6 Smart Tips For Nris Investing In Indian Real Estate

Real estate investment has the potential to generate higher returns by both capital appreciation and rental yields. When it comes to investing in real estate, people have an array of options to choose from apartments to luxurious villas and so on. Such opportunities are not just restricted to the Indian residents but also Non-Indian Residents (NRIs) as well, as per the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) rules.

An NRI property investment in India are of 3 kinds:

•    Commercial properties
•    Residential properties
•    Villas/bunglows

However, they cannot invest in agricultural land, unless inherited by the ancestors. NRIs investing in Indian properties is not an easy task, owing to the lack of proximity.

To make NRI property investment in India a hassle-free procedure, one should keep the following tips in mind:

1)    Purpose of investment: Before investing in any property, the NRI should understand their risk appetite and spend with a clear purpose. If the ultimate goal is all about returns, they can get it by purchasing flats in developed areas and then renting them. The second bit is a retirement home. In such scenarios, NRIs can look for flats in Thane, which is a developing area.

2)    Developers credibility: It is imperative for the NRI to do a thorough check of the track record that the chosen builder holds. Mere research would not be sufficient. The record should include past delays in project implementation, and history of complying with the RERA laws that indicates the reputation of the builder.

3)    Enquire about home loan: In India, housing loan involves lengthy documentation process. However, it is not the same when it comes to NRI property investment in India. Some banks offer pre-approved credit for certain developers, especially those who have held a decent track record previously. This ensures the investment is worth every penny and fulfils an NRI’s dream of acquiring their dream home.

4)    Understanding taxes: NRIs should have proper knowledge of the tax implications in India at the time of investment such as rental taxes and property taxes. Experts recommend NRIs to remain invested in the property for at least 3 years to avoid short-term capital gain tax.

5)    Verification of legal documents: It is advisable that the NRI checks the legality of the asset. The NRI should be informed of the current owner, its history, legal disputes if any, and local regulatory approvals. Ensure the home adheres to all legal aspects before signing the deal.

6)    Location: One of the crucial aspects while investing in India is the locality. Be it short-term or long-term investment, developed or developing area, they should have basic amenities in a place like proper infrastructure, hospitals, educational institutes, connectivity, shopping centres, etc.

For NRI property investment in India, one should hire a Power of Attorney who can overlook the process in the NRI’s absence. One could also hire a good property manager or broker for better clarity.

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Shifting To Thane? Invest In These Top 4 Localities

Hunting for the right location to purchase a flat/apartment in Mumbai can be a monumental task. While choosing the right house, it is not just about the area but also of the basic amenities, and world-class infrastructure at affordable rates. One can find all three options in the new residential projects in Thane.

What has attracted home buyers to Thane?

•    From literally having nothing to now having almost everything, Thane has come a long way
•    Thane has land parcels in abundance. One can own plots or build houses
•    Most of the new projects are MHADA properties, which are expected to go under redevelopment
•    The chawls will convert into towers shortly. This will upgrade the market price

These reasons can soon see Thane overpowering the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). If you are new to Thane and looking to purchase a flat here, watch out for the following localities:

1)    Majiwada: It is one of the oldest locations in Thane. The biggest advantage of investing in properties in this area is its proximity to Eastern Express Highway that drives straight to South Mumbai. Majiwada is also 10 minutes away from the local station. It means, people can travel by local trains and reach the suburban parts of Mumbai easily. Investors will mostly find 2 BHK apartments offered by real estate companies like Rustomjee, Lodha, Sheth Builders, etc. However, the properties are slightly costly than other areas in Thane.

2)    Ghodbunder Road: It is the road that connects a ‘Thanekar’ to the suburbs of Mumbai via the Western Express Highway. One can witness massive residential properties on this particular stretch owing to its strategic location. The new projects in Thane Ghodbunder road are affordable, and homebuyers can find 2 BHK to 3 BHK flats here. The rates for rent are anywhere between INR 13,000 to INR 19,000.

3)    Vasai East: If Thane offers costlier options, investors can find reasonably priced properties at Vasai East. This semi-urban infrastructural area is also a hub for blue-collar jobs. The locality saw an upsurge when many real estate companies launched their residential projects here. The options that investors can find here are a builder-floor category or slum rehabilitation properties. The size of the flats is anywhere between 1 BHK to 2 BHK.

4)    Thane West: It includes areas such as Manpada, Anand Nagar, Azad Nagar, Dhokali, Kasarvadavali, Kolshet, Hiranandani Estate, Kavesar, Waghbil, Kiranmil Colony and so on. These are all up-market neighbourhood that is thronged by world-class malls, hospitals and educational institutes. Most of the high-end real estate companies have new residential projects in Manpada. One such is T Bhimjyani’s Neelkanth Woods.

