Fun Facts About Swimming That You Should Definitely Know About

Thane, today has earned its name as one of the best planned real estate sectors, in addition to providing the best of amenities and luxurious services. To investors, this makes for an imperative investment option, especially for an NRI property investment. Some of the services include entertainment facilities, gym facilities, and even swimming pools.

As of today, several constructed and upcoming projects have already incorporated these facilities, with the most popular being the swimming pools. Residents of these real estate projects or even owners of this NRI property investment can take advantage of the lifestyle benefits of this aqua facility, namely, relaxation, entertainment, exercise, aesthetics and even a social hub for kids. But in addition to this, you can enjoy plenty of other benefits, especially through these swimming facts given below.

  • Swimming has often been considered the ideal type of exercise. An hour of vigorous swimming can burn up to 650 calories. As compared to other activities such as walking or biking, this activity burns up more. For those who are looking to lose weight, this is the best choice of a daily activity. For the best results, it is recommended to go swimming at least twenty minutes three or four times each week.


  • Swimming is one of the only activities that affects your whole body. It not only works out the major muscles of your body but also strengthens the two major organs, namely the heart and the lungs.
  • Swimming is considered one of the best activities to remain fit. It helps reduce stress and keeps you relaxed. This activity has said to offer the same soothing effects on your mind and body, just as you would with yoga and meditation.
  • Additionally, the water’s buoyancy makes this activity the ideal type of exercise for those recovering from any physical injury. Low-intensity swimming can be the ideal form of exercise for low impact exercise, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. It is also the ideal form of exercises for injuries or ailments that affects bones or joints. With the help of floats and weights, you can enjoy a good workout, without worrying about any serious injury. This is the perfect form of exercise for those who suffer from arthritis or other types of physical limitations. High intense swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise since it works against higher resistance.


  • Swimming is considered the ideal activity for individuals of all ages. Toddlers as young as a year old can start training to swim. Even individuals in their 80’s take part in this activity to stay fit. This is a great activity for those who want to bond with individuals of different ages.

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  • Swimming in cold water can bring down the temperature of your body, 25 times faster than air. Therefore, during hot seasons, this is the ideal way to stay cool. However, you should take care that you do not swim in extremely cold waters, as it can lead to thermal shock or hypothermia.

These are some of the plenty of facts, associated with swimming, which can benefit you. Therefore, it is essential that you utilize this facility in your residential or NRI property investment, to maximize it to your benefit.