The Many Advantages of Investing in Thane’s Real Estate

Thane’s real estate has been booming for over a decade now. It has become one of Mumbai’s poshest neighbourhoods. With the constant development this vicinity has been receiving in the last few years, Thane has also been attracting the attention of the affluent of Mumbai, who previously remained loyal to purchasing properties in the posh Mumbai localities of South Mumbai, Bandra and Juhu. Yes, the Thane real estate market has become hot property and flats for sale in Thane are selling out like hot cakes. If you are deliberating a real-estate investment, here’s why you should consider Thane:

Residential complexes meant for the Indian joint family: Most Indians tend to live in joint families. However, with property-rates touching the sky, owning 2 or 3 BHK homes in Mumbai is rather difficult. The residential projects in Thane such as T Bhimjyani’s Neelkanth Woods Olivia are specially developed so that the traditional Indian joint family can live together, comfortably under one roof.

Efficient public transportation: It is important to have a good public transportation system; whether you wish to travel within the city or out of it. Thane Railway station is a major junction for trains arriving from and departing to different parts of the country. It is also a starting and terminating station for local travel, whereas there are innumerable options for local bus transportation too. Add to that, the construction of the Thane Metro has also resulted in the popularity of flats for sale in Thane, in that many investors are deeming it a worthy investment.

Health care facilities: Having good health-care in your vicinity is of primary importance and Thane has become home to some of the finest institutions for health care within the country. What is more, there is a good mix of private and public hospitals to fit every budget. With hospitals like Hiranandani hospital, Jupiter hospital, Bethany hospital and Horizon hospital, Thane is well-covered in the heath-care department.

Educational centres: Just as it is important to have good health care facilities, it is also important to have good educational centres; be it pre-schools, middle, secondary and high school or colleges. There is also a good mix of public and private schools in Thane like convents and international schools. Most colleges in Thane are affiliated to the reputed Mumbai University.

Affordable for every budget: The beauty of real estate investment in Thane is that you can find a home to fit every budget. You can choose from 1, 2, 2.5, 3 and 3.5 BHK flats form popular builders like Neelkanth Group, Lodha Group, Godrej Properties, Piramal Group and so on. Most of the companies in Thane’s real-estate business are reputed companies with years of experience.

Easy rental income: Even if you choose not to live in Thane, you can purchase a home in a residential project from any of the builders e.g. Neelkanth Realty and turn that house into an investment by putting it up for rent. You can expect to earn good rental income from your Thane property.

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Thinking of Purchasing a Property in Thane- Consider These Features

Mumbai’s Thane locality once had the reputation of being far-removed from the city. Travelling to Thane was considered very hectic. Besides, it was always regarded as an industrial area known for its smoke-emitting factories that contributed to a lot of air and noise pollution. But in the mid 2000’s Thane began getting a face-lift when builders like Neelkanth Realty, Piramal Realty, Lodha Group etc., began recognizing the true-potential of this Mumbai neighbourhood. Thane’s 360 degree make-over resulted in the birth of an affordable locality, ideal for the perfect family life. If you are considering purchasing a home in Mumbai, make sure you consider a property for sale in Thane. Here’s why:

Realty developers have spotted a diamond in the rough: Thane was always treated by industrialists as the unwanted step-child until real estate companies began taking notice of its potential. Real estate builders like Neelkanth Group by T Bhimjyani Realty, Godrej Properties Limited, Rustomjee Constructions, Hiranandani Group etc., recognized the space value that Thane offered in the otherwise crowded Mumbai city and came up with several phenomenal and spacious residential projects. This also attracted the attention of Mumbai’s affluent folks who began investing in Thane.

Public travel facilities: Getting around in a big city like Mumbai, especially by local trains in the rush hour traffic can be an absolute nightmare. Thankfully, Thane serves as an originating and terminating station, which makes it easy for one to board and alight from trains. Furthermore, Thane railway station also serves as an important junction from where you can board out-station trains to most parts of the country. Besides the already available BEST buses to various parts of the city, the Thane Metro project is set to make travelling in and out of the neighbourhood even more convenient.

Thane is Mumbai’s new “it” neighbourhood: The popularity of Thane in the last decade has sky-rocketed. Thane has become the perfect place to hang out with your family and friends; whether you want to catch a movie at one of the numerous multiplexes, go fine-dining or just indulge in some good old retail therapy, Thane spoils you with innumerable options. The shopping malls in the neighbourhood house some of the most prominent national and international brands. You can opt to purchase flats for sale in Manpada, Ghodbunder, Majiwada, Thane West or any other Thane area and still be just a stone’s throw away from all the places where the action is happening.

