4 Tips to Design at Entertainment Room in 3 BHK Apartment

Every apartment tends to have a room dedicated to entertainment alone. You can say, it is a perfect place to relax and unwind. Home entertainment has come a long way than just watching television. Individuals prefer using different entertainment options. This has further given rise to have a different room for entertainment alone. Though the whole concept of entertainment room is new, it is gaining a lot of popularity among the homeowners. If you own a 3 BHK in Thane or around, you can see actually an entertainment room easily.

Here are some tips that will help you in creating one:

Choose the Right Equipment

The first step towards creating an entertainment room is choosing the right equipment. You should know, an entertainment room can have a media server, internet connection, television and state-of-the-art sound systems. This equipment helps you have a great movie experience. When talking about placing this equipment ensure they are placed at a right height which is around 10 ft. For better viewing, you can have the rear seats a little higher. To get a complete theatre experience, have seats with popcorn and cup holders.

Right and Relaxing Environment

In order to save some space in the entertainment room of your 3 BHK flat in Thane and around, you can have a media server. The same can be used to store all of the movies together. This further eliminates the problem of storing thousands of DVDs. Besides, the media server can be accessed from any room. You can enhance the environment of your entertainment room by having a home automation system, that takes care of air-conditioning, lighting and so on.

Right Colour and Lights

For a perfect theatre-like experience, it is important for the entertainment room to be in warm and dark colours. As far as lighting is concerned, opt for lights that offer the effect of stars in the night sky. Recessed lights that can be easily turned off and dimmed make perfect lighting solutions for the entertainment room. You can also have mood lighting that can be further synchronised with the music of your choice. You can decorate the room the way you like.

Seating and Furniture

For people having 3.5 BHK flats in Thane and around, can dedicate a whole room for this purpose. If you have a lot of space, then you can consider having theatre-like seating. You can also opt for comfortable recliners. Ensure you do not cramp your entertainment room with heavy furniture. It should be able to accommodate the home theatre equipment while having comfortable seating options.

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Luxury Comes in the New Form Through 3 BHK!

There has been an increasing demand for 3 BHK as compared 2 BHK flats. One of the major reason for the same is because homebuyers prefer having an additional bedroom. Besides, people having bigger families prefer investing in a 3 BHK than two houses on the same floor. For it offers extra space and comfort. Homebuyers tend to consider investing in an apartment that is spacious, and hence there is a rise for 3 BHK flats in Thane and around.

Increasing Buying Power of a Homebuyer

Thane has grown to be a major residential location. You will find this metropolitan city has witnessed a great increase in the number of upcoming residential properties. Well, various reasons tell why Thane has grown to be a major residential location. One of the major reason is that of the affordable rates of the apartments. The rates are quite affordable as compared to other locations. Besides, Thane also serves as a major commercial hub. You will find this city is home to a number of major and top companies. With plenty of employment and affordable apartment rates, all this sums up Thane as a perfect residential location.

No Much Difference in the Price

You might think investing in a 3 BHK flat in Thane and around is much reasonable than a 2 BHK flat. There is not much difference as far as price is concerned. Say, for example, if 2 BHK is offered at 75 lacs, then a 3 BHK is easily available at 85 lacs. So, there is the marginal difference, and hence many homebuyers prefer investing in a 3 BHK. After all, they stand to get an additional bedroom and a spacious apartment. While this serves as a perfect sign for attracting homebuyers, many builders tend to offer 3 BHK apartments by keeping a marginal cost difference.

3 BHK – Luxurious and Spacious

Another major reason why buyers prefer 3 BHK over 2 BHK apartments is that they are spacious and luxurious. It works to the benefit of homeowners in case you have guests over. You no longer have to sleep in the hall or living room, due to space issue. Investing in a 3 BHK apartment is a win-win situation you can say. It is affordable, spacious and luxurious. Besides, it offers room for creativity as far interior designing is concerned. You can remodel or design your bedroom the way you want.

These are some reasons that state the increasing popularity of 3 or 3.5 BHK apartments in Thane and around. Make a wise purchase.

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Planning to Buy a Home? Know the Ins and Outs!

