Clever Tips to Organize Your Dry Area

Ask any homemaker and they will tell you how inconvenient the chores of laundry are. No doubt, lugging dirty clothes to the washing machine and then having to dry them may seem like a tedious task, not to mention the time and energy being consumed. However, plenty of real estate companies in Mumbai and Thane have incorporated the idea of a dry area, wherein, one can easily dry out clean laundered clothes safely.

But while you may see such delegated spaces in the flats in Thane, there is still a matter of organizing this space to your convenience and needs. Here are a few clever tips to help you organize your dry area.

Rolling Laundry Basket Dresser
Do you find yourself rushing through your laundry chores without an organized system? The rolling laundry basket dresser is one way to organize your laundry routine while ensuring your family members follow it too. This dresser can be equipped with multiple baskets, as per your requirements. You can assign the baskets to different types of clothes, depending on the members in the family. You can easily roll this dresser and collect the laundry from the different rooms in your 2 or 3 BHK in Thane to presort before washing. Once the laundry is done and dried, you can easily sort the dry clothes back into these baskets. Not only is it convenient but also provides a great alternative to carrying clothes, which can be heavy at times.

Labelled jars
It is not uncommon to suddenly find random items in the pockets of your clothes. While it might be beneficial to find these items before you put them in the washing machine, items such as loose buttons can often fall out when you dry them out. Now that you have found these items, where is the best place for you to store them until you return it back to its rightful place? You can easily place it in the labelled jars. These labelled jars can be individually assigned for these items. Not only does it make a great way to organize these items but also there would be no added difficulty to replace them, such as in the case of replacing matching buttons.  You can easily create a small shelf or cabinet in your flats in Thane to store these labelled jars in the dry area.

Lint dustbin
Like loose buttons and change in the pocket, the next thing you will find when doing your laundry is lint. Lint can be found mostly in the washing machine as well as on wet clothes. While the washing machine does the major job of removing most of the lint, some amount of lint always remains back on wet clothes. It is extremely hard to remove, especially when your clothes are dried. Place or mount a small dustbin on the walls of your dry area in your 2 or 3 BHK in Thane, where you can easily remove and deposit this lint with convenience.
your dry area

Lost Sock Board
One of the major headaches of sorting laundry is sorting pairs of socks. An occasion will always arrive wherein you will find one of sock missing. In such a situation, to avoid the risk of losing the found missing pair, one can easily place the found pair on the lost sock board. Mount a soft board with attached clothes pins. If you find a missing sock, simply clip it to the board until the other sock is found in the next laundry wash.

The real estate companies in Mumbai and Thane may have incorporated the dry area to facilitate a convenience to drying out your laundry. In addition to this, you can use these tips to ensure that your dry area is well organized to suit your needs and your laundry routine.