Choosing the Right Bathroom Cabinet Idea for Maximum Storage

A bathroom vanity is not always the most glamorous part of a bathroom remodel, but choosing the right kind of vanity can make or break your bathroom’s design. If your vanity is placed awkwardly, uses poor or mismatched materials or does not have enough storage, the rest of your bathroom will suffer. A cluttered looking bathroom is certainly not something we would wish for. Today, most of the new projects in Thane and the under construction projects in Thane offer spacious and airy bathrooms, that if designed well, could be an advantage to you.



If you’re planning a bathroom remodel or designing the bathroom you wish for, in the new projects in Thane, you will need to pay special attention to the spaces you’ll use the most, like the vanity area. Selecting the right products help you to be more efficient, organized and relaxed during your daily routine. There is much more to consider when selecting the right cabinet for your bathrooms, such as the size, cabinetry designs and lighting solutions. However, with a few easy tips to choose the right bathroom cabinet for the bathroom of your new projects in Thane you can design your bathroom well and maximize its storage.

Built-In Cabinet: Built-in cabinets can be a big enhancement to any part of your home, especially, in the bathrooms of your new or under-construction projects in Thane. It does not cost too much to design a built-in cabinet and this cabinet can be placed anywhere, including the niches of the walls of your bathrooms. Built-in cabinets are best used in bathrooms to store hair-styling tools and other toiletries. You can also have extended drawers that hold brushes and other bathroom necessities.

Cabinet Storage Tower: Sleek vanities like the cabinet storage tower, make the bathroom feel larger. This kind of cabinet is best used in smaller places like in between two sinks or in one of the corners of the bathroom of your new projects in Thane. The cabinet storage tower has adjustable enclosed shelves on the top and pull-out drawers below that offer maximum storage in a little place.


Floating Vanity Storage: Despite it being small in size, this contemporary floating vanity can pack a lot of storage. This kind of vanity, generally has a large center drawer or a cabinet, while the sides have multiple drawers that can be sued to store smaller bathroom items. A hanging or a floating vanity makes space appear larger and easy to clean.


Sleek Open Shelving: Sleek open shelving is a great idea to opt for in the bathrooms of your new or under construction projects in Thane, as these projects offer you spacious bathrooms. An open storage in a sleek, contemporary-style vanity adds a spa-like feel to your bathroom. While the shelves are perfect for towels or baskets, drawers are also useful for storing personal items and products.

Under Sink Storage: Under sink storages prove to be a good idea, in order to utilize the space under the sink. For this design, you can balance open sinks by incorporating tall cabinets on either side to hold towels and personal items. Deep shelving and metal bars to hang things add an extra storage, maximizing the utility of the space.


These are a few bathroom cabinet ideas which you can incorporate in the bathrooms of your new projects in Thane or the under-construction projects in Thane. These designs will help you utilize the space provided efficiently, giving you maximum storage facilities.