Planning to Buy a House in Thane – Consider These Top 4 Real Estate Companies

Located on the Salsette Island, Thane is a popular Mumbai suburb that has become one of the city’s hotspots. Previously known for its smoke-emitting industries and factories, Thane has had a major make-over in the last decade and is now popular for its gorgeous, pristine lakes and stunning green cover. It has also become synonymous with the city’s youth as one of the uber-cool neighbourhood where it is possible to have a good time. It is no wonder that Thane’s real estate is increasingly in demand. If you are planning to buy a home in Thane, you must consider one of these 5 real estate companies.

Wadhwa Group: One of Mumbai’s and Thane’s finest real estate companies, The Wadha Group has been credited for developing fantastic residential and commercial projects. The company was established in 1969 and has since developed several luxury projects in major parts of the city, including South Mumbai. The company, which has recently shifted its attention to developing real estate in Thane is currently in the process of developing a super-lavish residential project called ‘Solitaire’ in the Kapurbawdi area of Thane.

T Bhimjyani: A company with 4 decades of experience in the real estate business, T Bhimjyani Realty is part of the parent company Neelkanth Group which is often recognized as one of the best real estate companies in Thane. Having already helmed and completed super-luxurious projects such as Neelkanth Palms in Kapurbawdi and Neelkanth Vihar in Vidyavihar, along with several projects in Mumbai localities like Chembur, Andheri, Ghatkopar and Bandra Kurla Complex, T Bhimjyani is currently working on the Neelkanth Woods Olivia Project in Manpada, Thane, which promises to be its best project yet.

Piramal Realty: Another real estate company in Mumbai that is known for its expertise in both, the residential and commercial property development sector, Piramal Realty is part of the broader parent company Piramal Group which was established in the 1990s. The company ventured into real estate in 2012 and has since created some of the most luxurious projects in various parts of the city. Some of the most popular projects by Piramal Realty include Piramal Mahalakshmi in Lower Parel, South Mumbai, Piramal Revanta in Mulund and Piramal Aranya in Byculla. The Piramal Vaikunth residential project in Thane is one of its most latest projects.

Lodha Group of Companies: Lodha Group of Companies is one of the biggest names in the real estate business in India. It is one of the few real estate companies in India, to have offices in cities like London, Dubai, Shanghai and Singapore.  The company has completed numerous commercial projects and has several residential projects in Thane such as Lodha Amara at Kolshet Road, Lodha Spendora at Ghodbundar Road, and Lodha Luxuria near Eastern Expressway Highway. Lodha Group is a good option for people looking to invest in the up and coming Thane neighbourhoods.

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Thane Emerging as A Major Residential Location

Thane has definitely grown to be a major residential location. You will find a lot of people considered it to be a lucrative property investment destination. Thane is definitely scoring over the other parts of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region or MMR. It is one of the most sought after location among the potential homebuyers. Thane is considered by people who are looking for affordably priced apartments. If you are planning to invest in Thane property, then consider hiring help from top real estate companies.

These companies work towards helping you find a right property or apartment based on your needs and requirements. There are a number of benefits offered by Thane for potential homebuyers. There are different and various factors that help Thane to be a major residential location among the others. The strategic location of this city, rapid infrastructure development, realistic property rates, availability of the land for housing and more. These are some factors that have led to the popularity of Thane as a major residential location. In fact, these are some aspects that attract potential home buyers.

A lot of real estate companies in Mumbai understand this aspect and offers upcoming and new residential projects. The residential market of Thane has evolved effectively as compared to what it was a few years back. This has also led to many people shifting their base to Thane. After all, Thane offers homes and apartments that are reasonably priced with all the modern amenities, open spaces and not to forget greenery. Not many know, but as compared to Mumbai, buyers stand to get bigger and spacious homes with modern amenities in Thane. It also works in favour of investors for they can earn better returns. The proposed Thane metro has also led to increase in demand for its real estate market.

Another main reason for the growing popularity of residential real estate market of Thane is the rise in the information technology companies. These IT companies have shifted their offices to this beautiful city, Thane, which in turn has made it into a major tech and service hub.

Some Prominent Real Estate Companies in Thane

Taking advantage of growing popularity of Thane as a residential area are top real estate companies. A number of well-known developers Kalpatru Group, T Bhimjyani Realty Private Limited, Puranik Builders and more have started their residential projects in this budding city. These companies offer apartments keeping in mind the needs of its buyers.

