Why Homebuyers Prefer 3 BHK in Thane?

Big, spacious, affordable; these are the three words described by potential home-owners on the look-out for a new home. It is especially true of families where three generations of people reside under the same roof. But bigger homes, usually come with a bigger price tag, making it a distant dream for many, especially if they are living in a city like Mumbai, where property rates kiss the skies with every passing day. If you are an aspiring home-owner with the dream of owning a home in Mumbai, look no further than Thane. You can purchase the most plush and comfortable 3 bhk flats in Thane, in budgets that can easily fit your pockets. Here’s why purchasing a 3BHK apartment in Thane is a great idea.

Great for Large Families

In a city like Mumbai, where living in cramped spaces has become a reality, people don’t have enough privacy. People live in homes where living rooms are converted into bedroom when it is time to call it a night. They sleep on sofa-cum beds instead of a proper bedroom. But with a 3 BHK apartment in an area like Thane, every family member can have their own nook to retire into. The fact that you will spend the same amount on a 3BHK in Thane as you would on a 1 BHK in areas like Juhu, Bandra or Colaba, makes Thane an attractive city.

Not Much of a Price Difference

A lot of people are of the view that 3.5 bhk flats in Thane are expensive. However, there is not really much of a difference in price between a 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments in Thane. There is a marginal difference, which is why people prefer to purchase a 3 BHK over 2 BHK. After all, both homebuyers and investors are ready to shell out a little bit more for luxury, comfort and space. This has further led to a number of real estate companies offering flats by keeping a marginal cost difference.

Great for Investment

Apart from providing additional comfort and space, a 3 bhk flat in Thane is affordable too. People who have no intention to shift to Thane can still invest in these apartments. With Thane being a futuristic city, it serves as a perfect investment option, as the rates of apartments are bound to increase. Since bigger apartments fetch higher rental incomes too, investing in them is definitely a better idea.

A Strategic Location

Thane is home to the finest, most luxurious real-estate residential and commercial complexes. It has emerged as a hub with tremendous opportunities for shopping and entertainment, besides also housing some of the finest educational and health care facilities in the city. Thane has also emerged as a location where top companies are setting up shop. The apartment rates are reasonable as compared to other Mumbai locations.

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3 BHK Apartment – Tips to Design an Entertainment Room

Every apartment needs an entertainment room; a place where you can escape to live fantastic reel stories, or dive into a musical land. No matter the size of the home, an entertainment space is a place where you can enjoy some much-needed family time. And the scope for having a dedicated family time increases if you live in a 3BHK apartment. In a city like Mumbai, where it is tough to find an apartment at affordable prices, you can purchase a 3BHK in Thane and convert one of the rooms into an entertainment room. Here’s how you can make the most of your entertainment room.

Pick the Right Equipment

When it comes to designing, or creating an entertainment room, the first step is to choose the right equipment. An entertainment room can have an internet connection, a media server, a television and not to forget state-of-the-art amenities. This equipment ensures you have a great movie watching experience. Placing the equipment is also crucial. Ensure it is done at the right height, say at least 10 ft. To ensure you have a great viewing experience, you can have rear seats a little higher. Do not forget the cup holders and popcorn for a complete theatre experience.

Right and Relaxing Environment

Now that you have chosen the equipment, the next step is to create a relaxing environment. For the same, you need to convert the room of your 3 bhk in Thane the right way. Save a great deal of space in your entertainment room by having a media server. This further helps in storing all the movies together, thus eliminating the whole problem of having DVDs. Apart from this, the room can be further enhancing by having a home automation system. This takes care of everything from lighting, air-conditioning and so on.

Right colour and lights

To ensure you have the perfect theater-like experience, you might want to pick the right colours and lights. Commercial theatre halls tend to have dark paints and low lights. You can consider the same by having recessed lights. These can be easily be turned off or dimmed thus making a perfect lighting solution for your entertainment room.

Seating and Furniture

Homeowners of 3.5 bhk apartments in Thane and around, can easily dedicate a whole room for this purpose. Consider theatre-like seating for a perfect and great experience. You can also consider comfortable recliners. Ensure you do not cramp up your entertainment room with heavy furniture. Ensure the furniture you choose can easily accommodate the home theatre equipment too.

