Why is Thane Growing to be a Major Residential Hotspot?

Also, known as the ‘City of Lakes’, Thane in Mumbai has remained an under-rated area for a very long time. Investors shied away from purchasing a residential home in Thane for the longest time. But in the last decade or so, Thane has seen so much development in terms of residential societies, educational institutions, public transportation and other necessary amenities which have elevated Thane’s position to a Mumbai hotspot. A lot of potential buyers now prefer buying flats in Thane for innumerable reasons. If you’re wondering how Thane, once known as a city of industries and pollution, has now emerged as a premier locality to raise a family in, read on.

A new-age city

Thane has undergone an image make-over of epic proportions. This beautiful satellite town has paved the way for some of the topmost infrastructural projects that make the life of civilians easy. From huge flyovers that connect Thane to the heart of Mumbai to huge malls and shopping centres, Thane has become a posh, sought-after locality. To enhance connectivity to other parts of the city the previous narrow lanes have been remodeled with broader roads. The water crisis that Thane faced previously has also been curbed. A new channel for equal distribution of water has been formulated; the railway station has been upgraded, as have other necessary civic amenities. It can thus be said that Thane offers everything that a premium city in the world does, which has drawn the attention of potential homebuyers.

An emerging residential locality

With improved amenities, Thane has witnessed a rise in property value. Many investors are considering purchasing a flat for sale in Thane as a long-term investment. It doesn’t matter if you purchase a flat to gain income via rent or for any other investment purposes, you can rest assured that you’ve made a wise investment. Realtors like Godrej Properties, T Bhimjyani Realty, Piramal Realty etc. have planned and designed residential projects sealing Thane’s status as a city of the future.

A comfortable living experience

Apart from building a great infrastructural framework, you will find that living in Thane can be extremely comfortable with the availability of all the required amenities. Thane is home to some of the most renowned schools, shopping malls, entertainment centres, colleges, and hospitals, all of which are in close proximity. With all the necessary amenities in place, Thane has emerged as the dark horse of the realty business.

Reasonable and affordable

A lot of flats in Thane West and East are offered at reasonable rates with incredible added benefits. Besides, these projects are built with the best, modern amenities thus making your stay a comfortable affair. Yoga centres, gymnasiums, clubhouses, music classes, swimming pools are just some amenities that realtors offer with your apartment, thus validating Thane’s reputation as a city fit for the ideal family life.

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Tips to Choose an Appropriate Location While Buying a House in Thane

Purchasing and investing in a property is definitely a nerve-wracking task. There are so many aspects that you must consider while finding that ‘perfect property’. When you start with your property hunt, you are bound to get confused about which location to choose. When talking about choosing the right property location, you should know that there are many. However, Thane has emerged to be a profitable area worth your consideration. The reasons are many, and all take you to profits. The rates of flats in Thane as compared to other locations are affordable. Besides, they offer an endless list of options to buyers.

The importance of a strategic location

The importance of a strategic location cannot be neglected when it comes to choosing a property, be it residential or commercial. Location does play a major role in a property hunt and should not be neglected. Thane has grown to be a major residential location. A lot of people have shifted their base to Thane for end number of reasons. Whether you decide to invest in flats in Thane West or East, ensure you make a wise choice.

To help you choose the right and lucrative location, here are some points you can consider that will help make a wise decision.

Choose your property location according to your family:

Home buyers who plan to purchase a home, ideal for a family-life, should consider a location that caters to the needs of every family member. If you have children and older parents living with you, then investing in a property that is closer to an educational institution or the healthcare industry is of paramount importance. Thane is home to some of the most renowned schools, hospitals and other necessary amenities that make investing in this location a lucrative option. As we pointed out earlier, a lot of aspects play a major role in helping you choose the right property, and location is the primary one.

Choose your property location according to the investment plans:

There are a number of home buyers who buy a property for the sake of investment. If you too, are one of them, then you are advised to opt for an area that is either in the developing phase or is developed. A buyer looking for a long-term investment should opt for under construction residential projects in Thane and around. They serve as the perfect answer and promise to offer great returns on investment in the very near future.

These are the two major factors that will help you choose the right location when buying a house in Thane.

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Create a Small Forest with Bonsai Plants

If you are someone who is into gardening, then you can do it in your 2 or 3 BHK apartment. How about you consider having a Bonsai plant on your balcony or window sill? Having one only helps in making the whole house green and vibrant. Bonsai plants tend to offer a way for the residents to enjoy the beauty of nature at the comfort of the house. Before you start planning on how to place, know that ‘Bonsai’ word derives from Japanese words, ‘Bon’ meaning tray and ‘sai’ means growing. In short, Bonsai means growing trees in trays. You can easily grow them in your flats in Thane and around.

You can beautifully place the Bonsai plant in a try along with other elements such as moss, cascading waterfalls, pebbles and a rock garden. You are bound to have a balcony in your 2 or 3 BHK apartment, make the most of it by having a Bonsai plant. Apart from this, you can even place it on the window sill. However, ensure it is placed properly to avoid any accidents. When it comes to maintaining a bonsai plant, it is not that difficult and is same as maintaining any traditional plant.

