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T Bhimjyani Warehousing Cold Chains Pvt Ltd (TWCCPL)

T Bhimjyani Warehousing Cold Chain Pvt. Ltd. (TWCCPL) is promoted by the T Bhimjyani Group of Companies, Mumbai. TWCCPL was originally incorporated as M/s. R Tulsidas Agroproducts Pvt. Ltd. on 11th February 1987 in Mumbai under the Companies Act 1956 with Certificate of Incorporation No. 42508 of 1987. 

The company owns and operates global standard modern warehouse and cold store with one of India’s largest ripening hub and deep freezers. The facilities of the company includes a modern dry godown of 4 lakh square ft. controlled atmosphere store of 2000 MT capacity, deep freezers of 1800 MT capacity, banana ripening facility of 900 MT, fresh vegetable storage space of 1000 MT. In addition to that, the company also offers vegetable washing / grading line and apple waxing / grading line.

The company has setup 23,000 cubic meters of controlled atmosphere cold storage facility, comprising 64 chambers of controlled atmosphere. It has a cool area of 40,000 square ft. demarcated for fresh vegetables cleaning, grading, rinsing and packing etc. It also features a ripening unit of 900 MT per day offer controlled atmosphere facility for ripening of Bananas, Mangos, Papaya, etc. The dry godown of 400000 square ft. offers secured 24/7 facilities to store wide range of products.

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Schedulers is a complete end to end Supply Chain solution provider. It specializes in 3 aspects of SCM.

1. Warehouse Management 

Schedulers offers pan India storage solutions with real time visibility of inventory for temperature sensitive products with a wide range of cold temperatures, ranging from -25°C to +5°C (-20°F to +40°F).

2. Transportation Management

Schedulers offers full temperature controlled, cost effective, end to end transportation services offering the customer flexibility to choose the service depending on the market and volume.

3. Schedulers “1India” 4PL

With Schedulers “1India” 4PL customers can now outsource the entire supply chain. Businesses not only benefit from systems and applications, but a supply chain can be entirely managed, including warehousing, transportation, distribution and inventory management. Schedulers “1India” 4PL provides integrated solution with national scope that links ones supply chain directly to business goals and processes. 4PL services allow customers to focus on their core business while an expert manages their supply chain needs.

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T Bhimjyani Sports

T Bhimjyani Sports establishes, manages and runs sports clubs and gymkhanas for the promotion of various sports like cricket, football, volley ball, soccer etc. Apart from that, it also runs and endorses sports related events and conventions. From promoting and sponsoring athletes to maintaining the quality standards of a sport, T Bhimjyani Sports is committed to their mission.

It also provides the right equipment and sporting paraphernalia like installing courses, tennis courts, tracks, skating rinks etc. No matter what the sporting requirement, T Bhimjyani Sports aims to fulfill it all with effortless ease and convenience. 

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