Neelkanth Woods - Luxury Residences in Thane

If you have always wanted to wake up to a scenic view of the lakes and hills, yearned for that unadulterated joy of seeing your children frolic outdoors amidst fresh air, or wanted to shut off the overpowering noise of the city’s hustle, Neelkanth Woods is the place for you.

This is a place where you can rise over the city’s chaos to rediscover your life’s aspirations all over again.

Nestled amidst the pictorial backdrop of Thane’s Yeoor Hills, Neelkanth Woods embodies a gamut of characteristics for those who like to dream big, but continue to cherish the small, intangible moments of life. With close proximity to the main city, the project is accessible enough for a quick, hassle free commute, but far enough to block out all the unwanted city noise.


So come, get that dream home you’ve always wanted, tucked away in the silence of the hills with nothing but the sounds of trickling streams, child like laughter and whistling winds. Give your children the childhood they deserve, to enjoy the great outdoors without any fear—and most importantly, spend quality time that is not restricted to just four walls.