So, if you are planning to invest in a property, consider Thane!

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Why Homebuyers Prefer Green Homes?

More and more homebuyers are now eyeing for green homes. Well, before you decide to purchase one, you need to break the misconception that green homes are highly priced. However, these homes are reasonably priced and can be purchased by any one. In fact, green homes are slowly becoming a viable option for potential homebuyers.

What is the Concept of Green Homes?

A lot of people are of the view that green homes are based on green environment. However, you should know, it is related to the use of the environmental resources, thus making it a green home. Knowing the growing popularity of green homes a number of real estate companies in Mumbai and around are now offering this option. When talking about environmental resources, it majorly contains water, power and pollution free garbage. In this, the power resource should be natural – either windmill or solar based. As far water resources are concerned, constructed wells, dams, rivers are the ones in the village areas, that help in supplying water to the metropolitan areas. If you are wondering what pollution free garbage is all about, then it means the use of garbage for composting, for active carbon generation or power generation.

Is It Expensive Than Traditional Homes?

Homebuyers are of the view that green homes are expensive as compared to traditional homes. However, you should know the costing is completely dependent on the cost of living and area. According to experts, it is believed that a green building can be achieved with little or no additional cost. In fact, the net cost of a green home is same or even low-priced than a normal home or apartment. Though green homes might come as expensive in the beginning, keeping in mind the investments such as efficient disposable systems and solar panels, but they work great in the long run. These require little maintenance and helps in cutting down on the utility bills.

Why Choose Green Homes?

There are a number of reasons that states why buying a green home or apartment beneficial in the long run:

  • Improved air and water quality, the conversation of biodiversity and ecosystem, and preservation of natural resources. These are major benefits one received when opting for green homes.
  • The use of toxin-free building materials helps in combating indoor pollution.
  • A homeowner can make use of locally found recycled resources as they are an economical
  • Use of renewable energy resources like hydropower, solar power and wind power helps in cutting down on the utility bills.

Now that you are aware of all the details on green homes get in touch with a reliable builder among several real estate companies to find your perfect apartment.

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2017 – The year of the great Indian real-estate renaissance?

The last year has been full of astonishments, bold decisions, shock value and policy changes from the government. However, all of these haven’t just been the characteristics in the real estate sector; this has been the case for the entire spectrum of Indian industrial space. A lot of ground has already been covered by the policy changes that have been put in place to make the real estate sector more organised and make it like a real entity and have also led to a lot of credence to the real estate transactions in the country. Some very pertinent regulations were put in place, for instance, increase the FDI cap or the Benami property transaction Act. The Real estate sector can no more be neglected by the government because it contributes substantially towards the GDP growth. These are the reasons that will make 2017 a huge year of change for real estate companies.

Fix civil administration responsibility towards providing infrastructure

There are almosts 90% real estate projects that are planned based on the planning of the infrastructure by the then running government. To get the infrastructure running to the required scale in the given amount of time is the responsibility of the civil administration. It is well known that as far as infrastructure update in a lot of cities has failed miserably regarding roads, basic amenities to include water supply, electric supply, sewage management so on and so forth. Sometimes the builders and developers are blamed for this when actually, the government should take all the blame and aim at fixing these issues.

Additional charges like IFMS, STP, WTP, etc. should be standardised throughout the country

Every state and city have its own variety of charges for the provision of basic amenities. Sometimes the builders are not clear about them, such charges need to be done away with as soon as possible, and all such charges need to be standardised as quickly as possible. There are numerous taxes levied on 1, 2, and 3 bhk flats in Thane, Ghatkopar, Kurla, Andheri and other areas in Mumbai. When it comes to the real estate sector, one draws a blank. No government records are digitised, nor do builders have any online inventories or sales or management.

Digitisation of land records

This has to be accomplished on an immediate basis. Certain states and cities in the country have already begun to do this. However, there is still a long way to go. To set a complete transparency, a cent percent digitisation needs to be achieved by the civil administration. A synergy can better the issuance policy changes and its adoption by various real estate companies need to be done. There were reports of dilution of some clauses and the union minister had issued severe warnings for them already. GST bill will be another game changer with the affordable housing the Tier II cities will attract more investors rather than the Tier 1.

Hence it is evident that 2017 will surely be a huge year for real estate developers like neelkanth woods and all we need to do is wait and watch patiently as it all unfolds!

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