It is vital to learn some techniques as far as cultivating and giving a good shape to a bonsai plant is concerned. However, once done, maintaining is easy and simple. It is of paramount importance to water the plant on a regular basis, change the pot once a year and put compost once a month. Anyone can have a bonsai plant. All it requires is a little space on the window sill or balcony. Apart from this, it is also vital to have few necessary and basic tools to grow the bonsai plant in your flats in Thane west and around.

No matter whether you plan to have a bonsai plant in your 2 or 3 BHK flat for sale in Thane and around, having basic knowledge of the same is vital. Get in touch with the experts to keep the plant in shape. Before you make a purchase, know these plants are classified according to their shape like informal upright, formal, cascade, slanting and semi-cascade. Choose the one that best meets the needs of your flat. Ensure it should look good from inside and outside. To keep the bonsai plant in its desired shape, do not forget to trim and prune the roots of leaves and branches.

Consider these aspects if you plan to have a bonsai plant in your apartment.

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Why One Should Invest in a 3 BHK Apartment

Everyone dreams of owning a house with all the modern facilities. However, when looking out for a perfect apartment, a number of potential homebuyers tend to hire experts to take care of the same. A home hunt is not easy as it seems to be. Various factors need your attention to ensure you get the best deal. Besides, it is not only about locality or the modern amenities it offers. One should also keep in mind the space aspect. A buyer is bound to get confused whether to invest in a 2 BHK or 3 BHK in Thane and around.

More and More Space

One of the greatest aspects of investing in a 3 BHK flat is that it is spacious as compared to a 1 BHK apartment. Everyone loves to reside in a home that is spacious. Besides, it works in favour of families by giving them extra space in case you have guests or friends staying over. If you do not make use of the third bedroom, you can easily convert the same into a home office area.

Size Does Matter

If you happen to look the space or the size of a 2 BHK apartment is somewhat the same as 3 BHK. While for 2 BHK you have two bedrooms, for 3 BHK you have three bedrooms. You also have the option to convert the third bedroom into any room you want. It does not have much difference in terms of sq.

Works Great for Large Families

If you have a large family, then investing in 3 BHK flats in Thane and around works great as compared to a 2 BHK or 1 BHK. You will have a lot of families having two or three apartments in the same building and on the same floor. Instead of the same, you can easily invest in a 3 BHK. In fact, it goes easy on your pocket too, instead of paying three different amounts for 1 BHK on the same floor.

Great Financial Solutions

Another amazing benefit of investing in a 3 BHK apartment is that it comes with amazing financial solutions. Getting a loan for your 1 BHK apartment may seem difficult as compared to a 3 BHK apartment. The former one is offered with higher interest rates. While 3 or 3.5 BHK apartments in Thane and around are offered on loans with low-interest rates.

All these aspects clearly show why investing in a 3 BHK apartment a great option as compared to 1 or 2 BHK.

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Things You Need to Know Before Investing in an Upcoming Project

The decision to buy a house is an important one. One must be clear about the steps involved and legalities that help execute the deal in the right way. Many fast-growing areas like Thane, Kalyan, and Dombivali have upcoming projects that are up for grabs. Thane is one of the most favoured places today due to great road connectivity and impressive infrastructure. Here is a list of the things that you are supposed to know when you look for flats in Thane.

–    Contract Papers: Many developers produce a standard home buying agreement, which has terms and conditions that are non-negotiable. However, a proper contract is always negotiable in nature. You can take help of a legal advisor in such cases so that you can include your terms in the contract as well. Whether you are looking for upcoming 2 or 3 bhk flats in Thane or condo apartments in South Mumbai, it is better to have a well laid out contract.
–    Background Check: How do you know if the realtor you are dealing with is trustworthy? You need to run a thorough background check about the past reputation of the realtor, quality of construction and timeliness while giving possession of the flat, and if he was a part of any legal feud. Only after confirming these facts can you go ahead with your house buying decision.

–    Plan for Future: Do not buy a house keeping in mind the lifestyle you are leading at present. It is always better to plan things ahead in such cases. Think of big plans like what will be your future income, investments, and other life decisions like marriage, number of children, and whether your parents will be living with you as well. There are many 2 and 3bhk flats in Thane that are available at favourable rates. Decide once you have thought everything through.

–    Determine All Costs: At times you may find a well-designed house in a good price range but you may feel that it needs more work than a coat of paint. Compare all the costing and see if the charge of installing cabinets, units and inbuilt furniture and appliances will be more economical than purchasing a fully equipped house. Make a decision based on comparisons rather than haste.

These are the steps that will help anyone take a better decision while looking for flats in Thane. It is an important decision of life, which definitely needs thought and consideration of all pros and cons.

