DIY Tips for Creating Convenient Laundry Racks

The dry area of a home is the last place where anybody would want to spend much time. This dry area, popularly known as the laundry area, is the only place wherein one can hang their laundry to dry. However, after spending considerable time carrying heaps of freshly laundered clothes from the washing machine to this area, you definitely would not have the time to set up a traditional drying rack and take it down, anytime you are done with the laundry.

Nevertheless, there is no reason why you should go through this inconvenience every single time you need to do your laundry. Imagine converting your dry area, provided by the real estate companies in their residential projects into a versatile space, wherein you can save a lot of your energy and space too. You only need to consider the space of the dry area in the flats for sale in Thane, and how you can utilize it. The next step is to incorporate a few DIY tricks. With a few DIY tips given below, here are some options you can consider.

Window Styled Racks
This is a very functional addition to your dry area, which would contribute to your convenience. With the right design, you can easily slide the racks into a place, much like you would do to a window. Once you are done with the drying, simply slide it back into place. Collapsible bars that slide into each other would make a great addition, especially if they can be used for segregated cloth items. This is a good idea for any of the new residential projects in Thane that do not have sufficient spacing in the dry area. You can opt for a custom design that will suit your preference and space.

Drawer-Mounted Drying Rack
If you are looking for multi – purpose and versatile laundry rack, you can opt for a drawer mounted drying rack. This stylish way of drying your clothes will provide you with plenty of options in terms of storage and space saving. Depending on the space provided for the dry area in the flats for sale in Thane, you can place a small cupboard with a pull out rack instead of a standard drawer. While the rack can be used to dry your clothes, the cupboard can be used to store items such as clothes, clips or laundry baskets. You can either mount the cupboard from the ceiling or place it on the ground, depending on your requirements. Opt for a custom made design to suit your needs.

Ladder laundry rack
Wouldn’t it be great if you could use items for multiple purposes? Using an old fashioned single ladder is one way, to use for your laundry as well as for any other purpose. Mount hooks and sturdy chains from the ceiling of your dry area. Hang the ladder from the chains with the help of hooks that hold the ladder in place. From the ladder rods, you can place curtain hooks wherein which, you can hang your clothes from it. This is an ideal solution for those who want to utilize space in the dry area, especially in the new residential projects in Thane. Additionally, if you need to use the ladder for any other requirement, simply dismount it from the ceiling and use it to your convenience.

The real estate companies have ensured that the dry area in a home is a convenient place to dry your clothes naturally. Nevertheless, by using these creative DIY tips, you can easily make all your laundry chores into a convenient task on a daily basis.