on the floor plan, tax benefits, the size of the flat, and so on.

2)    Real estate office size: One of the common mistakes that investors make is judging the real estate company by its size. So, if the size is small investors believe that they are not reliable. Similarly, if the company size is big, means they are more trustworthy. What should matter for the investors is the sales volume. Plus, investors should consider companies which are known for its successful projects.

3)    The reputation of the brand: While going for real estate developers in Thane, opt for a brand that has over the years delivered luxurious as well as reasonably priced properties in the area. This is largely dependent on the company’s business duration and its legacy. If you are hunting for a flat in Thane West locality, real estate companies like T Bhimjyani, Lodha and Hiranandani, have held the fort for years, building reliable and sturdy commercial properties. These projects have received huge demand as well.

4)    Timely deliverance: One of the issues that investors face, especially with under constructed property, is receiving the flat keys on time. People are usually provided with an occupancy date by the builders when they can move in. If the real estate companies do not live up to the investors’ expectation, it can mess the buyer’s finance and budget. When the real estate company provides a particular date to the investor, they have to get the necessary approvals from the governing bodies, NOCs, and keep the essential documents ready.

Before opting for any real estate in Thane, ensure the brand fulfils the mentioned criterions. This not only ensures smooth investment journey but also a happy life in the lush green Thane locality.

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Top 4 Qualities To Look For In A Real Estate Company

For a lot of people, a house is the biggest investment they ever make. It takes them years of planning, a stable job that can fund the EMIs and a decent down payment amount before considering this enormous investment. As such, you need to ascertain and be convinced that you have picked a real estate company that has a good market reputation, so that you do not have to stress about our investment. If you are planning to buy a home soon, here are the top 4 qualities you must look for in real estate companies.

Choose a company that provides information transparently: The first thing to do is to select a company known for providing its clients with accurate information. It should be one which is up to date on policies and procedures and provides detailed manual enlisting answers to queries regarding your investment. E.g. the real estate company in Thane, T Bhimjyani Realty and others are known for providing specific details regarding the floor plan, size, taxes commissions and all other necessary information

The size of the office doesn’t matter: Many investors make the grave mistake of thinking that a smaller office means that the real estate company is not reliable and a bigger office means that you can trust it blindly. What truly matters for the investor is the company has achieved in its closed sales volume. You need to consider a company which is known for its successful projects completed. The Neelkanth Woods Project by T Bhimjyani is worth consideration.

Choosing a reputed brand is important: Like we mentioned before, the company’s reputation is of utmost importance. This typically depends upon its management and its sales force. It is important to consider a brand that has been in the business for a longer duration as it allows you to reflect upon the business’ legacy. For instance, if you opt to purchase real estate in Thane west, you should consider builders like T Bhimjyani Realty, Lodha Group, Piramal Group, Hiranandani Constructions etc., who have a formidable reputation of building reliable and sturdy commercial and residential projects in the area, that have withstood the test of time.

Choose a company that provides timely deliverance: People who purchase under construction properties are generally promised certain occupancy dates i.e. a specific time in the near future when they would be handed over their house keys so that they can move in, due to which the investor has to make other arrangements (e.g. rental properties) before he can move in to his home. If real estate companies have the reputation of not honouring their deliverables, it is best to steer clear of them as they can mess your budget and affect your financials. The builder must acquire timely approvals from the governing bodies, NOCs and other necessary documents and provide you a fixed date to move in.

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Top 6 Real Estate Companies In India

Everyone dreams of living in a self-owned home. But in this inflation-stroked economy, only a few can fulfil this life-long dream. While it is not the easiest task and involves a lot of factors such as EMIs for decades and the pressure to return a bank-loan, having a place to call your own home is well worth it. A roof over the head becomes more than a house with 4 walls; it becomes your security cushion and the most important investment you can ever make. If you are considering buying a home, you must consider one of these real estate companies in India.

DLF: One of the few real estate companies in the country that can boast of setting up real estate projects across fifteen states within the country, DLF Real Estate is headquartered in Delhi and is known for building real estate projects which include homes, office, commercial spaces and malls. DLF is especially preferred by MNCs and IT companies which include CitiBank, Microsoft and Infosys.