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5 Tips to Enhance the Terrace and Entrance of a 3 BHK flat in Thane

It is an age-old adage that “first impressions are always long-lasting”. This is true of everything you do in life. Whether it is meeting some-one for the first time, experiencing a new activity or welcoming guests into your home, you want the first impression to make a mark. When we buy a new home, we go through a lot of trouble with getting the right furniture and the right shade of paint for our walls, but we seldom ignore the décor at the entrance or the terrace. The entrance of the home is the first thing that guests notice. The size of your home or its location doesn’t matter as long as pick the right styles to decorate it. Let’s say, you live in a 3 BHK flat in Thane, Mumbai; here’s how you can give its entrances and terraces a modern avatar.

Accessories enhance the look

Filling your entrance and terrace with hand-picked accessories gives the vicinity a personal touch. Colorful tee light holders can be placed at the entrance of your home. Beautiful lamps called fairy lights have also become popular and can enhance your terrace. You can add a warm, welcoming glow by illuminating the area at night with tee lights.

Hanging lamps to the rescue

If you have a great collection of hanging lamps, why not flaunt it? The vibrant colors of the hanging lights give your home a calm and soothing aura, and will become an instant hit with your guests. You can use multiple tiny hanging lamps with softly vibrating wind-chimes to create a calm atmosphere for your home.

Put the spotlight on the entrance

Decorating the entrance of your home is actually the easiest and the most under-rated thing that people seem to ignore. You can give it a makeover by using a wooden archway with built-in spotlights. You can get creative and try some beautiful curtains that add the style quotient in your apartment.

Add appeal to mirrors and old furniture

Vintage lovers, here’s your chance to get creative! Incorporating vintage elements at the entrance like wooden-frame wall mirrors and vintage oak tables with a vase can add appeal and allure to your 3 or 3.5 BHK apartments in Thane. Vintage products can be procured at dirt cheap rates from flea markets.

A green wall to enhance the stress-free setting

As far as the terrace is concerned, you can consider putting up a green wall. Instead of going traditional you can consider a creative way to make your terrace comfortable and calm. Add a green wall with wall mounted planters.

These are some tips you can consider to enhance the beauty of your 3 BHK or 3.5 BHK apartment in Thane.

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Many Benefits of Owning a 3 BHK Apartment on the Top Floor

Buying and choosing an apartment is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and patience and you need to consider several aspects. There is a lot you need to take into consideration before you finalise on one apartment. The location, public transportation and amenities offered are of primary importance. If you are planning to buy or invest in a 3 BHK in Thane or around, then you are advised to consider purchasing a flat on the topmost floor. If you are wondering why we are advocating a flat on a top floor instead of lower floors, let us make it easy for you. Here are some benefits that you might want to consider.

Stay away from the noise

One of the greatest benefits of buying top-floor 3 BHK flats in Thane and its surrounding localities is that you can stay away from the noise. Morning traffic can raise deafening decibels of sound thanks to the incessant honking of vehicles racing the traffic. Music played on loud speakers during celebrations that last into the wee hours of the night can also hamper your beauty sleep.  If you are a person who does not like these loud noises, buying your 3 BHK on the top floor seems like a great option.

Wake up to breathtaking views

Thane is known for its beautiful lakes and gardens. You can begin you day with the most outstanding, breathtaking and spectacular views of the city below. Top floor apartments give you a feeling of being close to the sky. The marvelous views of the majestic Mumbai skyline cannot be experienced if your flat is on a lower floor.

Say hello to sunshine!

Nothing says a happy day is on the cards, like sunshine does. Besides getting a daily dose of sunshine, top floor apartments also give you your much needed dose of Vitamin D. A lot of real estate developers understand the importance of open spaces and offer balconies that let you enjoy the morning sunshine. Reading your newspaper as you sip on your morning cup coffee in the otherwise crowded city offers you the perfect escape you need for a lovely day ahead.

Winters are Great!

No matter whether you invest in a 3 BHK or 3.5 BHK apartments in Thane or around, you stand to enjoy winters at its best! You are just in the perfect spot to view the true beauty of Thane be it mist or fog.