Fantastic everyday amenities: Apart from shopping malls, fine-dining restaurants and entertainment centres, Thane is also home to some of the finest international schools and health care centres in Mumbai. It has become Mumbai’s Information Technology hub as well, with many corporates and businesses shifting base to Thane. Purchasing a property for sale in Thane and living here is ideal for working professionals with children and older parents as you get all the necessary facilities in the distance of a few kilometres.

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5 Things To Check Before Buying A Property

Investing in a property is a big decision. It takes a lot of research and a lot of money. A buyer must ensure he does his research thoroughly before he signs the property contract. If he has reservations or preferences about something, he must communicate it with the builder and get it incorporated in his contract. Let’s say, for example that you are looking at flats for sale in Thane, with the hope of purchasing one. Here are a few things you should check before you purchase it.

Check the approval and licenses: After finalizing the property you must check if the builder has all his paperwork in place including the work commencement certificate, approved building plans, environmental clearance etc. Also ensure you ask for the land title status and see if the land has been bought by the builder or if they have only the developmental right. Say you are investing in some residential projects in Thane; you must check documents such as

• Title deed
• Release certificate
• Encumbrance certificate
• Certificates verifying land use
• Approvals by local body
• Property tax receipts

Check the banks financing the project: Since purchasing a home is an expensive business, builders are typically tied up with many banks. E.g. in Thane, there are renowned builders like Neelkanth Group by T Bhimjyani Realty, Godrej Constructions, Piramal Group, Lodha Group etc. Most builders can guide you with your bank loan. You can choose a bank that offers the lowest interest rates and matches your EMI budget.

Check the plans for infrastructure: Choosing a locality which has good infrastructure and civic amenities and other futuristic planning options is a safe bet as they can tremendously boost your return on investment. A locality with good schools, hospitals, shopping complexes and entertainment centres is ideal.

Verify the builder: It is very important to research the track record of the builder. You must check if the piece of land on which your apartment is being built is or is not under litigation. You can get a good idea about the builders’ reputation based upon their past and current projects. You could also post queries on various online forums about real estate to get an estimate of the builder from former clients. If you are buying a home in Thane you can trust builders like Neelkanth Realty, Godrej Constructions, Rustomjee Builders etc.

Consider the apartment size: Before you set out to purchase a flat, understand your requirement based upon your family size, future plans, locality and so on. It makes more sense to finalize your apartment, after seeing a sample flat. Most builders typically have a sample flat to show, but in case they don’t, ensure you read the fine print and see that the builder is not claiming to sell 1000 square feet 2BHK flats which are actually just about 800 square feet. Check the carpet area before purchasing.

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4 Things To Do While Buying a New Property in Thane

Mumbai’s Thane neighbourhood has become like the new Bandra, Juhu or Colaba. Investors are putting in a lot of money in this Mumbai neighbourhood. With some already available fantastic amenities in place and better facilities in the piping (the thane metro, for example), the Thane real estate market has certainly become lucrative. It is no wonder that the affluent want a piece of this cake. So if you are considering purchasing a property for sale in Thane, you must ensure that you do the following things.

Begin by assessing your requirements: There are three things to assess when you start on the journey of purchasing your dream home. These include your realistic financial prospects and goals, your current lifestyle and your long-term planning. You want to find a place that is both, easy for you to commute to your work, as well as one that is child-friendly and close to educational institutions, if you have or are planning to have children in future. You also have to decide your budget and the amount of loan you may require.

Pay attention to the locality: Investors interested in purchasing homes in Thane will be pleased to know that the locality has been awarded as one of the promising cities in India by the First Smart Cities council. In your research, you will find that Thane has several posh localities which boast of good schools, shopping malls, entertainment centres etc. Buyers should select projects by reputed builders like Hiranandani Constructions, Godrej properties and Neelkanth Group also known as T Bhimyani Realty. The latter’s Neelkanth Woods Olivia project is ideal for people who love the spoils of nature.

Enquire about the past and current projects by the builders: When purchasing a home, it is necessary to enquire about the credentials of the realty companies. Selecting a company which has been in the real estate business with decades of experience, and is known for timely handover of flats is important. A renowned and experienced realtor is likely to have a good project delivery record. A developer like Neelkanth Realty, with a credible reputation and goodwill, can also help you with the finance process.