Oberoi Realty: One of the most premium real estate companies in Mumbai, Oberoi Realty was recognized as the “symbol of excellence” in real estate in 2017. The company, known for its high-end condos in suburban Mumbai is also spearheaded the construction of the Westin Hotel, Mumbai and is currently building the city’s first ever Ritz Carlton hotel and residences, set to open in 2019.

Prestige Group: South India’s favourite real estate company, Prestige Group’s headquarters are in Bangalore, Karnataka. This real estate giant has also developed numerous residential and commercial spaces in cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Mysore and Mangalore. It’s most famous constructions include the Forum malls in Bangalore.

T Bhimjyani Realty: In a city like Mumbai, where finding a spacious home is a challenge, Thane based T Bhimjyani Realty that manages the impossible. The company boasts of affordable, 2, 2.5 and 3 BHK flats, which are constructed in the middle of green cover, to give its dwellers a fantastic view of the nature. One of the premium real estate developers in Thane, T Bhimjyani Realty projects are situated in the heart of the city, with all necessary amenities in close proximity, with the most popular one being Neelkanth Woods.

Ansal Housing: A construction company that has been in the real estate business for 3 decades, Ansal Housing is best known for its projects in 20 cities in North India. The company also boasts of running projects in Madhya Pradesh and Mumbai. Some of their most popular projects include Ansal Town, Ansal Elegance, Ansal Grace and Ansal Woodbury.

Godrej Properties: With headquarters in Mumbai, Godrej Properties is another contender in the list of the best real estate companies in Mumbai, and in India. This real estate company has also completed residential and commercial projects in several Indian cities including Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Kolkata, NCR, Pune and Mumbai. Godrej Properties has been felicitated with over 150 awards in the last 5 years alone.

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Buying a Flat in Thane – Pick One Of These Real Estate Companies

In India, everyone dreams of owning a home in a Mumbai city. Despite its relatively smaller homes and sky-high buildings, people aspire to purchase homes in Mumbai, knowing fully well that their investment will yield great returns sooner or later. After all, the real-estate rates in Mumbai are forever increasing. Yet, there is a suburb in Mumbai which is coming up with great residential projects at affordable rates. We’re talking about Thane. Smart investors looking to purchase a flat in Thane should choose from one of these four real estate companies.

Piramal Realty: The Piramal Group made its entry into the India real estate market in the 1990s with real estate projects in the retail and commercial sectors. It is only recently that this company began focusing on the residential sector and has already made a mark when it comes to providing architecturally innovative homes that suit the life-style of their customers. The USP of Piramal Realty is that unlike other projects in Mumbai, customers can get 1400 and 2000 sq. feet homes all with modern amenities.

T Bhimjyani Realty: Known particularly for their Neelkanth Woods Olivia project in Thane, T Bhimjyani is one of the most sought after realty companies in Thane. The realty giant is known for its affordable and spacious 2 and 3 BHK homes with 866 to 1261 square feet carpet area respectively, in high rise buildings. T Bhimjyani Realty has made a mark in real estate in Thane West. Aside from helping customers get financing from various banks, the company also provides world class amenities with its projects such as gymnasium, swimming pool, club house, a play area for children, and rain water harvesting.

Wadhwa Group: One of the premier real estate companies in Mumbai, Wadhwa Group has been in the real estate business for 5 decades and is known for its state of the art residential projects. The company is also associated with commercial and retail projects. Wadhwa group has constructed many residential projects in suburban and south Mumbai and is now focussing on Thane. Its flagship project in Thane’s Kapurbawdi area includes 2, 2.5., and 3 BHK flats starting at 697 sq. feet up-to 1600 sq. feet.

Shree Group of Companies: Having established themselves as one of the best realty companies in Mumbai’s metropolitan area, Shree Group has majorly developed residential projects and is known for using the highest quality materials in their buildings. The company has maintained its reputation consistently when it comes to providing all the modern amenities required by customers and has also been rated highly on the customer satisfaction scale. This real estate company in Thane and has launched a project for 2BHKs with a floor area of 970 sq. feet.

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Did You Know About These Top Real Estate Companies?