There is no such place as home. It is comfortable and relaxing. In short, it is your heaven after a tiring day at work. Nothing beats the love and comfort one gets when in their own house. It is a place you call own. Every individual wants their dream home to be perfect in every way possible. You might have decided to buy your first dream home. While you are all in a hurry to make a purchase, timing and patience are two essential elements. No matter whether you plan to purchase 2 BHK or 3 BHK flat in Thane, ensure you have all these aspects in place. For first-time homebuyers, here are some tips that make the whole experience a hassle-free and smooth:

Documents Are Vital

When you are buying a house, having necessary documents is vital. It makes the whole buying process easy. It majorly includes sale deed, latest tax paid receipt, electricity bill, bank statements and so on. Besides, you are also advised to check the title deed of the land. Besides, confirm whether the builder has the complete right to it. For people, who are buying resale properties, ensure you ask for previous property tax receipts. This ensures, there are no pending bills. Apart from this, also ensure you check the layout of the building for a complete understanding.

Cheap Does Not Equate to Good

Price is one of the major deciding factors for many first-time homebuyers. Well, this is one major mistake and should be avoided at any cost. You may think buying a house or apartment in an area which is far away for it is offered at an affordable cost will do you good. However, it does not necessarily mean quality too. Well, it does come with some cons too, long commutes to the working area, shopping areas, school, healthcare institutions and so on. A 3.5 BHK in Thane offered by a number of developers understand these factors are often considered by homebuyers and offer apartments incorporated with these facilities. They believe in constructing a building in an area which is close to these basic amenities.

Do Not Forget the Credit Score

Your credit score matters when it comes to purchasing your dream home. A person having credit score 750 and above is considered to be excellent. This helps in getting loans quickly, in case you want to. When applying for a home loan, do a thorough research on every bank and opt for the one that offers a low rate of interest. Always remember that credit score does matter when applying for a home loan. The better your credit score, more are your chances of getting the desired loan.

Happy home hunting!

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Know What Makes A Perfect Neighbourhood

Buying a house is not easy as there are several factors you need to keep in mind. While there are many factors that need to be considered, it is a location that plays a major role. What would your criteria will be for your property selection, besides budget? Obviously, every home buyer has different needs and preferences that majorly depend on the size of the family and their needs, when looking for an ideal neighbourhood.

So, no matter whether you are looking for 2 BHK  or 3 BHK flats in Thane, there are some essential components that families expect from the ‘ideal neighbourhood’.


Undoubtedly, no one wants to invest in a locality that is prone to thefts and other criminal activities, no matter minor or major. Considering this aspect, a lot of family members look out for safe streets and a neighbourhood. For the same, the major considerations include wide pavements that allow everyone to walk around without the fear of an attack. Besides, the locality should have CCTV cameras installed for advanced security. A lot of builders understand this aspect and ensure it is incorporated.

Proximity to Vital Services and Stores

You definitely know that life is full of surprises and do not know what will happen next. Considering this aspect, having vital services and stores at close proximity is of paramount importance. Ensure your neighbourhood is in proximity to healthcare institutions, electricians, firemen, educational institutions and more. Apart from this, ensure other essential services like bakery, salon, restaurants are close. After all, this is what makes a perfect neighbourhood.

Open Spaces and Parks

Another vital aspect a lot of homebuyers tend to consider when looking for 2 BHK in Thane or 2.5 BHK flats in Thane is parks and open spaces. Buyers look for large parks and open spaces as it serves as a perfect spot for children to play, elderly to have a walk and so on. Besides, it also helps in spending some quality time with families and neighbours. Builders do consider this aspect, and you will find them mentioned in the amenities sectors. After all, this is one amenity that tends to attract a lot of buyers.

These are some factors homebuyers tend to consider when looking to buy a house or apartment. Obviously, it is happy residents that make safe a safe neighbourhood, but these aspects ensure you buy an apartment in a great and ideal neighbourhood.

