Combating Maharashtra’s Water Crisis – What You Can Do to Safeguard Your Family

Maharashtra has experienced a great decline as far as water supply is concerned, due to bad or say, poor monsoons the last year. Some of the major cities in Maharashtra are even facing with water cuts, up to 33 percent. When faced with a water crisis, people surely know how to make use of the available resources and even conquer it cleverly. To make it easier, some of the real estate projects like Neelkanth realty takes all the needed measures when it comes to saving water. Other than these measures even you take some to preserve the natural resources, majorly the water.

Do Not Leave the Tap Open

One of the best ways to save water and safeguard your family is by not leaving the tap open. No matter whether you are washing the utensils or brushing your teeth ensure you do not keep the tap open. This is one of the best ways to cut down on your water wastage. You can save a lot of water by using it from a vessel by filling it up. Having the habit of replenishing water from a container is one of the great ways to make sure you do your bit of saving water.

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Check for Any Leaks

It is wise that you do not neglect the importance checking the faucets and pipes for any leaks. You should a small drip from a damaged or leaking faucet can waste around 20 gallons of water. This increases if you have a larger tank.

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Install A Water Meter

You might not know the exact amount of water you are using. This can be kept on track by using a water meter that raises an awareness and further helps in reducing the water intake.

Water The Garden with A Can

Another major and effective way to cut down on water usage is by watering the plants by using a can rather than a hosepipe. A hosepipe tends to make use of 1000 liters of water on an hour basis. Taking this aspect into consideration it is wise to use a can to water the plants.

Install Low-Flow Shower Heads

You can blindly rely on the low-flow shower heads when it comes to saving water. Neelkanth realty ensures the taps installed in both bathroom and kitchen have low-flow shower heads. It is a great solution and helps you to maintain the pressure of the water. In simple terms, you are using little water for everything.

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Get A Dual-Flush Toilet

If you think your toilet flusher is giving out more water, then using a dual-flush toilet is highly recommended. You should know it is basically a toilet that flushes only a small water amount and more water when you pee and during pooping respectively.
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These are some of the best ways to cut down on the water crisis. It is a small step, but can surely make a huge difference. Many of the real estate projects including Neelkanth realty are taking every measure to cut down on the water usage to a great extent.