How to Shortlist a Property – Factors You Need to Keep in Mind

Buying a property is not easy as it seems to be, especially during the time when you have a myriad of choices to pick from. It is always advised to go for the property that has adequate basic facilities like water, power and more. You also need to do the necessary checks before finalising on a project. Connectivity solutions, the price of the property, infrastructure and so on are some aspects one need to keep in mind before shortlisting a property. Well, to help you get started, mentioned below are some factors that one can consider before choosing a property or 2 BHK in Thane:

Builder Reputation

Not many buyers consider this as a vital aspect, but it can make or break your purchase. As a buyer, you need to examine the reputation of the builder by knowing its past and current projects. You also need to look at the delivery track record. You can get some good amount of knowledge through reviews and testimonials. Do read them before making a deal.

Lighting and Ventilation Solutions

Your living experience is highly determined by lighting and ventilation solutions. After all, you do need fresh air and light to survive! Ensure the house you choose gets good air flow and sufficient light.


Valuation of the Property

Not checking the value of the property is one of the major mistake buyers tend to make. Get in touch with expert property valuers, or you can do it yourself by crosschecking them online. Ensure the price quoted for the property matches the market value. You can also simplify this process by checking the rates of the similar properties or the new projects in Thane which has the same specifications.

Know the Amenities Offered

Ensure the property or the house you shortlist offers the needed amenities for your survival. Well, this majorly includes parking area in case you have a car or bike, power backup, water supply and more. One of the primary reason why you need to keep in mind this aspect is that fact it helps in increasing the resale value and potential. This works well especially if you plan to sell the property in the near future.

Quality of the Construction

It is vital that as a home buyer you check the quality of the construction. This includes the overall finishing and ensuring there is no difference from the original plan.

Know the Maintenance Charges

Before shortlisting the property, it is highly recommended you to discuss the maintenance charges with the seller.

Cleanliness Tops the Chart

Not many buyers tend to focus on this aspect, but it is a vital one. Do ensure that the shortlisted 2 BHK in Thane or property is free from mosquito menace. Choosing a property with this problem will only create issues with your living experience leading to various health concerns.

These are some factors you should keep in mind when shortlisting a property.