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The 6 Vaastu-Centric Points You Should Keep In Mind While Planning Your Home Purchase

For many buying a house that is Vaastu complaint is of paramount importance. For people who do not know what exactly Vaastu means, it is an ancient science of architecture which offers a complete insight when building structure. Vaastu is a Sanskrit work in which “Vaas” and “Tu” means “Live” and “You” respectively. When talking about Vaastu compliant houses or flats in Thane west and around, you should know a number of buyers now ensure the home conforms to the Vaastu norms.

vaastu centric

Mentioned are some Vaastu centric points or guidelines you can consider when buying your first house or apartment:

Sunlight and cross ventilation – Two of the major aspects that holds great importance in Vaastu is sunlight and ventilation. Considering this aspect, ensure your house receives ample amount of sunlight and also has cross ventilation. You can consider an east or north facing flat with balconies and windows in either of the two directions. You should know early morning sunlight is good for health and brings a lot of positivity, while afternoon sunlight can be harmful to the health. Hence, you should avoid buying a house that has entrance and windows to the south or south-eastern.

flats for sale in thane

Entrance – As far as the entrance of the house is concerned, North or North East tend to serve as auspicious direction. One of the primary reason is that the sun rises in the east and brings in a lot of positivity. South or West entrance should be avoided as the afternoon sun rays are harmful to the health.

Location of the kitchen – You are highly advised not to invest in the flats in Thane west or around if the kitchen is in the North-East. As it tends to welcome the morning sun and hence that room is perfect for meditation purpose or living room. The ideal location is the South-East corner of the house. Also, ensure the kitchen is not located directly facing the main door.

Location of the toilet – South-West corner or South serves as the best place for bathroom and toilet. Apart from this, North-West corner is also recommended. However, bear in mind that the toilet and Pooja room should not be next to each other.

Master bedroom – It is of paramount importance for the master bedroom to be located at the South-West corner for a home which faces to the east. Consider square or rectangular shaped bedrooms.

flats in thane west

Know the Community – Another important Vaastu centric point every buyer needs to keep in mind is the community. Ensure the building block located in the south-west direction is the tallest among the others. This further does the job of protecting the other building blocks from any harmful sun rays. Apart from this, the play area, garden and open spaces should be in the eastern or northern side. Avoid investing in a house that has these areas at the back.

These are some of the vital Vaastu centric points one need to consider when buying a house. Reliable real estate group like, Neelkanth Group understands how important Vaastu is for the buyers and ensure the houses and apartments are built on them.

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Giving Your Parents the Ultimate Gift – Finding the Right House for Your Parents

If you still thinking on what to gift your parents on their 60th wedding anniversary, then how about gifting them a new house? It is a great gift, and your parents will surely love it. Your parents have helped you in buying your dream home. And now, it is your time to buy them a good home with all the facilities. Buying a house for your parents can be quite a task as there are various flat for sale in Thane. You also have to consider numerous factors before finalising on the house:

Know Where Do Your Parents Want to Stay?

Before you start choosing a place for your parents, it is wise you have a word with them of the same. You need to have a discussion on whether they have any locations or areas in mind or do they want a house that is closer to the current one. Getting to know their preferences is vital after it is them who will be staying in the house. It is always advised to choose a home for your parents in your vicinity itself. Location plays a vital role in this aspect. Study the location you have selected for your parents. After all, you want the best for parents, right?

Healthcare Center Nearby

As they will be staying alone, it is wise you choose flat for sale in Thane that have healthcare centre nearby. This works well especially in the case of emergencies. It is therefore advised to buy a house in your locality as you can pay visits on a regular basis. It also becomes easier to take them to the hospital in case of any medical emergency.

Know the House Is Elderly Friendly

You should know your parents cannot climb the stairs especially when you have chosen a flat on the sixth floor. Therefore, you should choose an apartment on the ground floor itself. This works well even if the lifts stop working. It is convenient and ensures your parents are always safe. Apart from this, if you have chosen a house on a third or any upper floor, ensure the building has two lifts. This ensures even if one lift stops working, the second one is accessible.


Another vital factor to keep in mind when finding the right house for your parents is easy accessibility regarding transport. Get to know whether the area has transportation options available. Your parents cannot walk 3 miles just to catch an auto rickshaw. Ensure the flat for sale in Thane you are looking at are located in such a way that it offers easy and convenient transport solutions.

Buying a house for your parents is surely a great gift you can even give to your parents. But, do keep these aspects in mind in choosing the right home.

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What Your Child Stands to Gain by Training for The Theatre

It is believed that arts play a major role when it comes to boosting performance in various areas of life, be it academics, communication and so on. However, not many tend to remember them. There are just so many benefits you child tends to procure when being a part of art or theatre. The modern technological world has made lives easier. However, there is no way it can beat the benefits arts and theatre offers. Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, which is well taken care of when you motivate your children to be part of a theatre group. To turn your child’s skills into something big, some of the 3.5 BHK flats in Thane offers spaces that help them to showcase their talents.

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Combating Maharashtra’s Water Crisis – What You Can Do to Safeguard Your Family

Maharashtra has experienced a great decline as far as water supply is concerned, due to bad or say, poor monsoons the last year. Some of the major cities in Maharashtra are even facing with water cuts, up to 33 percent. When faced with a water crisis, people surely know how to make use of the available resources and even conquer it cleverly. To make it easier, some of the real estate projects like Neelkanth realty takes all the needed measures when it comes to saving water. Other than these measures even you take some to preserve the natural resources, majorly the water.

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