So, are you all set to invest in a property in Thane?

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Want To Furnish Your Bedroom? Consider These 4 Options

When it comes to refurbishing our bedrooms, one needs staple pieces and can make only minute changes to make the retreat truly personal and comfortable. It also involves plenty of decisions and begins with the foundation such as the bed, dressing table, nightstands, etc. Once those are done, people can move on to the accent pieces and decide whether to add more function to the space with either a desk or bench.

If you spend maximum time in the bedroom such as snuggling your pet or cuddling your kids or reading in bed, then remodelling of the bedrooms in 2.5 BHK flats in Thane is affordable and easy going.

And if you hold 3 BHK flats in Manpada area, then all it requires is a little work on the surface, such as not including too many designs or filling the room with too many objects. Since the bedroom is the place where one relaxes and unwinds the day’s stress, consider the following options to renovate the bedroom:

1)    Organise: One of the top priorities while restoring a room is getting rid of the unnecessary items that clutter the room. If someone is an avid reader, chances are you might want a bookshelf in the room. But does it necessarily need to be placed beside the table? The ones you have read can either go to the library or sold to a bookseller. Organise the closet as well. The 2.5 BHK flats in Thane might have spacious bedrooms, but the cabinet occupies the maximum area. Cut down the shelves within the closet or order a smaller one that makes the room look comfortable and neat.

2)    Soothing colours: Another way to make the room look bigger is the usage of appropriate colours. Find paints that enhances the ambience of the bedroom. Since bedrooms are meant to offer sweet dreams after a tiring day at work, choose a colour that makes it look warm and cosy or light and modern or bright and striking.

3)    Bed frames: There is a bed frame for everyone, thanks to the various designs, styles and materials it delivers. Nevertheless, select the one that goes with the 2.5 BHK or 3 BHK flats in Manpada. One can go for panel beds that require box spring or storage beds that come with drawers built into the base or canopy beds which features four posts extending from headboard and footboard ultimately connecting to the top, creating a shelter-like silhouette.

4)    Essential accessories: Accessories include the rugs, wall décor, mirrors, pillows and lamps. Pillows depend on the size of the bed frames. Meanwhile, lights could be either beside the bed or on the accent pieces like desks or benches. If one prefers a study or reading table, there are lamps available for each of them. While falling asleep and waking up, the wall décor can revamp your sanctuary, and it reflects your personality as well.

Whether one prefers their bedroom to be calming or energising, these tips ultimately establish the vibe they want to set in a luxurious abode in Thane.

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Want to Lead A Luxurious Life In Thane? Consider These Top Real Estate Companies

When we think about leading a king-size life in Mumbai, locations such as Malabar Hills, Nariman Point, Bandra are some of them that come at the top of the mind. Would you imagine Thane holding a spot in the luxurious abode category? No. But here is why you should consider Thane:

•    The upcoming metro route from Thane to Wadala
•    The proposed tunnel linking Thane and Borivali, which will be a 10-minute ride
•    A monorail from Thane to Bhiwandi and Thane to Kalyan

Thane is known to be a cosmopolitan locale today, and it is evident from its various educational institutes, real-estate projects, shopping outlets and top restaurants.

With so many real-estate companies thronging Thane, it is difficult for the investors to make a choice. Some of the new residential projects in Thane are coming up in major locations where one can find malls like Viviana and prime highways that connects people to the suburban and town side of Mumbai.

The projects are named T Bhimjyani’s Neelkanth Woods at Manpada and Puraniks Rumah Bali at Ghodbunder Road. To avoid any last-minute glitches or hiccups in buying the dream home, go for properties in Thane from these top real estate companies:

1)    Rustomjee Builders: As a builder, Rustomjee has always followed a vision that challenges the conventional notions of design, architecture, thinking and the materials. Their properties not just shape the lifestyle and environment of the people but also shape the future blueprints of the area. Their luxury property, Urbania at Majiwada, is just that. The biggest benefit of the complex is its proximity to the Eastern Express Highway connecting to South Mumbai.

2)    T Bhimjyani Realty: With over 40 years of experience, T Bhimjyani has taken the responsibility of stalwart protector of the investor’s happiness. T Bhimjyani’s Neelkanth Woods Manpada is the most talked about residential project in Thane presently. It offers a picturesque visage of a natural stream running near your home and provides an all-encompassing aerial view.

3)    Hiranandani Developers: Another company that has been a front runner in the real estate category for over four decades is Hiranandani. They are known to create self-sufficient and enduring townships in the city. In fact, Thane’s success attributes to Hiranandani. They have their properties closer to the hills, i.e. Yeoor and at the main highway, Ghodbunder Road, which are well-known.