Review the project plan: While you can trust your realtor, you should also do your homework and ensure that you scrutinize the layout plans so that you get everything promised by the builder. Since Thane has become a hub for residential properties in the last few years, every builder offers a host of amenities that include things like yoga centres, club houses, swimming pools, children’s play areas, common halls and sports pavilions. However, you shouldn’t just get swayed by the amenities and check if they suit your needs. You can then consider purchasing flats for sale in Manpada, Ghodbunder Road, Majiwada and Thane West.

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Investing in Property – Ensure You Check these Documents

Purchasing a property has always been a nerve-wracking task. The changing rates of real estate, new property tax rules and several other changes in the industry make it tough to both, purchase or sell a property. When it comes to the real estate industry, right documentation plays an important role. You must analyse all aspects of documentation before you invest in legal properties. The residential projects in Thane, Mumbai are hot properties in the current market. So if you intend to purchase a home here, ensure you check these documents.

Sale Deed: It is the main legal document which serves as the proof of sale and the transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer. It should be mandatorily registered and the buyer should check the terms and conditions thoroughly before the sale is executed.

Mother Deed: Regarded as the parent document, it traces the origin ownership from the start, in case the property was owned by different owners, over different periods of time. It helps the further sale of the property and establishes new ownership. In case of new properties like Neelkanth Woods in Thane by Neelkanth Realty, you do not need a mother deed.

Building approval plan: The jurisdiction under which the area falls, sanctions a building approval plan, without which a builder cannot legally construct the building. These plans are sanctioned based on zonal classification, floor area ratio, plot depth etc.

Commencement certificate: In case of under construction properties, the builders must acquire a commencement certificate from the local authorities after the site is inspected. This document states that the projects fulfils the necessary criteria and allows the builder to commence construction, failing which he must pay due penalties.

Completion Certificate: This certificate is issued by the municipal authorities and it denotes that the building has complied with all its rules such as the height of the building, the distance from the road etc. and that it is constructed as per approved plans.

Occupancy certificate: The builder must submit the occupancy certificate issued by municipal authorities after the construction is completed. This is issued after the local agencies inspect the premises, marking it a safe sale. Make sure you ask for your occupancy certificate after buying flats for sale in Thane.

Tax Receipt: Ensure you ask your builder for the legal tax receipt. Failure to present one can authorize the government to impose a certain percentage of penalties every month on the buyer.

Power or Attorney: Another important document, a new owner can choose to nominate a trusted power of attorney which gives the latter the right to preside over the property matters (purchase or sale) in the absence of the owner.

Purchase Agreement: This document should include everything you were promised by the builder and allows you to hold the builder legally accountable in case of any discrepancies. Thane builders like Neelkanth Group, Lodha Group, Piramal Group etc. have great track records for honouring verbally made commitments in their purchase agreements.

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5 Great Reasons To Invest In Thane Properties

Once upon a time in Mumbai, there was an area that people neglected. The area was treated like an abused step-child because of its smoke inducing factories and industries. Then one day a group of wise men, known as realtors decided that this abused locality needed a face-lift. Like the fairy godmother in the Cinderella story, these real estate companies made people stand up and take notice of this Mumbai locality, known famously as Thane.  Yes, investing in a property for sale in Thane has now become a fashion. Find out why.

The prosperous legacy of Thane: Thane residential complexes offer great proximity, both to nature to the rapid infrastructural development. Realtors have spent days and years on end, revamping and enhancing this Mumbai locality since 2009. In just 5 years, the property rates in Thane have witnessed a 300% growth. Many offices have also shifted here which has resulted in newer employment opportunities. Thane is all set to generate even more capital appreciation in the real estate segment in the years to come.

Thane has caught the eye of realty giants: Realty giants, for years looked at Thane as an area with a great potential. Today, this Mumbai locality boasts of marvellous constructions by the best realtors in the business, from Godrej Properties to Neelkanth Realty and Piramal Realty to Lodha Group. Each of these real estate companies, have left their signatures in the Thane skyline. Besides, it is only in Thane that you can live in a residential complex with spectacular views of nature.

An optimum blend of commercial and residential complexes: With fewer employment opportunities, schools and hospitals, Thane residents used to waste several hours a day on the commute. But with Thane’s holistic growth and development in the last decade, the city has seen a rise in reputed schools, colleges, health care centres and shopping and entertainment hubs. Like the commercial complexes, posh residential complexes have emerged in areas like Ghodbunder Rd, Mapada and Thane west with investors especially purchasing flats for sale in Manpada.

Thane’s improved connectivity: You can connect to any part of urban and suburban Mumbai, as well as Navi Mumbai via JVLR, SCLR, Ghodbunder Road, Eastern Freeway, NH 8 etc. It is also connected to the Mumbai railway network through the Thane-Panvel Rail line and Central Harbour Rail Line. Furthermore, a metro line between Thane and Wadala is in the offing, which can reduce travel time by half. The MMRDA has many other plans for connectivity.

