Low Budget Garden Ideas for Your Balcony

There is no better place than the balcony for enjoying some fresh air, is there? A balcony is the only place in a home where one can enjoy the landscape views and enjoy some fresh natural air. But apart from the view of your surroundings, a balcony calls for numerous creative ideas which you can do on your own. For example: a beautiful garden. And the best part about this garden creativity is that it offers every individual a personalized budget. Today, most real estate companies are offering 3 BHK flats in Thane with spacious balconies that will be a perfect place for you to explore your creativity and transform your balcony into a personalized decorative garden corner.

There are a lot of inspiring ideas of a balcony garden which you can learn from. With some smart and creative ideas, you can easily convert this empty space into a small outdoor oasis that is full of life. Decorative pots with bright coloured flowers, colourful fabrics, fancy pillows and a beautifully painted floor can make your balcony garden look bright and lively. For some extra charm, you could light up a few candle lanterns that will make your little garden in your 3 BHK flat in Thane more mysterious. Here below are a few creative and low budget garden ideas for your balcony:

Innovative gardening:Today, container gardening is become a great hobby for most people, especially for those who love nature and want to surround themselves around it. Container garden designs are most ideal for your 3 BHK flats in Thane as this creates a beautiful landscape with attractive containers and gorgeous plants or bright flowers without taking too much of effort. Container gardening designs are a wonderful alternative to the age-old traditional gardening which encourages art and creativity. It also proves to be a very inexpensive idea which results in the creation of a stunning balcony. Container gardening proves to be excellent for growing plants, vegetables, edible herbs or colourful flowers. This technique involves growing these plants above the balcony floor, in containers or pots and is known to be very flexible and convenient, as it allows you to change the placement of plants as and when desired. A container garden can be created in the balcony of your 3 BHK flat in Thane that will add elegance to your living space.
garden ideas 1

Comfortable seating: Once the plants are in place, what about the rest of your balcony space? Would you not want to relax and spend time in your balcony amidst your little garden? For this, you will need some good seating in order to sit back and relax. There are many comfortable seating arrangements that fit every kind of budget. It could range from a low budget to an inexpensive one or from a mid-range to a high and expensive budget. Depending on the space available in the balcony of your 3 BHK flat in Thane, you could use beautifully crafted benches, made from plastic storage containers, plywood and red fencing. Most real estate companies today are providing spacious balconies in the 3 BHK flats in Thane with lots of area left for use. This extra space can be used to fit a table and a few chairs for some outdoor dining which will be worth it. In addition to this, you will be able to enjoy a bit of greenery as well. The best way to use the extra available space is to leave the centre of the balcony a bit open, as this will create a sense of space. You could use the sides to place the benches or chairs and still enjoy the view from a stylish resting point. The next most important feature of your seating is the colour combination that is used. Using vibrant colour furniture will surely make your balcony look bright and lively but not necessary appealing. While on the other hand, white furniture could give your balcony an elegant and more appealing look. This colour scheme may vary depending on the space and the way you have decorated your balcony.

Designing the space: The beauty of your balcony garden, rely on making utmost use of the space provided and designing it in an alluring way. When it comes to outdoor design, thoughtful consideration goes a long way. You need to take some sometime to plan and design your balcony space. Plan the layout of the placement of plants, the seating and then incorporate colour to create the vibe you desire. Paying special attention to design your balcony truly pays off, as you will eventually be satisfied with your efforts. You could opt for shelves to hold your plants and use the same to hang your candle lanterns as well. This would give it a sense of warmth.
garden ideas 2

Now it’s time for you to incorporate these ideas in the balcony of your 3 BHK flat in Thane. With these low budget and creative designs, you can surely use the balcony space and create a small personalized paradise just for yourself!