If you are worried that top-floor apartments can make your environment hotter, remember that there is nothing some cool roofing solutions cannot fix. After all, the benefits of owning a 3 BHK apartment on the top floor out-number the demerits!

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4 Tips to Design at Entertainment Room in 3 BHK Apartment

Every apartment tends to have a room dedicated to entertainment alone. You can say, it is a perfect place to relax and unwind. Home entertainment has come a long way than just watching television. Individuals prefer using different entertainment options. This has further given rise to have a different room for entertainment alone. Though the whole concept of entertainment room is new, it is gaining a lot of popularity among the homeowners. If you own a 3 BHK in Thane or around, you can see actually an entertainment room easily.

Here are some tips that will help you in creating one:

Choose the Right Equipment

The first step towards creating an entertainment room is choosing the right equipment. You should know, an entertainment room can have a media server, internet connection, television and state-of-the-art sound systems. This equipment helps you have a great movie experience. When talking about placing this equipment ensure they are placed at a right height which is around 10 ft. For better viewing, you can have the rear seats a little higher. To get a complete theatre experience, have seats with popcorn and cup holders.

Right and Relaxing Environment

In order to save some space in the entertainment room of your 3 BHK flat in Thane and around, you can have a media server. The same can be used to store all of the movies together. This further eliminates the problem of storing thousands of DVDs. Besides, the media server can be accessed from any room. You can enhance the environment of your entertainment room by having a home automation system, that takes care of air-conditioning, lighting and so on.

Right Colour and Lights

For a perfect theatre-like experience, it is important for the entertainment room to be in warm and dark colours. As far as lighting is concerned, opt for lights that offer the effect of stars in the night sky. Recessed lights that can be easily turned off and dimmed make perfect lighting solutions for the entertainment room. You can also have mood lighting that can be further synchronised with the music of your choice. You can decorate the room the way you like.

Seating and Furniture

For people having 3.5 BHK flats in Thane and around, can dedicate a whole room for this purpose. If you have a lot of space, then you can consider having theatre-like seating. You can also opt for comfortable recliners. Ensure you do not cramp your entertainment room with heavy furniture. It should be able to accommodate the home theatre equipment while having comfortable seating options.

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Luxury Comes in the New Form Through 3 BHK!

There has been an increasing demand for 3 BHK as compared 2 BHK flats. One of the major reason for the same is because homebuyers prefer having an additional bedroom. Besides, people having bigger families prefer investing in a 3 BHK than two houses on the same floor. For it offers extra space and comfort. Homebuyers tend to consider investing in an apartment that is spacious, and hence there is a rise for 3 BHK flats in Thane and around.

Increasing Buying Power of a Homebuyer

Thane has grown to be a major residential location. You will find this metropolitan city has witnessed a great increase in the number of upcoming residential properties. Well, various reasons tell why Thane has grown to be a major residential location. One of the major reason is that of the affordable rates of the apartments. The rates are quite affordable as compared to other locations. Besides, Thane also serves as a major commercial hub. You will find this city is home to a number of major and top companies. With plenty of employment and affordable apartment rates, all this sums up Thane as a perfect residential location.

No Much Difference in the Price

You might think investing in a 3 BHK flat in Thane and around is much reasonable than a 2 BHK flat. There is not much difference as far as price is concerned. Say, for example, if 2 BHK is offered at 75 lacs, then a 3 BHK is easily available at 85 lacs. So, there is the marginal difference, and hence many homebuyers prefer investing in a 3 BHK. After all, they stand to get an additional bedroom and a spacious apartment. While this serves as a perfect sign for attracting homebuyers, many builders tend to offer 3 BHK apartments by keeping a marginal cost difference.

3 BHK – Luxurious and Spacious

Another major reason why buyers prefer 3 BHK over 2 BHK apartments is that they are spacious and luxurious. It works to the benefit of homeowners in case you have guests over. You no longer have to sleep in the hall or living room, due to space issue. Investing in a 3 BHK apartment is a win-win situation you can say. It is affordable, spacious and luxurious. Besides, it offers room for creativity as far interior designing is concerned. You can remodel or design your bedroom the way you want.

These are some reasons that state the increasing popularity of 3 or 3.5 BHK apartments in Thane and around. Make a wise purchase.

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Planning to Buy a Home? Know the Ins and Outs!