Thane is family centric: Thane is one locality where your entire family can live in comfort, without compromising on the quality of lifestyle. You can purchase spacious flats that can accommodate joint families comfortably, that too at reasonable prices. T Bhimjyani Realty also known as Neelkanth Group is credited with building the best family centric residential neighbourhoods in Thane.

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Get to Know These Hidden Costs While Buying a Property

Undoubtedly, buying a house is a big decision and should be done taking into consideration a number of factors. While many aspects need your attention, hidden costs are definitely one of them. Only a reputable real estate company like Neelkanth Realty understands this aspect and offers properties without any hidden costs. However, to ensure you are on the safe side, it is wise you know the hidden costs before you sign on the dotted lines:

Registration as Well As Post Registration Charges
It is the total cost of the property that determines the registration cost. Other than this, there is also stamp duty which consists of the certain percentage of the total property value. It is vital that you take into account these costs when evaluating the total cost of your house.

 Parking Charges and Taxes
At times, the cost of the flat or apartment you plan to buy might not have all the costs included. So, the good deal you think you are getting do not include the hidden costs. Say, for example; it is wise to be aware of the taxes that might be levied on you, which most of the time builder does not highlight in the price list. Apart from this, you should also be aware of the parking charges especially if you own a car. Factor these costs properly as they are part of the total property cost. Ensure these costs are added to your agreement to avoid the hassle later on.

Penalty and Escalation Charges
Though cost escalation clauses are an important feature of the agreement, not many home buyers are aware of the same. A lot of times builders tend to hit the charges at the last moment, like just before the registration with the escalation costs supposedly due increase in the expense of the raw materials including steel, cement, sand and so on. Another cause for concern are the penalty charges. In case, you are not able to make the payment; it is wise to know if there are any interest charged and how much. You should also know whether you get a complete refund in case you plan to cancel the booking.

Maintenance Charges    
It is vital to know the maintenance charges too when planning to buy a new property or flat. Usually, the maintenance charges or deposits are collected in the first year itself. However, they are bound to be increased for various reasons like painting the building or for making significant repairs to the building.

These are some of the hidden costs every home buyer she is aware of when buying a property. A reputable company like Neelkanth Group will discuss these charges well in advance to avoid any problems.

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Neelkanth Group: Offering You a Home with a Vintage Feel

Every homeowner wants to beautify their homes with right accessories and décor items. When talking about decorating, the preferences ranges from one person to another. Some people prefer to have their house decorated in themes, while some love to incorporate décor items that give the feel. If you have always wanted to have a home that takes you back in time, then investing in the properties offered by Neelkanth Group is of paramount importance.

This reliable real estate group work towards providing homes to the buyers based on their needs and preferences. You can easily decorate your newly bought home through Neelkanth group in vintage style. Giving your home a vintage feel is not difficult as it seems to be. If you love collecting antiques, you are almost there in creating a vintage feel. Some people love to possess and care for the items that their grandmother or grandfather owned. Say, for example, the flower vase the grandmother owned is still found beautifully placed on the table in the living room.

If you want to give your home a vintage feel, then you need to consider these aspects:

Go for Complete Sets

One of the best ways to give your home a vintage feel it deserves is by considering complete sets. This can be anything from bedroom sets to even crockery sets.

How About Buying Antiques?

If you do not have any antiques, do not worry as they can be easily bought through various stores. However, when purchasing ensure you do all the purchasing part from authentic stores. Look for certificates of provenance or authenticity before buying genuine antiques. One of the best ways to know you are buying from a reliable store, you are advised to do some research online. Get to know some of the best places to buy antiques and make your purchase accordingly.

Choose the Right Upholstery

Another amazing way to add that required vintage feel to your flats in Thane West is by considering right upholstery. When talking about upholstery, you can go for the 100-old sofa having intricate designs. Apart from this, you can even consider other furnitures like a rocking chair that you can keep on the balcony or a photo frame.

Use Walls the Right Way

Do not keep the walls of your beautiful house empty, but decorate it with right and beautiful vintage paintings. Apart from this, also consider the décor items that can be hung from the ceiling.

Make Space

You are advised to seek help from an expert decorator if you are finding it difficult to fit and decor item. Do not try fitting a large bed in a small living room. This will only decrease the appeal of your house.

These are some of the tips you can consider when adding a vintage feel to your flats in Thane West.