There are a number of real estate companies that cater to the needs of customers who are looking for a new house. Home buyers are always on the hunt for a property or a house that meets their requirements. When it comes to making the whole search easy, it is real estate agencies that they rely on. To help you in the same, here are some of the best real estate companies in Mumbai you should be aware of:

Tata Housing:

This is one of the most trusted Private Sector Companies and also a subsidiary of the organization – TATA Sons Limited. Being one of the top real estate companies in India, Tata Housing offers the best services to its clients.  It offers an array of development projects across various sectors of real estate. This company is a trusted name for it offers timely delivery of properties, high standard of keeping and maintaining the apartments and best quality construction.

T Bhimjyani Realty:

One of the fore-runners in the real estate business in Mumbai, T Bhimjyani’s 40 year-old reputation precedes itself. Having accumulated a clientele, when the company was a part of Neleelkanth Group, established in 1978, T Bhimjyani Realty has taken one Mumbai locality at a time and converted it into a city of the future with its prestigious residential complexes that offer a state-of-the-art living experience. It is, without a doubt, one of the finest real estate companies in Mumbai. This realty giant’s USP is that the homes constructed are not only spacious but also closer to nature, offering you great views of the Mumbai green-cover. A highly equipped, well-planned apartment is what you get when you consider investing in the apartments offered by T Bhimjyani Realty.

Lodha Group:

Another top real estate company you can rely on is Lodha Group. This company is known to offer the best projects as far as residential and commercial projects are concerned. The Lodha Bellissimo is the only residential complex in India featuring top 1000 landscapes in the world. From Nepean Sea Road to Dombivali, the Lodha Group has made a mark for itself throughout Mumbai as a real estate agency of repute. It is important to consult an agent from this company for the apartments in extravagant societies.

Kalpataru Ltd.:

Another top real estate company is Kalpataru Ltd. This company has been in the real estate sector since 1969. Kalpataru Ltd. company is completely dedicated towards the development of residential areas, integrated townships, lifestyle communities and more. Apart from offering their services in Mumbai, Kalpataru has also ventured into other major cities like Jaipur, Udaipur, Hyderabad, Nagpur and Surat. It is also a known real estate company in Thane, Mumbai where new residential projects are coming up every day.

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3 Reasons Why One Should Hire a Real Estate Company

Now that you have decided to purchase your first house, what are the major aspects you have considered? Well, it definitely has to be location, the facilities and most importantly the budget. You have a long way to go before you finalise on the house or property you like. For a person who is buying a house for the first time, it is important to seek an expert. This is where the importance of getting in touch with reliable real estate companies comes into the picture. With years of experience, these companies can help in shortlisting the properties according to the buyer’s needs and preferences.

Here are some reasons why hiring a real estate company a good option when buying a house:

Better Access

A real estate company aims at offering the complete list of the available properties in the area you are looking for. If you plan to do all the searching by yourself, then you are bound to lose out on some great opportunities. You should know, the real estate market is quite tricky, and no one can understand it better than a real estate company. The team of agents are there to guide and help through the whole process. In short, you have easy and complete access to all the properties listed by the company. Say, for example, if you are looking for a house in Thane, then a reputable real estate company in Thane will help in tracking down the house that best meets your criteria. Well, the same does not happen when you plan to do this job all by yourself.

Has Local Real Estate Market Knowledge

As a buyer, you should know, the real estate market is different from town to town and even neighbourhood. Having a thorough understanding of the local market when buying a house is of paramount importance. However, a company will take care of this aspect as they are well versed with the local real estate market. Besides, the experts keep themselves updated of the real estate market price thus ensuring you get the best deal.

Availability of Both Ready-To-Move-In and Under Construction Properties

Apart from helping a buyer, real estate companies have easy availability of both under construction as well as ready-to-move-in apartments. You can choose the one that best meets your needs and requirements. If you are planning to move immediately, then you can opt for ready-to-move-in apartments. If you are in a hurry, then how about investing in under construction properties.

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Checklist Before Moving into your New Home

The joy of buying your dream home is immense. Now that you have signed all the documents and taken care of the paperwork, the day has come to move in into your new home. Before you move to your 3.5 BHK flats in Thane, there are certain things you need to take care of. To help you in the same, mentioned is a complete checklist one needs to consider when moving into your house.