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Some Useful Tips to Design Entertainment Room in Your Apartment

It is rightly said, ‘Home is where the heart is’. Every room of the house is important and hence should be designed in a right way. However, nothing can beat having a separate entertainment room that works towards helping you unwind after a hectic day at work. You can say, it is an ideal place to relax and de-stress. Home entertainment has come a long way than just watching television. Home owners now choose a number of entertainment options. This has further given rise to the new trend of having a separate entertainment room. So, no matter whether you have 2 BHK or 3 BHK in Thane and around, you can consider these tips to design an entertainment room at home:

Choose the Right Equipment

The first step towards designing your entertainment room is choosing the right equipment. When talking about the same, there are various equipment you can choose from, television, media server, Blu-ray player, state-of-the-art sound systems and so on. These are some major and vital equipment needed to get yourself immersed completely for an ultimate movie experience. Ensure the distance from the screen to the seating area it at least 8-10 sq. ft. For better viewing, the rear seats can be a step higher. To get a perfect theatre experience, you can opt for comfortable seats with armrests and cup holders to hold popcorns and cold drinks. Besides, ensure the room has dark and warm colours, thus giving a perfect heater feel and look.

As far as the screen is concerned, while a large screen LED is quite common, a projector combined with a screen also works great. Apart from this, ensure the entertainment room has proper acoustics.

Create A Relaxing Environment

Instead of storing thousands of DVDs, you can save a lot of space by investing in a media server. It helps in storing several movies in one place. Besides, the media server can be easily accessed from any room. A home automation system comes to your rescue when it comes to enhancing the environment of the room. As far lighting is concerned, you can opt for recessed lights. You can even opt for mood lighting that can be further synchronised with your favourite music.

Some Dos and Don’ts for Entertainment Home Décor:

  • Keeping in mind the available space in your room is important when working on the seating arrangement. For the huge area, you can opt for theatre-like seating. Besides, there are also other options like recliners, large cushions or even floor-level seating.
  • The speakers should be mounted on the wall
  • Avoid heavy furniture as it makes the room cramped.

These are some tips one can consider when designing an entertainment room whether in a 3 BHK or 2 BHK flats in Thane and around.

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Why One Should Invest in a 3 BHK Apartment

Everyone dreams of owning a house with all the modern facilities. However, when looking out for a perfect apartment, a number of potential homebuyers tend to hire experts to take care of the same. A home hunt is not easy as it seems to be. Various factors need your attention to ensure you get the best deal. Besides, it is not only about locality or the modern amenities it offers. One should also keep in mind the space aspect. A buyer is bound to get confused whether to invest in a 2 BHK or 3 BHK in Thane and around.

More and More Space

One of the greatest aspects of investing in a 3 BHK flat is that it is spacious as compared to a 1 BHK apartment. Everyone loves to reside in a home that is spacious. Besides, it works in favour of families by giving them extra space in case you have guests or friends staying over. If you do not make use of the third bedroom, you can easily convert the same into a home office area.

Size Does Matter

If you happen to look the space or the size of a 2 BHK apartment is somewhat the same as 3 BHK. While for 2 BHK you have two bedrooms, for 3 BHK you have three bedrooms. You also have the option to convert the third bedroom into any room you want. It does not have much difference in terms of sq.

Works Great for Large Families

If you have a large family, then investing in 3 BHK flats in Thane and around works great as compared to a 2 BHK or 1 BHK. You will have a lot of families having two or three apartments in the same building and on the same floor. Instead of the same, you can easily invest in a 3 BHK. In fact, it goes easy on your pocket too, instead of paying three different amounts for 1 BHK on the same floor.

Great Financial Solutions

Another amazing benefit of investing in a 3 BHK apartment is that it comes with amazing financial solutions. Getting a loan for your 1 BHK apartment may seem difficult as compared to a 3 BHK apartment. The former one is offered with higher interest rates. While 3 or 3.5 BHK apartments in Thane and around are offered on loans with low-interest rates.

All these aspects clearly show why investing in a 3 BHK apartment a great option as compared to 1 or 2 BHK.

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Tips to Sell Your Apartment in a Slow Market

Buying and selling an apartment is quite common in the real estate market. If you plan to sell your apartment, then keeping track of the market is of paramount importance. Besides, there are also other factors that sellers need to be aware of. You might have always been advised not to sell an apartment especially when the market is witnessing a slowdown. However, at times it can be unavoidable. The reasons are endless with you being shifted to another city, planning to buy a bigger and spacious apartment and so on.

