Tips to Choose Location for Your New Home

The location is one of the vital aspects one needs to consider when choosing your dream home. No matter whether you are planning to buy or rent an apartment, it is wise you choose the best location. A lot of home buyers often find it difficult to choose the house after shortlisting certain properties. If the 3 BHK flats in Thane shortlisted are in similar price range and preferred location, then various other factors can help make a wise decision.

Ease of Commute

Ease of commuting between the location and your office does play a major role. The location you have chosen works in your favour if there is a direct bus or metro to the workplace. Not many know, but was of commuting makes long hours of travel easy. Thane has proved the best for the same purpose. With various transport solutions, it becomes easy to travel to and from your location. This has further given rise to BHK flats in Thane.

Connectivity to The Workplace

You are definitely not planning to travel for long hours just to reach your office. It will do you no good. Among the various locations, you have chosen the one that is closer to your office.

Availability of Basic Amenities

You are bound to need some basic amenities once you move in into your 3 BHK in Thane. Considering this aspect, it is wise to look out the location you have chosen is in proximity to educational institutions, healthcare, markets, and so on. Other than this, also ensure it has round the clock water and electricity supply.

Safety Aspects

Another important aspect you should not neglect is the safety features. It is important for the residential locality to have safety features in place. For better and enhanced security, various residential locations in Thane and around have CCTV cameras installed. This ensures you are in safe hands all the time.

Green Quotient

If you are someone who wants to contribute towards green society, then look out for apartments that have incorporated the green quotient. For the same, it is advised for buyers to look out whether the property is well equipped to conserve energy and has sufficient natural light.

Residential Versus Commercial

It is often noticed that potential home buyers look for a location that is a perfect blend of the commercial and residential area. This works in their favour as it offers good living conditions. However, avoid investing in a 3 BHK flat in Thane that is completely a commercial area. This might not prove to be a beneficial option in the long run.