Check for Plumbing

Before you move into your new home, it is important you check for any leaks and plumbing work. Though your owner might have taken care of the same, it is always better to double check. There is every possibility of finding some leakage problem. While inspecting, look out for running toilets, dripping faucets, and not to forget the water heater.

Proper Ventilation

There is no way you miss out on the ventilation part when moving into your 3.5 BHK flats in Thane. You should know that an apartment should have proper and cross ventilation for sufficient natural light to pass in. You should also know that proper ventilation helps in keeping you comfortable, especially during the hot summer months.

Open and Parking Areas

Another vital aspect you should not neglect on is the importance of open and parking area. If you own a car, you will definitely need parking space. Get in touch with the owner to know about the parking area and space. While doing so, check the size of the parking lot. Also, make sure the building offers parking space for visitors.

Working Lift

You are not planning to climb all the way to the sixth floor, or are you? Considering this aspect, ensure the building has working lift services. Other than this, also get to working the timing of the lift. Some of the residential areas having two lifts tend to keep one closed during afternoon hours. Other than this, also check the capacity of the lift installed in the building.

Cracks in The Wall

You are investing a lot of your hard-earned money in the apartment. And hence, it is important you inspect the apartment thoroughly. Look out for any cracks on the walls or ceilings. You will have to take care of this aspect if you are buying an existing home. The same does not need attention if you are buying a newly built apartment.


Last but not the least, do not forget to check the security aspect of the building. Ensure the building or vicinity has CCTV cameras installed. A reputable real estate company in Thane believes the security of people plays a vital role and has thus installed surveillance cameras. Other than this, also check for the fencing and the wall around the property.

These are some of the checklists you need to consider when moving into your newly purchased home.

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Legal Details to Keep in Mind While Planning Your Home Purchase

Undoubtedly, buying a house is one of the biggest purchase a person can make. Apart from the biggest, it is also a complicated one. Considering this aspect, it is vital to be aware of the legal aspects that revolve around buying flats in Thane West or around. You do not sign an offer to purchase without looking into the legal aspects it comprises of. You might have spent most of your time in searching for a property or house that meets your needs. Now, that you have shortlisted some, it is wise to know the legal details that revolve around it. This further avoids you from getting involved in any legal conundrums later on.

Get to know the legal aspects and documents that need great consideration before making your first home purchase:

Title Deed – This is one of the vital aspects you need to check when making a home purchase. You should know if the title is not perfect and free from any hindrances, a seller cannot transfer the property to a potential buyer. An individual claiming to be the seller cannot sell the property if it is not under his name. You can get information of the title deed at a Sub-registrar’s office. As a buyer, you are authorised to get all the property title documents. Ensure the title is free of any disagreements over the property’s ownership. While checking, do ensure the seller has the property’s ownership or just the rights for development.

real estate company

Master Plan – When making a home purchase you are bound to come across real estate companies and builders who claim of infrastructural development on the location of the property. It majorly includes construction of new schools, infrastructure, improvement of transport, construction of shopping mall and more. These aspects often do not hold any ground and are often said to attract buyers. Considering this aspect, it is important to inspect the area’s master plan and ensure the claims made are right.

Land Use Certificate – You very well know that constructing a residential complex over a commercial property is completely illegal. In order to verify the same, you have to apply to the development authorities to ensure the residential property you are investing in is a residential zone completely. It should not be a commercial, industrial or agricultural area. Doing so only leads to demolishing of the property later on.

Property Tax Receipts – No matter whether you are buying flats in Thane West or around, ensure you have checked the tax receipts. This further ensures the property’s seller has paid all the tax accumulating on the property for the last three years or more.

flats in thane

Encumbrance Certificate – Another vital legal aspect to keep in mind is the Encumbrance Certificate. It is wise to know the property you are investing in is free from any legal dues. In the case of title deed, encumbrance can be searched at the Sub-Registrar’s office. It offers all the details like mortgage, liens, third party claim and so on, thus helping you make a wise decision. An encumbrance certificate should have all the transaction record of the concerned property.

Keep these legal details in mind to ensure you have a wonderful home buying experience.