While you are looking to sell your 2 BHK in Thane or 3 BHK in Thane or any other location, in a slow market, there are certain factors you need to keep in mind. Some of them majorly include:

Give It a Makeover

Every buyer who is planning to buy a house looks for something that is worth buying. This is where the importance of giving your house a makeover is felt. When talking about the makeover, it majorly includes leaking pipes, water seepage, broken window panes, cracked masonry and so on. Always remember that the makeover should not be elaborate but substantial only. Ensure all of these aspects are taken care of before you list your apartment for buying. You should know every buyer looks for a house that has less expenditure on the repairs and renovation.

Advertise the Right Way

It is always suggested that you advertise about your property locally. Not many know, but the people living in your area might be interested in buying your property, and hence it is important to advertise it locally first. After all, a lot of buyers tend to look for apartments that are in the same locality. You can take advantage of the same by advertising your property the right way.

Get in Touch with a Reliable Broker

You will do your best to find a potential buyer, but when it comes to widening your search and finding a potential buyer, it is always a broker that can help. This is one reason why you need to get in touch with a reliable broker for the same. Ensure you get in touch with a reputable one. These experts tend to have a larger database of potential buyers.

Get the Pricing Right

Before you put up a price for your property, it is of paramount importance to know the real estate market value of the same. There is every possibility of the prices being increased. As far as quoting the price is concerned, it is wise you gather the rates of the properties in the same area. As the real estate market is bound to fluctuate it is also vital to be flexible as far as pricing is concerned.

These are some tips that might come handy when purchasing 3 or 2.5 BHK flats in Thane and more.

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Why Residential Projects Should Offer Open Spaces For Children?

There are a number of factors every home buyer tends to look into when buying a house. While space, amenities, school, pharmacy and so on, do play a major role in your home purchase, it is also vital to ensure the project offers open space for children. A lot of homebuyers tend to neglect on this aspect. Not much attention is given to open spaces for children to play. When you reside in apartments, children do not have access to open garden and spaces. This is why ensuring the residential project you are investing is has open spaces for children.

Lack Of Open Space Forces Parents To Look For Other Options

You will find a number of residential projects tend to have less or no open space for children. This further forces parents to look for other options like watching television, playing on mobiles and so on. While social development is of paramount importance, having enough open spaces ensures this option is fulfilled. Every sq.ft of space is put to use for construction purpose. This leads to no or less space for gardens or open spaces. This also forces the parents to indulge their children in other activities like football, gymnastics, and tennis and so on. However, as these activities are under the supervision of adults, it leaves no room for social interaction. Well, the same aspect is well taken care of by T Bhimjyani – a reputable real estate company offer various residential projects in Thane and around by having large gardens for children and senior citizens.

Importance of Play Areas for Children

The importance of play areas and gardens should not be neglected. After all, these areas help children to learn more about the surroundings and meet other children of the society. Apart from this, the slides, swings and more work towards building a sense of competence in them. This further helps in increasing the confidence level. Furthermore, when children are not in a structured environment, it allows them to let their imagination flow the way they want it to. Besides, it also helps them to meet and make new friends who are not possible if they live in a structured environment.

How can Developers Incorporate Needs of Children in the Projects

Every parent is concerned about the falls and scraped knees. But then, these are part of every child’s growth. Considering this aspect, it is important for parents to invest in the projects that have play area or garden. As far as incorporating the same is concerned, builders and developers can include the same in the project plan. A lot of renowned real estate companies  include the same in the plan whether for 2 BHK or 3 BHK in Thane and around. After all, they understand how important it is for children to play outside than staying inside.

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How Will Altering Interest Rates Affect EMI of Home Loans

Interest rates do play a major part as far as home buying is concerned. Every home buyer needs to be aware of the same and should include in the home buying decision. The current interest rate on the home loans is around the 8% mark. This mark definitely looks attractive as compared to what it was some years back. No matter whether you are planning to take home loans for 2 or 3 BHK in Thane and other parts of Mumbai, knowing the interest rates is of paramount importance.

Know the Effect of the Home Loans in the Interest Rates Largely

You might have seen that a lot of home buyers prefer for a floating home loan rate. If the interest rates witnesses’ downfall after taking taken the loan, the borrower has to wait for a year for revision. The reason for the same is because most of the banks tend to have home loans on the 1-year MCLR rate basis. The tenure of the home loan ranges around 20 years which seems to be a long period. Hence, a slight increase or decrease in the same can have a great impact on the overall cost of the property.

