DIY Tips to Make Your Gardens Colourful

Beautiful gardens appeal to all our sensory organs- the colours, the designs, the fragrances, the flavours, the sounds of birds and insects that are attracted to the plants and a variety of other textures. A beautiful garden catches your attention and it is necessary to be observant and understand what you love about a garden, in order to create one for yourself. With many real estate companies in Mumbai that are coming up with new projects in Thane that offer beautiful flower bed areas; creating your own colourful garden becomes so much easier.

As Richard Briers once said, “A garden is a thing of beauty and a job forever”, and this job will prove to be delightful if you invest in the new projects in Thane as they offer few of the best sights and a picturesque location to live in. Simple concepts in a garden can make a huge difference to the enjoyment of your space. In order to make your garden look all colourful, here are few DIY tips that you could use in the garden of the new projects in Thane whose flower bed areas are designed by the real estate companies in Mumbai.


Add flowers or flowering plants: Splashes of colour break-ups provide a variety of contrasts and focal points. Here, you need not plant only flowers but you could also plant a wide range of herbs and vegetables that have beautiful colours. Few of them include spring onions which are white in colour, pineapple sage that is red, chives that are purple, basils that are white or purple, and rosemary which is purple again. You could also plant flowering vegetables and fruits. Flowers are a great idea for any colourful garden.

Weeds: You can remove and compost plants that compete with what you really want in your garden, particularly in a small space like a pot or a container where they are more obvious than in a larger garden. Adding attractive and practical mulch will deter any weeds from setting up the house.


Group plants: Plants with the same foliage or flower colour create a great impact on your garden. Theming a particular area of the flower bed in the new projects in Thane will be a clever idea. This use of colours and similar foliage is an easy trick to make your garden look colourful. You could also play around on the similar lines by placing them wisely for better effects. You could also surround these with other contrasting coloured flowers that will frame the picture, adding balance and making the design look repetitive yet neat.

Colourful or designed pots to the rescue: Use colourful pots or feature containers to draw attention to a focal plant or area. You could use special pots that make a statement. You could also re-design heavy weight pots that have beautiful designs and make it look more elegant by contrasting the size of the plants or pots you surround it with; creating a dominance with the pot you wish to highlight as the key feature. Using big pots in the flower bed of the new projects in Thane is easy as the flower bed area offered by the real estate companies in Mumbai in these flats is quite spacious. However, you must ensure that the pots you put around the big focal pot must be smaller than the focal one. This helps to create an illusion of the featured pot and then the area surrounding it.


Multi-functional edible herbs: You must use multi-functional edible herbs and flowers for the kitchen, borders and fragrance. Herbs like curry leaves, parsley, chives, thyme, basil, marigolds and violets will help all of these purposes. Not only do they provide a variation in colour but also add beauty, flavour and structure to your little, colourful garden.

With real estate companies in Mumbai that offer a flower bed area in the new projects in Thane, you can surely incorporate these garden ideas in the flower bed area of the new projects in Thane. These ideas are affordable and you can surely create a small colourful world full of life.