4)    Piramal Realty: The company that has left its footprint since the 1990s is Piramal Realty. Their focus has been on creating high-grade retail and commercial projects. Piramal’s Vaikunth property in Thane spreads across 32 acres and is a blend of an exquisite collection of luxury residences with nature’s tranquillity.
So, which is your choice?

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Looking For A Flat In Thane? Here Are Some Tips To Remember Before Approaching The Real Estate Developers

The Thane locality in Mumbai was once known as the industrial area that emitted smoke from the factories leading to air and noise pollution. It was far from being considered as a residential hub. In fact, travelling to Thane was a task. Now, Thane is coming on its own. Various locations such as Manpada, Ghodbunder and Pokharan road have attracted an enormous chunk of buyers from other peripheral places in Mumbai. There have been at least 47 per cent demand in the Thane realty market.
Thane’s success attributes to its improved infrastructure, business centres, and affordable housing rates. Such is the demand that prominent real estate companies like Piramal, Neelkanth, Lodha, Kalpataru, etc. are flocking the area, targeting the middle and upper-middle segment.

If you are looking to invest in a real estate in Thane, here are some tips before visiting the developers:

1)    Transparent information: New buyers need precise data about the locality they are moving to. One should select real estate developers in Thane who offers them accurate details. The company should be up to date with their policies and procedures. The developers should boast of trained sales staff who can answer the buyers’ queries instantly. For example, T Bhimjyani and other renowned realtors are known to provide details on the floor plan, tax benefits, the size of the flat, and so on.

2)    Real estate office size: One of the common mistakes that investors make is judging the real estate company by its size. So, if the size is small investors believe that they are not reliable. Similarly, if the company size is big, means they are more trustworthy. What should matter for the investors is the sales volume. Plus, investors should consider companies which are known for its successful projects.

3)    The reputation of the brand: While going for real estate developers in Thane, opt for a brand that has over the years delivered luxurious as well as reasonably priced properties in the area. This is largely dependent on the company’s business duration and its legacy. If you are hunting for a flat in Thane West locality, real estate companies like T Bhimjyani, Lodha and Hiranandani, have held the fort for years, building reliable and sturdy commercial properties. These projects have received huge demand as well.

4)    Timely deliverance: One of the issues that investors face, especially with under constructed property, is receiving the flat keys on time. People are usually provided with an occupancy date by the builders when they can move in. If the real estate companies do not live up to the investors’ expectation, it can mess the buyer’s finance and budget. When the real estate company provides a particular date to the investor, they have to get the necessary approvals from the governing bodies, NOCs, and keep the essential documents ready.

Before opting for any real estate in Thane, ensure the brand fulfils the mentioned criterions. This not only ensures smooth investment journey but also a happy life in the lush green Thane locality.

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5 Advantages of Investing in Under Construction Properties

Off-plan or newly constructed property: which is better? This is a question that every investor mull over before making an informed decision. Buying a house is never easy. Although it may be an exciting milestone, it is a tedious task. The buyer has to be conscious of minute details like the design, number of rooms and the locality. When it comes to Mumbai, many real estate companies are slowly migrating to the new hub, Thane.

Over the years, Thane has outgrown to be the greener and scenic place. Precisely one can find high-end realtors such as T Bhimjyani, Lodha, Runwal, Piramal projects coming up at affordable rates.

One of the much-anticipated under construction projects in Thane is the T Bhimjyani’s Neelkanth Woods at Manpada. It is a culmination of nature and luxurious spaces, closer to the city’s essential amenities and offers world-class facilities to its investors.

Coming to the question between under construction and new-made property in Thane, the following points will explain why the former is ideal:

1)    Time saves dimes: Purchasing under constructed properties are cheaper before the completion stage. Meanwhile, ready to buy possessions are expensive. One almost spends 20 to 40 per cent more money on new construction properties. By investing in under constructed accommodation, the equated monthly installments (EMIs) of home loans shorten as the loan budget reduces considerably.

2)    Profit and more profit: Real estates are an excellent source of investment. When the investor purchases properties at the pre-possession stage, they can earn a substantial profit by selling them before the completion stage. Moreover, the additional benefit in some of the under construction projects in Thane is, buyers can modify the amenities/facilities as the builders have to foot the bill and not the buyer.

3)    Government support: The fear of loss of money is a thing of past, legally and literally. Thanks to the new Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA), builders cannot fleece the buyer anymore. As per the Act’s directive, builders who do not comply with the deadline of the project, have to return the invested money along with interest to the buyer.

4)    Your home, your design: Most often ready to occupy accommodations leave the buyers disappointed as the design and architecture are not up to mark. While in under construction apartments, one can make changes as per their specifications or Vaastu to a certain extent.