The Outlook of Home Loan Interest Rate

Home loan interest rates are bound to fall even though the Reserve Bank of India or RBI did not cut the repo rate. As RBI has reduced the money that banks normally set aside as security for the home loans, from 0.4 to 0.25%, banks can lend more to home buyers than they used to. In simple terms, with the statutory liquidity ratio reduced to 50 basis points, the banks now have more of the capital to lend. This can further lead to lower home loan rates. A lot of banks are cutting home loan rates. It is believed, the rates may be reduced by 25-50 bps in the next 12 months.

How Much of EMI Should Home Buyers Pay?

As the EMI payment is concerned, it is vital for the home buyers to keep in mind two major aspects: current cash flow and future cash flow. Banks tend to keep it flexible by keeping lower EMIs in the initial year, while huge EMIs can eat up a large amount of your earnings. This further leaves no or less finance in case of any emergency.

How to Decide on the Home Loan Tenure

The tenure of the home loan can be decided on these following factors:

Income – Ensure the EMI is not more than 55-60% of your monthly income.
EMI Amount – EMIs tend to be higher if you choose lower tenure. If you can pay higher EMIs, then you can opt for lowest tenure.
Age of the Borrower – The perfect way to calculate home loan is 60 years, minus the borrower’s age.
Know the purpose – Know whether the property you are buying is for investment purpose or residence.

Make a wise home purchase with right interest rates.

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Mumbai Metro Route – Impact on Real Estate

Mumbai Metro is touted to be a game changer for the real estate market in India’s financial capital. It will not just solve the traffic congestion; the metro will also lessen the pressure on the suburban rail network.

With the huge metro development program, the Mumbai metropolitan region has witnessed a massive facelift. Real estate experts predict a never-seen-before impact on the real estate sector in the regions that are connected by the metro.

In the completed route from Versova to Andheri to Ghatkopar spans 11.4 km which happens to be Mumbai’s first metro rail network contains 12 stations from Versova to Ghatkopar. This entire route has already witnessed a 10 to 20% appreciation in its capital values since inauguration in the year 2014.

There is an ongoing metro route that is being constructed in between Dahisar and Mankhurd. This stretch will have 2 phases.  – Line 2A and Line 2B.  The construction for Line 2A began in November 2016 and is slated to be completed in the year 2019. This route is supposed to be 18 km long and will have 16 stations. When this line completes, it will have a significant impact on the sale of 3 bhk flats in Thane. Some of the adjacent areas have already seen a hike in the real estate prices from 2015 to 2016 with Shashtrinagar seeing a year on year appreciation of 12% in the realty rates. Rates in Shastri Nagar as of October to December 2015 were Rs 20,800 whereas in October to December 2016, the rates had already increased to Rs 23,300.

The construction work for Line 2B will begin by October 2017. This would be a 23.5 Km metro corridor with 22 stations.

Another line is Line 3 that would connect Colaba – Bandra and Seepz. This would be the first underground metro project of Mumbai. It would be 33.5 Kms long and would consist of 27 stations. The construction of this metro project began in October 2016 and is slated to be completed in the year 2020. Some of the major localities linked with this Metro project have already seen a 2 to 4% hike in realty prices. The Santacruz East area has seen 4% realty price appreciation wherein October to December 2015 the price was Rs 18,105 per square feet, and in October to December 2016, the price rose to Rs 18,827 per square feet.

Another proposed metro project in the city would be connecting Wadala in central Mumbai to Ghatkopar, Mulund, Ten Haath Naka and Kasarvadavali. This project would consist of 32 stations. This project too is estimated to impact the sale of 3.5 bhk apartments in Thane hugely. Mukund has already seen a realty price appreciation of 7% in a year. Between October to December 2015, the prices were at Rs 13,090 and after a year, the prices rose to Rs 14,025.

These are the numbers of just a few places, the real impact can only be seen and will only be able to be gauged after all the metro projects are completed. So, if you are planning to purchase 2 or 3 bhk flats in Thane, it is time to do it now before these infrastructural developments happen.

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