The Ultimate Work-Out – What Regular Laps in The Pool Does to Your Body

Staying fit and losing weight is one of the prime concern of every individual. You might have heard of many techniques that help in losing weight and staying fit. Did you know those regular laps you take in a swimming pool does a lot of good to your body? Well, you can say it is an ultimate workout plan for you. This is one of the major reason why real estate companies in Mumbai are coming up with plans that have swimming pools. This further eliminates you to enroll for any clubs for the same.

Helps in Improving Your Heart and Lung Capacity

Nothing can beat the benefits swimming offers. If you are looking for exercises that are gentle on your joints, then swimming is surely the answer. You can do the same by using different strokes and speeds. It helps in improving cardiovascular fitness and cholesterol levels. You are advised to swim laps for at least 20-40 minutes at a pace that helps in keeping the heart rate up. At first, you might have to take some intervals. But as the time passes by, you can work out longer.

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Helps in Losing Weight

If you are someone who is looking to shed some extra kilos, then swimming is surely the right way to do it. It is surely an effective cardiovascular exercise that helps in shedding some kilos. However, you should know, swimming alone will not help in the same, unless you also combine regular laps. Other than this, you need to also have a healthy and balanced diet. Swimming laps is surely a great and effective way to lose weight. Swimming laps help your body to encounter around 12-14 percent resistance as compared to the same movement when done out of the water. A number of real estate companies in Mumbai understand this aspect and ensures the same is well taken care of by having a swimming pool in the premises itself. Freestyle stroke helps in burning around 500 calories per hour and 700 calories when swimming the breaststroke.

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Helps in Relieving Stress

As you know it is a great aerobic exercise, this further helps in combating stress. Nothing can feel better than gliding through the water. When you swim your mind is at break which further helps you to focus better. It is also great for the heart and enhances body’s muscle strength. In simple terms, it is great for stress relief.

Helps in Blood Sugar and Pressure Control

Another major benefit regular laps in the pool offers are that it helps in enhancing the blood sugar and pressure control. The resistance provided by the water helps in building muscle and therefore, controls the blood sugar and pressure. With many real estate companies in Mumbai considering to have swimming pools, you can get ready to reap the benefits in the premises itself.

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These are just some of the vital benefits regular laps in the pool offers to your body.