What to Know Before Investing in Under Construction Projects

You will find a lot of homebuying advice is often aimed at people planning to buy a ready-to-move-in apartment. However, what if the buyer wants to invest in an under-construction house or property? How will you know whether the house you are buying meets your needs and preferences? Buying an under-construction house definitely, offers a number of amazing options. It majorly includes flooring options, floor plan, how you want the cabinets in the kitchen to be and so on. However, it also calls for some additional challenges, including knowing how reputable and reliable your builder is. Before you finalise on the new construction in Thane or around, it is wise you do your study on the complex.

Here are some of the major aspects a buyer needs to do when investing or buying an under-construction property:

Check the Builder

The first step towards investing in an under-construction or upcoming apartment or property is knowing how reputable the builder is. Ensure the builder or company you are hiring is in this business for years. To ensure you are hiring a reputable company, read some reviews posted online, or ask around for some feedback. Talking with former clients is a great way to get all the details needed to make an informed decision.

Understand Your Floor Plan

For a person who is buying a house for the first time, it is of paramount importance to understand the floor plan which majorly consists of room sizes. If you are new in this, then do carry a measuring tape. A lot of real estate companies now offer the option of virtual reality technology for under construction projects in Thane and around. This lets you understand and see what will be built.

Get A Home Inspection

A lot of homebuyers often make the mistake of not doing a home inspection before finalising a deal. If you think your new house does not need inspection, then you are wrong. It is wise to get an independent inspection done before you close the deal. A professional home inspector can easily identify the problems, whether minor or major before a builder’s warranty expires.

Choose Square Footage Over Upgrades

Another major aspect one needs to consider when investing in an under construction and new projects in Thane and around is to think about how you plan to spend your limited budget. Say, for example, if you have to choose between the fourth bedroom and granite countertops, you are advised to go for an extra bedroom. The reason for the same is because adding an extra bedroom can get expensive later on. In short, go for square footage over upgrades.

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Why Homebuyers Prefer Green Homes?

More and more homebuyers are now eyeing for green homes. Well, before you decide to purchase one, you need to break the misconception that green homes are highly priced. However, these homes are reasonably priced and can be purchased by any one. In fact, green homes are slowly becoming a viable option for potential homebuyers.

What is the Concept of Green Homes?

A lot of people are of the view that green homes are based on green environment. However, you should know, it is related to the use of the environmental resources, thus making it a green home. Knowing the growing popularity of green homes a number of real estate companies in Mumbai and around are now offering this option. When talking about environmental resources, it majorly contains water, power and pollution free garbage. In this, the power resource should be natural – either windmill or solar based. As far water resources are concerned, constructed wells, dams, rivers are the ones in the village areas, that help in supplying water to the metropolitan areas. If you are wondering what pollution free garbage is all about, then it means the use of garbage for composting, for active carbon generation or power generation.

Is It Expensive Than Traditional Homes?

Homebuyers are of the view that green homes are expensive as compared to traditional homes. However, you should know the costing is completely dependent on the cost of living and area. According to experts, it is believed that a green building can be achieved with little or no additional cost. In fact, the net cost of a green home is same or even low-priced than a normal home or apartment. Though green homes might come as expensive in the beginning, keeping in mind the investments such as efficient disposable systems and solar panels, but they work great in the long run. These require little maintenance and helps in cutting down on the utility bills.

Why Choose Green Homes?

There are a number of reasons that states why buying a green home or apartment beneficial in the long run:

  • Improved air and water quality, the conversation of biodiversity and ecosystem, and preservation of natural resources. These are major benefits one received when opting for green homes.
  • The use of toxin-free building materials helps in combating indoor pollution.
  • A homeowner can make use of locally found recycled resources as they are an economical
  • Use of renewable energy resources like hydropower, solar power and wind power helps in cutting down on the utility bills.

Now that you are aware of all the details on green homes get in touch with a reliable builder among several real estate companies to find your perfect apartment.

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Some Useful Tips to Design Entertainment Room in Your Apartment

It is rightly said, ‘Home is where the heart is’. Every room of the house is important and hence should be designed in a right way. However, nothing can beat having a separate entertainment room that works towards helping you unwind after a hectic day at work. You can say, it is an ideal place to relax and de-stress. Home entertainment has come a long way than just watching television. Home owners now choose a number of entertainment options. This has further given rise to the new trend of having a separate entertainment room. So, no matter whether you have 2 BHK or 3 BHK in Thane and around, you can consider these tips to design an entertainment room at home:

Choose the Right Equipment

The first step towards designing your entertainment room is choosing the right equipment. When talking about the same, there are various equipment you can choose from, television, media server, Blu-ray player, state-of-the-art sound systems and so on. These are some major and vital equipment needed to get yourself immersed completely for an ultimate movie experience. Ensure the distance from the screen to the seating area it at least 8-10 sq. ft. For better viewing, the rear seats can be a step higher. To get a perfect theatre experience, you can opt for comfortable seats with armrests and cup holders to hold popcorns and cold drinks. Besides, ensure the room has dark and warm colours, thus giving a perfect heater feel and look.

