3 Simple Hacks That Can Help You Tackle the Water Crisis

With the thriving dark clouds and drizzling showers looming ahead on the horizon, everyone is bracing for the onset of monsoon. As of the last few months, our water resources have been getting a lot of attention, due to its dire need for conservation. It comes as no surprise that water supply to most cities is of a huge concern now, wherein plenty of real estate institutes taking measures to ensure the preservation, if not; the reduction of water wastage.

Keeping this in mind, the city of Thane, owing to its good ideology of combining a living abode amongst a natural habitat, has developed a well-planned strategy to preserve its water resources, especially in the time of water crises as of now. Real estate projects like the Neelkanth Group has taken measures, to ensure that water preservation is an essential part of one’s lifestyle. Inclusive of these measures, you can even use a few tricks to lessen your individual water footprints. Given below are a few simple hacks that can help you take measures to help prevent the water crises from recurring again.

Reduction of water wastage when brushing your teeth:


Not many associates wasting water with brushing your teeth. But in truth, a lot of water can be wasted through this single act alone. To get a clear reality of how much water you waste during this deed, fill a vessel with water while brushing your teeth. Multiply this amount by the number of times you brush your teeth, along with the members of your family. While it may seem a lot, you can avoid wasting this amount of water, just by putting off the tap when you brush your teeth.

Reduce water when having a bath:


A bath normally takes around 150 to 180 liters of water. As compared to this, a 10-minute shower will take around 95 liters. You can even implement customized setting to your bathroom amenities to help with this process. Most of the Neelkanth Group real estate projects allows residents to incorporate their own selection of amenities. In this way, you can opt for a low-flow shower head, which will help shorten showers in a way. However, if you are planning for a long wash, a shower may not be your most viable choice. In this case, you can opt for a bucket bath. A bucket bath will not only help you calculate how much water you use, but also help reduce wasting excessive water.

Adjust the water usage in your toilets:


Although showering may seem like the largest personal water usage in the house, it is not. Toilet flushing comprises of over 26% of total water usage.  A high efficient toilet uses over 4 liters per flush, with older toilets using over 26 gallons. To avoid such a wide wastage of water, plenty of real estate companies, such as Neelkanth Group are slowly incorporating innovate facilities for the toilet, such as the low efficient toilet, to combat this issue. In addition to this, you can reduce water by placing one liter filled bottle in the tank, thus tricking your toilet into using less water.