DIY Tips For Reworking Your Bedroom Designs

Amongst all the rooms in your home, your bedroom is the perfect embodiment of a safe haven. It is a place for you to relax, unwind and get a good night’s sleep. To some, it would be the perfect escapade at the end of the day. To others, it would represent a canvas, allowing ambitious homeowners, to personalize the room into their own work of art.

Understanding the requirements and purpose of this room, and its purpose to such individuals, the real estate company in Thane and Mumbai have optimized the design of the room, to satisfy such desires.A standard bedroom, in any of the residential projects in Thane or Mumbai, would be expansive enough to accommodate a bed, few cupboards, and other amenities.  This is also the perfect space for aspiring homeowners, such as yourself, to embody a personal style within this room.

To assist in your endeavors, here are a few tips to rework your bedroom design to a splendid style.

Recycled headboards
The headboard of your bed is the perfect way to contribute to the unique style of the bedroom. With the perfect design, one can add tons of charm to the room, or even add to its practicality. This is an ideal choice for spacious bedrooms such as those found in the 3 to 3.5 BHK apartments in Thane and Mumbai. Use recycle material such old wooden planks or even bamboo sticks to make a headboard. Depending on the type of wood that is used, in this case, you can even store personal items like books upon it. Alternatively, for a more colorful look, you can place canvas paintings or framed pictures for a more personal touch.

Chalkboard appointment and notice board
It is convenient to keep a track of all reminders and appointments, especially before you go to sleep or wake up first thing in the morning. But are you looking for an alternative to jot down your appointments and reminders on a small calendar? Using chalkboard paint, you can easily paint your own notice board on the wall of your bedroom. Not only is it practical, it also allows you to explore your creative side. Pick a creative frame to mount on the wall, to complete that creative finish. This also works well for 3.5 BHK apartments in Thane and Mumbai,especially when converting any of the extra rooms into children’s rooms.

Invest in smart furniture
When choosing furniture for your bedroom, keep in mind its functionality. No doubt a bed with a built – in storage will be beneficial for any spacious bedrooms in the residential projects in Thane or Mumbai. Invest in an ottoman with storage for your bed linen, which you can place at the foot of your bed. You can even take an unused ladder and convert it into a makeshift shelf, where you can hang all your clothes from. The ideas are plenty here.
Bedroom Designs1

Romantic canopy bed look
A canopy bed is a perfect choice for a romantic or mystical vibe. As an alternative to investing in a canopy bed, you can easily get the same look, by fixing curtain rods to the ceiling. From these rods, you can easily drape translucent tiel or nylon cloth over to the bed. Drape fairy lights to compliment the lighting in the room. To tie it back the curtains, simply bunch the curtain and use a simple ribbon to wrap around it.

Bedroom Designs

There are plenty of other DIY tips you can also indulge in, in order to rework your bedroom designs. Keep in mind, there are plenty of residential projects by the various real estate company in Thane and Mumbai that understands your needs to create your own feel within the boundaries of your home. Since there is no hard and fast rule of décor designs, you can experiment with designs that would reflect your personal taste and satisfaction as many times you want.