There is no such place as home. It is comfortable and relaxing. In short, it is your heaven after a tiring day at work. Nothing beats the love and comfort one gets when in their own house. It is a place you call own. Every individual wants their dream home to be perfect in every way possible. You might have decided to buy your first dream home. While you are all in a hurry to make a purchase, timing and patience are two essential elements. No matter whether you plan to purchase 2 BHK or 3 BHK flat in Thane, ensure you have all these aspects in place. For first-time homebuyers, here are some tips that make the whole experience a hassle-free and smooth:

Documents Are Vital

When you are buying a house, having necessary documents is vital. It makes the whole buying process easy. It majorly includes sale deed, latest tax paid receipt, electricity bill, bank statements and so on. Besides, you are also advised to check the title deed of the land. Besides, confirm whether the builder has the complete right to it. For people, who are buying resale properties, ensure you ask for previous property tax receipts. This ensures, there are no pending bills. Apart from this, also ensure you check the layout of the building for a complete understanding.

Cheap Does Not Equate to Good

Price is one of the major deciding factors for many first-time homebuyers. Well, this is one major mistake and should be avoided at any cost. You may think buying a house or apartment in an area which is far away for it is offered at an affordable cost will do you good. However, it does not necessarily mean quality too. Well, it does come with some cons too, long commutes to the working area, shopping areas, school, healthcare institutions and so on. A 3.5 BHK in Thane offered by a number of developers understand these factors are often considered by homebuyers and offer apartments incorporated with these facilities. They believe in constructing a building in an area which is close to these basic amenities.

Do Not Forget the Credit Score

Your credit score matters when it comes to purchasing your dream home. A person having credit score 750 and above is considered to be excellent. This helps in getting loans quickly, in case you want to. When applying for a home loan, do a thorough research on every bank and opt for the one that offers a low rate of interest. Always remember that credit score does matter when applying for a home loan. The better your credit score, more are your chances of getting the desired loan.

Happy home hunting!

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Mumbai Metro Route – Impact on Real Estate

Mumbai Metro is touted to be a game changer for the real estate market in India’s financial capital. It will not just solve the traffic congestion; the metro will also lessen the pressure on the suburban rail network.

With the huge metro development program, the Mumbai metropolitan region has witnessed a massive facelift. Real estate experts predict a never-seen-before impact on the real estate sector in the regions that are connected by the metro.

In the completed route from Versova to Andheri to Ghatkopar spans 11.4 km which happens to be Mumbai’s first metro rail network contains 12 stations from Versova to Ghatkopar. This entire route has already witnessed a 10 to 20% appreciation in its capital values since inauguration in the year 2014.

There is an ongoing metro route that is being constructed in between Dahisar and Mankhurd. This stretch will have 2 phases.  – Line 2A and Line 2B.  The construction for Line 2A began in November 2016 and is slated to be completed in the year 2019. This route is supposed to be 18 km long and will have 16 stations. When this line completes, it will have a significant impact on the sale of 3 bhk flats in Thane. Some of the adjacent areas have already seen a hike in the real estate prices from 2015 to 2016 with Shashtrinagar seeing a year on year appreciation of 12% in the realty rates. Rates in Shastri Nagar as of October to December 2015 were Rs 20,800 whereas in October to December 2016, the rates had already increased to Rs 23,300.

The construction work for Line 2B will begin by October 2017. This would be a 23.5 Km metro corridor with 22 stations.

Another line is Line 3 that would connect Colaba – Bandra and Seepz. This would be the first underground metro project of Mumbai. It would be 33.5 Kms long and would consist of 27 stations. The construction of this metro project began in October 2016 and is slated to be completed in the year 2020. Some of the major localities linked with this Metro project have already seen a 2 to 4% hike in realty prices. The Santacruz East area has seen 4% realty price appreciation wherein October to December 2015 the price was Rs 18,105 per square feet, and in October to December 2016, the price rose to Rs 18,827 per square feet.

Another proposed metro project in the city would be connecting Wadala in central Mumbai to Ghatkopar, Mulund, Ten Haath Naka and Kasarvadavali. This project would consist of 32 stations. This project too is estimated to impact the sale of 3.5 bhk apartments in Thane hugely. Mukund has already seen a realty price appreciation of 7% in a year. Between October to December 2015, the prices were at Rs 13,090 and after a year, the prices rose to Rs 14,025.

