Innovative Ideas for Lighting Up Your Bedroom Well

With numerous real estate companies offering 3.5 BHK apartments in Thane, the investment rate has increased tremendously, not only attracting the people here but also the NRI’s.  Yes, you heard me right! Today, there are many NRI investments in real estate and many who are looking forward for such investment opportunities.

While most 3.5 BHK apartments in Thane offer many spacious rooms, one room of them all is where our heart resides. It is the bedroom. A bedroom is a perfect example of a safe haven where one can relax, unwind and have a good night’s sleep. It is one place you look forward too at the end of a tiring day. Keeping in mind and understanding the requirements and the purpose of the bedroom, the real estate companies have designed the room in a way, to satisfy your desires of having a luxuriously spacious bedroom. Most bedrooms in the 3.5 BHK apartments in Thane are spacious enough to accommodate a bed, few cupboards and other amenities. This is a perfect space for an individual to personalize the designs and styles within this room.

As mentioned earlier, a bedroom is a place for one to relax and unwind the day’s stress. This room, however, must be designed and styled in a way, such that it is not too bright, nor too dull. For this purpose, here below are four innovative ideas for lighting up your bedroom well:

  1. Have a Balanced Design:
    A symmetric design to your bedroom is the key to creating a clean and balanced bedroom. Buying bedside lamps or nightstands and coordinating them with various other accessories in pairs, gives your bedroom a very clear symmetric vision, making it look elegant. Pairing items keep it from looking chaotic. A metallic table lamp placed on either side of the bed or a crystal chandelier that hangs in the centre of your room will make your room look spacious and elegantly styled. Chandeliers act like the jewellery to your home; small or large, they do add some theatrical piece to any room.
  1. Let the Lights Compliment:
    When you choose lighting for your bedroom in a 3.5 BHK apartment in Thane, always remember that it must serve you beyond one function. It is an excellent idea if one chooses a primary source of lighting and then chooses other smaller lighting fixtures for some soft additional lighting. Each of these fixtures can be used for specific purposes or tasks. This will enhance the ambience of your bedroom. Plus, you can alter the tone of your room by using a dimmer on the main lighting source which will give you the flexibility to alter the brightness of the lighting.
  1. Limited Lighting:
    Lighting is essential but limited lighting is the key factor to creating a beautifully, well-lit bedroom. In other words, not too much, nor too less! For all those who work and read in bed, task lighting is the one for you. This kind of lighting includes fixtures, such as table lamps and swing-arm lamps that are used to light-up a certain area. These lamps provide a high level of light, perfect for night-time reading or working. And when you’re not working, you can dim the lighting by using a dimmer to control the brightness.
  1. Mix it up:
    Most of the 3.5 BHK apartments in Thane have spacious bedrooms which can be designed and styled really well, if wisely planned. With large bedrooms like these, you can opt for a lot of decorative articles, coordinating with the different types of lighting that can enhance the areas of your room. To illuminate the bedrooms, you can use various light fixtures, keeping in mind the different tasks. You could also decorate your bedroom with wall arts that are either placed above the headrest of your bed or around the walls of your bedroom. You could highlight these wall arts by using accent lights that bring focus to it.

There are many other innovative ways to light up your bedroom, in order to illuminate it. Keep in mind the different types of lighting and the various uses of each of them in your tasks. Everyone has their own taste in décor designs and hence, one can easily experiment with designs that would give it a personalized touch. Due to this, many real estate companies are offering spacious bedrooms, capturing more and more NRI investments in real estate, especially in the 3.5 BHK apartments in Thane.