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The 6 Vaastu-Centric Points You Should Keep In Mind While Planning Your Home Purchase

For many buying a house that is Vaastu complaint is of paramount importance. For people who do not know what exactly Vaastu means, it is an ancient science of architecture which offers a complete insight when building structure. Vaastu is a Sanskrit work in which “Vaas” and “Tu” means “Live” and “You” respectively. When talking about Vaastu compliant houses or flats in Thane west and around, you should know a number of buyers now ensure the home conforms to the Vaastu norms.

vaastu centric

Mentioned are some Vaastu centric points or guidelines you can consider when buying your first house or apartment:

Sunlight and cross ventilation – Two of the major aspects that holds great importance in Vaastu is sunlight and ventilation. Considering this aspect, ensure your house receives ample amount of sunlight and also has cross ventilation. You can consider an east or north facing flat with balconies and windows in either of the two directions. You should know early morning sunlight is good for health and brings a lot of positivity, while afternoon sunlight can be harmful to the health. Hence, you should avoid buying a house that has entrance and windows to the south or south-eastern.

flats for sale in thane

Entrance – As far as the entrance of the house is concerned, North or North East tend to serve as auspicious direction. One of the primary reason is that the sun rises in the east and brings in a lot of positivity. South or West entrance should be avoided as the afternoon sun rays are harmful to the health.

Location of the kitchen – You are highly advised not to invest in the flats in Thane west or around if the kitchen is in the North-East. As it tends to welcome the morning sun and hence that room is perfect for meditation purpose or living room. The ideal location is the South-East corner of the house. Also, ensure the kitchen is not located directly facing the main door.

Location of the toilet – South-West corner or South serves as the best place for bathroom and toilet. Apart from this, North-West corner is also recommended. However, bear in mind that the toilet and Pooja room should not be next to each other.

Master bedroom – It is of paramount importance for the master bedroom to be located at the South-West corner for a home which faces to the east. Consider square or rectangular shaped bedrooms.

flats in thane west

Know the Community – Another important Vaastu centric point every buyer needs to keep in mind is the community. Ensure the building block located in the south-west direction is the tallest among the others. This further does the job of protecting the other building blocks from any harmful sun rays. Apart from this, the play area, garden and open spaces should be in the eastern or northern side. Avoid investing in a house that has these areas at the back.

These are some of the vital Vaastu centric points one need to consider when buying a house. Reliable real estate group like, Neelkanth Group understands how important Vaastu is for the buyers and ensure the houses and apartments are built on them.

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The 5 Things to Keep in Mind When You Want to Buy Your First Home

Buying a house is considered a lucrative investment. However, buying the right home can take some time. Finding the right home consists of numerous steps like knowing your finances, location, whether you need to apply for home loan and more. With so much to consider you are sure to get confused. Once you have shortlisted some properties through real estate companies, finalising on the one that meets your needs is quite easy. To make it easier, mentioned are some things a person needs to consider when buying a house for the first time:

Know How Much You Can Afford

The first thing a buyer needs to keep in mind when buying a house for the first time is how much he/she can afford. Obviously, buying a house is expensive, and you might even have to apply for home loan, but then first know how much you can afford. To ensure your first-time home buying experience is a good one; you will need a good credit score, sufficient amount to pay the down payment, a steady job and more.

Know Your Credit Score

The next step is all about knowing your credit score. A credit score can make or break your home buying experience. A person having a credit score of 720 and above can easily apply for a home loan with a low-interest rate. However, if you have low credit score, you are restricted to high-interest rates.


Know Your Requirements

When you start looking for a house, you are bound to get spoilt with choices. Considering this aspect, it is vital to know what you are looking for. Consider the type of home you are looking for, whether 1 BHK, 2 BHK or 3 BHK. This will help in narrowing down your search thus making your house hunting process an easy one. Various real estate groups like Neelkanth Group offers various flat options. You can choose the one that best meets your needs.

Assess Your Neighbourhood

Before you sign on the dotted line it is wise you determine the neighbourhood. It might look beautiful from the outside, but you do not what lies inside. Visit the neighbourhood or locality during weekends, late evening and especially during rush hour. While doing so, also get to know all the necessary requirements like school (in case you are moving in with children), hospital, grocery store and so on are nearby.

Hire A Real Estate Agent

If you have any specified area in mind, then you are advised to seek help from expert real estate agents. Get in touch with real estate companies as they are quite familiar with the market value of the property, the neighbourhood and other local matters. Their priceless experience and knowledge will take you a step closer in buying your first home.

Keep these five major aspects in mind when buying your first house.

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