As far as the screen is concerned, while a large screen LED is quite common, a projector combined with a screen also works great. Apart from this, ensure the entertainment room has proper acoustics.

Create A Relaxing Environment

Instead of storing thousands of DVDs, you can save a lot of space by investing in a media server. It helps in storing several movies in one place. Besides, the media server can be easily accessed from any room. A home automation system comes to your rescue when it comes to enhancing the environment of the room. As far lighting is concerned, you can opt for recessed lights. You can even opt for mood lighting that can be further synchronised with your favourite music.

Some Dos and Don’ts for Entertainment Home Décor:

  • Keeping in mind the available space in your room is important when working on the seating arrangement. For the huge area, you can opt for theatre-like seating. Besides, there are also other options like recliners, large cushions or even floor-level seating.
  • The speakers should be mounted on the wall
  • Avoid heavy furniture as it makes the room cramped.

These are some tips one can consider when designing an entertainment room whether in a 3 BHK or 2 BHK flats in Thane and around.

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Checklist for Safe NRI Property Investment in India

A Non-Resident Indian or NRI planning to invest in the Indian real estate should be aware of a number of factors. A lot of research and careful planning is involved to ensure your investment does not go to waste. Indian real estate is quite popular among the NRIs as it is a great investment option. However, as they live abroad, it becomes important for them to do proper due diligence before investing in any property. NRI property investment is all about taking right measures and precautions.

Some Mandatory Checks

You will find a lot of real estate developers conduct roadshows abroad. However, as a potential investor, you are advised to not entirely rely on and be convinced with the glossy brochures and presentations. After all, it is a huge one-time investment and should be done keeping all the facts in place. To ensure the property they are investing is reliable, an NRI can ask someone check the ground realities and visit the property’s site. Like all the real estate investments, the location of any project plays a prominent role, and hence it should be attractive with better connectivity solutions.

Another vital issue is pricing, which cannot be neglected. Not many notices, but a lot of time, the prices quoted by the developers to the buyers abroad are higher as compared to the one’s quotes to domestic buyers. You are advised to be aware of the same. You can cross-check the prices with an Indian. Apart from this, not all the builders tend to offer discounts when selling a property abroad. Be aware of these aspects as you do not want your investment to go waste. Considering this aspect, the buyer should be aware of the rates at which the project is sold in India. Apart from this, an NRI should also avoid paying a large part of the cost upfront. To be on the safe side, investors should opt for ready-to-move or finished apartments.

An NRI is advised to take a small bank loan, even if not needed. One of the major reason is that when an NRI takes a loan, the bank does the due diligence on their behalf. The bank will check whether the developer or builder owns the land and whether he has the requisite licences.

Understand the Law

An NRI investing in India should be aware of the law that governs the real estate transactions. Besides, an NRI should also know, whether the profits are subject to double taxation.

ROI Expectations

An NRI investing in the Indian real estate market should have reasonable return expectations over a longer period.

Now that you are aware of all the aspects of a safe investment do make a wise one. Go through the NRI corner for more details.

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How Thane Has Emerged to be a Major Residential Destination

As far as buying a house is concerned, a lot of people prefer buying it for investment purpose. While there are some, who buy to shift their base. Whatever your choice, it is important to make a wise choice keeping in mind a number of factors. When talking about residential areas, it is Thane that has grown to be a major one. In fact, Thane is considered over other parts of Mumbai Metropolitan Region or MMR. Well, there are a number of reasons that show why Thane is growing to be a major residential destination. This has led to a number of upcoming and new projects in Thane.

Know the Benefits Thane Offers to Its Property Buyers

Well, there are a number of benefits that are associated with the growing popularity of Thane. Several factors have contributed towards making Thane a major residential area. To help you understand better, the list majorly includes:

  • Strategic Location
  • Rapid infrastructure development
  • Realistic and affordable property prices
  • Availability of land for housing

These are some vital factors that have contributed towards making Thane as a major residential location. In fact, it meets the needs of new-age home buyers. According to real estate experts, it is believed, Thane has evolved remarkably than what it was earlier. This is one of the major reason why people prefer shifting their base from Mumbai to Thane. Affordable rates for the property are one of the major reason among the others. It is found out that the rates of the property are much reasonably priced as compared to what you find in Mumbai. Apart from this, though reasonably priced, the real estate companies offer great amenities, greenery and open spaces.

As compared Mumbai Metropolitan Region, home buyers get bigger houses in Thane with all the modern facilities. Besides, home buyers, investors too can benefit with better returns.

Some Prominent Developers and Prime Areas In Thane

Knowing how potential home buyers are interested in investing in 2 or 3 BHK in Thane, real estate developers are taking advantage of this by offering new projects. A lot of builders and developers are making most of this situation by offering reasonably priced flats with all the modern amenities. Besides, the properties lie on some of the prime areas in Thane. This further works in the favour of home buyers. Apart from this, it also boasts of other facilities like schools, healthcare facilities, premium malls and more.

So, if you are planning to invest in a property, how about considering Thane?

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