These are the numbers of just a few places, the real impact can only be seen and will only be able to be gauged after all the metro projects are completed. So, if you are planning to purchase 2 or 3 bhk flats in Thane, it is time to do it now before these infrastructural developments happen.

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Before You Move In – Tips to Make Your Apartment Living Secure

Living in an apartment is definitely a great and convenient option for many. After all, it comes with some of the best benefits. Thane has grown to be the major residential area. You will find a large number of people prefer to invest in its properties for end number of reasons. Some do it for affordable rates, while some do it for its developed infrastructure. No matter what the reason is, it is important you pay attention to the security part. To help you in the same, mentioned are some safety tips before you move in in your 3.5 BHK apartments in Thane.

Assess the Vicinity Well

It is of importance to get your basics right when moving into a new apartment. As a potential home buyer, it is wise you assess and inspect the vicinity well. One of the major aspects is to know whether the apartment is located in the residential area. Other than this, also ensure it has enough transport modes for your travelling. If you do not own a car, then look out for bus routes, grocery markets, school, hospitals and so on. You are highly advised to do a background check on the vicinity before you sign on the dotted lines.

Look Around the Complex

Now that you have found your dream home ensure you have inspected the complex thoroughly. Before you move in into your new apartment ensure all the security features are well in place. Real estate companies understand the importance of safety and offer an apartment that is well loaded with security features. The doors have latches; windows are securely barred in order of preventing any forced entry, stairs and balconies having handrails for better security and more. Other than this, there are also CCTV cameras installed in the compound as well as on every floor for added security. This ensures you are in safe hands all the time.

Do Not Forget to Visit the Society or Builder’s Office

Now that you have chosen your 3.5 BHK flats in Thane it is wise you do not forget to visit the society office. The community office is the place where you get all the details on whether there is a manager appointed to take care of the daily operations and more. Have a chat with the builder and get all your doubts clarified. Enquire about the general facilities, security facilities, waste disposal and so on.

These are some of the essential tips one need to keep in mind when moving in into a new apartment.

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Checklist Before Moving into your New Home

The joy of buying your dream home is immense. Now that you have signed all the documents and taken care of the paperwork, the day has come to move in into your new home. Before you move to your 3.5 BHK flats in Thane, there are certain things you need to take care of. To help you in the same, mentioned is a complete checklist one needs to consider when moving into your house.

Check for Plumbing

Before you move into your new home, it is important you check for any leaks and plumbing work. Though your owner might have taken care of the same, it is always better to double check. There is every possibility of finding some leakage problem. While inspecting, look out for running toilets, dripping faucets, and not to forget the water heater.

Proper Ventilation

There is no way you miss out on the ventilation part when moving into your 3.5 BHK flats in Thane. You should know that an apartment should have proper and cross ventilation for sufficient natural light to pass in. You should also know that proper ventilation helps in keeping you comfortable, especially during the hot summer months.

Open and Parking Areas

Another vital aspect you should not neglect on is the importance of open and parking area. If you own a car, you will definitely need parking space. Get in touch with the owner to know about the parking area and space. While doing so, check the size of the parking lot. Also, make sure the building offers parking space for visitors.

Working Lift

You are not planning to climb all the way to the sixth floor, or are you? Considering this aspect, ensure the building has working lift services. Other than this, also get to working the timing of the lift. Some of the residential areas having two lifts tend to keep one closed during afternoon hours. Other than this, also check the capacity of the lift installed in the building.

Cracks in The Wall

You are investing a lot of your hard-earned money in the apartment. And hence, it is important you inspect the apartment thoroughly. Look out for any cracks on the walls or ceilings. You will have to take care of this aspect if you are buying an existing home. The same does not need attention if you are buying a newly built apartment.


Last but not the least, do not forget to check the security aspect of the building. Ensure the building or vicinity has CCTV cameras installed. A reputable real estate company in Thane believes the security of people plays a vital role and has thus installed surveillance cameras. Other than this, also check for the fencing and the wall around the property.

These are some of the checklists you need to consider when moving into your newly purchased home.

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