Safeguard Your Family – What Steps to Follow in Case of a Building Fire

Most of the real estate projects in Thane have incorporated a living experience focusing on the well-being of its residents. As a part of this feature, it also focuses on the safety well-being of its residents. Plenty of real estate’s properties have now taken strict measures, to ensure that its residents, are well protected and prepared to face any emergency situations, such as a building fire.

Today, these real estate projects such as Neelkanth Woods in Manpada have incorporated safety measures to protect its residents in the event a building fire unexpectedly occurs. When such an event occurs, you will need to follow a set of instructions in order to ensure your safety and the safety of your family. Given below is the steps you must follow:

Step 1: Steps to take if you suspect a fire or hear the fire alarm:


If you are within the building and suspect a building fire has occurred, locate the nearest fire alarm and activate it. Most buildings, such as Neelkanth Woods in Manpada come equipped with an automatic fire alarm system that detects fire almost immediately, thus sending out an immediate alert to all. If you hear the fire alarm when you are inside your home, locate your house keys and proceed to the nearest exit. Avoid taking any personal items, as it can hamper your exit, or even take your crucial time searching for it.

Step 2: Check for signs of heat and smoke:


Fires can spread easily, especially if there is a source of air or oxygen flowing in. Look out for heat and smoke as they are indicators of a fire close by. Before you open any door, when exiting, look do check to see if it is heated. This will help you figure if there is any fire danger on the other side. Additionally, check for smoke indications, as they can restrict your visibility and ability to breathe when exiting the building.

Step 3: Steps to take if you are unable to exit your home:


If you have discovered that the fire has prevented you from leaving your home, your next step is to prevent the fire and smoke from engulfing the room. Keep your door closed as airtight as possible to prevent the fire from seeping in. If smoke is entering around or under the door, wet sheets or blankets and block it. At the same time, open the window and alert someone close to your presence. You can even hang or wave a brightly colored cloth or towel to notify any passerby. If you must, wait for fire rescuers to help you exit.

Step 4: Steps to take when exiting the building:


If you have managed to exit your home, look out for fire exit sights. Several buildings, such as Neelkanth Woods in Manpada have put in indicators of fire exit signs to lead you to the fastest way outside the building. Avoid using the elevators during a building fire as they are normally deactivated during such events. Approach the stairs for the best way to get out. If smoke is restricting your exit, get on your knees and crawl out. Keep on hand on the wall to prevent disorientation. You can also place a wet towel over your mouth and nose to prevent the smoke from affecting you.

Step 5: Steps to take once you exit the building:

Once you have exited the building and clear from danger, wait for further instructions from the emergency personnel. Keep a look out for your neighbors to see if they have evacuated or require any assistance.