Know the Registration of Property Transactions in India

Buying and selling a property is not easy as it seems to be. There are a number of factors one needs to keep in mind. As far as sale or purchase is concerned, it is important to register the necessary documents. No matter whether you are investing in a ready-to-move in apartment or new residential projects in Thane and around, ensure you have the necessary documents ready. The law of registration of the documents is contained in the Indian Regulation Act. This law offers registration for a number of documents, to ensure the protection of evidence prevents fraud and assures title.

Documents Of Property That Required Compulsory Registration

As per the Section 17 of the Registration ACT, 1908, it is important for all the transactions that include the sale of an immovable property above Rs. 100 should be registered. In simple terms, all the immovable property should be registered, after all, no immovable property can be purchased for a mere Rs. 100. Apart from this, all the transactions of the gift as an immovable property and also lease for a period that exceeds 12 months should be registered. The term immovable property majorly includes land, buildings and all the rights that are attached to the property.

Documents Required and the Procedure Involved

It is of paramount importance to submit all the documents for registration to the office of Sub-Registrar of Assurances. Furthermore, it is vital for both the authorised signatories, for the seller as well as a buyer should be present along with two witnesses. It is vital for the signatories to carry their identity proof, which includes Aadhaar Card, PAN card, and Driving licence and so on. Besides, the signatories also have to furnish the power of authority, in case they are representing another person. Before the registration of the documents is done, the sub-registrar verifies the document along with the original ones and proof of payment of stamp duty. Keep these documents ready no matter whether you are purchasing a 2 BHK or 3.5 BHK flats in Thane and around.

Fee Payable and the Time Limit

Documents that are needed to be registered compulsorily should be presented within four months from the execution date, along with the fee. In case, the time has expired, you are required to submit an application to the sub-registrar for condonation of the delay. The registration fee for the documents is 1% of the property value.

In case the purchase agreement of the property is not registered, it could put you at huge risk. You should know, all the documents required should be registered, if not registered the same cannot be produced to the court as evidence.

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Why Residential Projects Should Offer Open Spaces For Children?

There are a number of factors every home buyer tends to look into when buying a house. While space, amenities, school, pharmacy and so on, do play a major role in your home purchase, it is also vital to ensure the project offers open space for children. A lot of homebuyers tend to neglect on this aspect. Not much attention is given to open spaces for children to play. When you reside in apartments, children do not have access to open garden and spaces. This is why ensuring the residential project you are investing is has open spaces for children.

Lack Of Open Space Forces Parents To Look For Other Options

You will find a number of residential projects tend to have less or no open space for children. This further forces parents to look for other options like watching television, playing on mobiles and so on. While social development is of paramount importance, having enough open spaces ensures this option is fulfilled. Every sq.ft of space is put to use for construction purpose. This leads to no or less space for gardens or open spaces. This also forces the parents to indulge their children in other activities like football, gymnastics, and tennis and so on. However, as these activities are under the supervision of adults, it leaves no room for social interaction. Well, the same aspect is well taken care of by T Bhimjyani – a reputable real estate company offer various residential projects in Thane and around by having large gardens for children and senior citizens.

Importance of Play Areas for Children

The importance of play areas and gardens should not be neglected. After all, these areas help children to learn more about the surroundings and meet other children of the society. Apart from this, the slides, swings and more work towards building a sense of competence in them. This further helps in increasing the confidence level. Furthermore, when children are not in a structured environment, it allows them to let their imagination flow the way they want it to. Besides, it also helps them to meet and make new friends who are not possible if they live in a structured environment.

How can Developers Incorporate Needs of Children in the Projects

Every parent is concerned about the falls and scraped knees. But then, these are part of every child’s growth. Considering this aspect, it is important for parents to invest in the projects that have play area or garden. As far as incorporating the same is concerned, builders and developers can include the same in the project plan. A lot of renowned real estate companies  include the same in the plan whether for 2 BHK or 3 BHK in Thane and around. After all, they understand how important it is for children to play outside than staying inside.

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Gym Hacks That Can Help You Get a Die-Hard Body in Record Time!

Who does not dream of having a ripped and toned body? It is wise to know that it is not easy as it seems to be. Gyms are a perfect place to achieve your fitness goals. However, there are times when gyms are far away which does not go well with fitness freaks. To make it easier, a number of residential projects in Thane are now having gyms. It is a good news for all those fitness freaks out there. But, then remember, you need to completely devote yourself in order to achieve your goal. If this is your first time for hitting the gym, there are some hacks you need to be aware of.

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Tackling the Play Ground – How to Motivate Your Child to Get Out of the House

Every parent wants the best for their children. While modern technology has helped in bringing people together, it has even made lives less active. Children prefer to play games on the phone, I-pad and computer. This does no good and parents understand this aspect well. You must have seen parents asking their children to go out and play and get involved in various physical activities. This aspect is well taken care of by Neelkanth woods Thane by offering a big playground that can be used by children and old alike.

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6 Accessories That Every Bathroom Must Have

Bathrooms are one of the most occupied rooms in the house. To many it serves as a purpose wherein one can get ready for work. To others, it is the perfect haven to relax and unwind after a stressful day. Plenty of the real estate company in Thane has incorporated diverse architectural designs to suit this purpose while ensuring it satisfies your every need.

However, the architectural designs alone may not fulfill all your requirements. Investing in certain bathroom accessories will provide you the convenience required to satisfy your every need in the bathroom. Here are six suggestions that will get you started:

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Clever Ideas to Utilize the Space in Your Bathroom

As compared to the other rooms in your home, your bathroom is the not only one of the smallest but also one that you would occupy several times a day. Although the real estate company in Thane has designed bathrooms to incorporate sufficient spaciousness, the requirement to accomplish plenty of tasks in this room, which at times, would leave you feeling small in this space.

But a simple trick in the book, to overcome this concern, is by cleverly utilizing the space in the bathroom. Here are a few ideas to implement in your next home:

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