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The 5 Things to Keep in Mind When You Want to Buy Your First Home

Buying a house is considered a lucrative investment. However, buying the right home can take some time. Finding the right home consists of numerous steps like knowing your finances, location, whether you need to apply for home loan and more. With so much to consider you are sure to get confused. Once you have shortlisted some properties through real estate companies, finalising on the one that meets your needs is quite easy. To make it easier, mentioned are some things a person needs to consider when buying a house for the first time:

Know How Much You Can Afford

The first thing a buyer needs to keep in mind when buying a house for the first time is how much he/she can afford. Obviously, buying a house is expensive, and you might even have to apply for home loan, but then first know how much you can afford. To ensure your first-time home buying experience is a good one; you will need a good credit score, sufficient amount to pay the down payment, a steady job and more.

Know Your Credit Score

The next step is all about knowing your credit score. A credit score can make or break your home buying experience. A person having a credit score of 720 and above can easily apply for a home loan with a low-interest rate. However, if you have low credit score, you are restricted to high-interest rates.


Know Your Requirements

When you start looking for a house, you are bound to get spoilt with choices. Considering this aspect, it is vital to know what you are looking for. Consider the type of home you are looking for, whether 1 BHK, 2 BHK or 3 BHK. This will help in narrowing down your search thus making your house hunting process an easy one. Various real estate groups like Neelkanth Group offers various flat options. You can choose the one that best meets your needs.

Assess Your Neighbourhood

Before you sign on the dotted line it is wise you determine the neighbourhood. It might look beautiful from the outside, but you do not what lies inside. Visit the neighbourhood or locality during weekends, late evening and especially during rush hour. While doing so, also get to know all the necessary requirements like school (in case you are moving in with children), hospital, grocery store and so on are nearby.

Hire A Real Estate Agent

If you have any specified area in mind, then you are advised to seek help from expert real estate agents. Get in touch with real estate companies as they are quite familiar with the market value of the property, the neighbourhood and other local matters. Their priceless experience and knowledge will take you a step closer in buying your first home.

Keep these five major aspects in mind when buying your first house.

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Moving into A New Home – Everything You Should Keep in Mind

Moving to a new house can be stressful. You have so much to take care, besides the packing and unpacking. You have a long way to transform your house into a home, with a comfortable milieu to live in. Mentioned are some tips, you can consider to make your moving experience an enjoyable one:

Are Pets Allowed?

You do not want to hear the bad news of “Pets Not Allowed” after you move into your newly purchased house. The last thing you want to do is say goodbye to your pet dog or cat. Well, to avoid such a situation, get in touch with the real estate company in Thane to know the apartment you purchase allows pets.

Are Basic Necessities in Place?

Know the house you are moving in is well equipped with the needed facilities. This majorly includes power backup, water, telephone line, and more. Once your move-in date is finalised, get in touch with the utility company to get these things in place. After all, you do not plan to move in a house with lighting and water supply? Or do you?

Does It Have a School Nearby?

If there are children involved, it is important to know whether the locality has any schools nearby. Get all the paperwork done involved in the school admission. Do take a tour of the campus that helps in easing out some anxiety your children might experience.

Know the Locality or Neighbourhood

You do not want to get up on a Monday morning and search for a dairy, do you? Familiarising yourself with the locality and the area will save you from this nightmare. Get to know the closest grocery store, the dairy, post office, hospital and so on. Also, try knowing their opening hours as this will only make easy for you. Take a walk around the neighbourhood of the flats in Thane West during rush hours or weekends as it offers a clear picture of the neighbourhood.

Compare the Moving Quotes

Do not forget to compare the moving quotes before settling to one. As you are comparing the prices, do read some reviews that offer a clear insight into the moving company. Ask your friends if they know any moving company. Book your moving well in advance to avoid any delays.


Look Beyond Painting

It is now a fact that you own this house. Well, you need to look beyond painting. You have so much to do before you start painting your house. Know the carpet area and figure out which furniture can be placed where. Plan your interiors well, like the round table you earlier had in the living room, or the acrylic chair or the bean bag and where can you fit them before you start painting the house.

Always remember that a home reflects a personality and hence take your time to organise your house. Stick to these moving tips, and you are sure to have a hassle-free transition into your newly bought home.

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