5)    Investment authority: Before advertising or selling the property, builders have to register the project under RERA. Post-registration, builders have to upload the property related documents to RERA portal for the layman’s perusal. This keeps the buyers’ money secured and saves them from fraudulent activities. The investors can also monitor if the invested capital is getting rightly utilised in pre-possessed properties. If not, they can complain to RERA of the same.

Get the calculations straight before investing in under or new construction in Thane.

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3 Types Of Properties an NRI Can Invest In

Amongst the various investment options available in the Indian market, real estates are the trickiest. It is not just the Indian residents but also the non-resident Indians (NRIs) who are intrigued by the real estate investment. Here are some of the reasons why NRI investment in real estate is on a high:

•    Safeguarding retirement plans
•    Growth of investment
•    Tax benefits
•    Higher returns

Unlike the Indian residents, NRIs do not have access to all kinds of properties. NRI investment in real estate is limited to residential, commercial and bungalows. However, they cannot own agricultural lands, plantation, and farmhouses, unless inherited by their ancestors.

Let us learn in detail about the investments that are viable for the NRIs:

1)    Residential properties: Investing in residential projects is a wise decision as NRIs can expect high returns. NRIs can also expect substantial cash flow by renting such properties. They can acquire them directly through the builder or as part of the gated community. Residential properties mainly include apartments and flats. NRIs are advised to buy residential properties during the pre-launch phase. The location, market rates, and other factors should also be considered. They can seek expert advice if they are unsure of the nitty-gritties.

2)    Commercial properties: A majority of NRIs today prefer investing in commercial real estates for two reasons: high rental yields and capital appreciation. For such investments, NRIs focus on metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune. They primarily look for Grade A offices like IT parks, logistic centers, and co-working spaces. The strong start-up culture has risen the demand of co-working spaces as they cannot afford the high-quality professional property. Hence, NRIs have veered towards commercial properties in the last year or so.

3)    Row-houses or bungalows: In comparison to residential or commercial properties, villas offer higher appreciation rates. They possess a large area of land per square foot. If it is a long-term investment, then row-houses/bungalows are the ideal option. They provide decent returns over time. Also, many builders and gated communities are launching row-houses and villas that are closer to the essential amenities of the city. Today, real estate companies like T Bhimjyani, Lodha Group, Kanakia, etc. have an NRI corner, answering all the queries immediately.

For smooth investment, NRIs should hold a valid passport, PAN card and appoint a Power of Attorney in case they are not present in India. NRI investment in real estate includes step-by-step procedure of registration, possession, and execution of the sale process. So, appoint a reliable Power of Attorney.

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Hunting for a luxurious abode in Thane? Here is why Neelkanth Woods Olivia is the ideal property

Investing in a real estate nowadays is a daunting task. It comes with comprising on either of the factors: price or the size of the flat/apartment. If the size is fine, the cost is exorbitant and vice versa. If both are in tangent with the buyer’s budget, the location is not that fascinating. The locality is also an important factor, especially concerning the connectivity to the main city, yet remaining close to nature. Today, home buyers can find all the mentioned factors in Mumbai’s new haven, Thane.

Why have real estate companies shifted their focus to Thane?

Thane, earlier known as a pollution-emitting city, has become an upscale retreat for the following reasons:

•    Thane has undergone epic make-over owing to the flyovers, railways connecting people to Mumbai, and huge malls and shopping centers
•    Renowned hospitals and educational institutions are at arms reach
•    Stay in posh areas such as Manpada and Ghodbunder road has become a comfortable affair, thanks to the plush amenities that the properties in these areas offer

One of the real estate company who provides all of the mentioned services at affordable rates is T Bhimjyani Realty. Their Neelkanth Woods project at Manpada is class-apart. Here is why:

1)    Nature and living spaces go hand-in-hand: Nestled away from the dusty Mumbai streets, is T Bhimjyani’s Neelkanth Woods Olivia. It offers spacious homes with options ranging from 2.5 BHK to 3 BHK to 3.5 BHK flats. It interplays nature and luxurious spaces. Every apartment is designed in such a manner where people can soak in the beauty of Yeoor Hills. Homeowners can dissipate their worries by soaking in the jacuzzi and sauna that the 3 BHK apartments offer. In the 3.5 BHK flats, one can sip a cuppa of coffee with the breath-taking visage of the city and hills.

2)    The perfect escape for families: Investors can find all kinds of amenities that one could find in a 5 or 7-star hotels here. In fact, there are hardly any residential projects that match the services that Neelkanth Woods at Manpada offers. Their common clubhouse is massive and has an array of services within in at perusal like table tennis room, spa, snooker room, squash court, gymnasium, and a multi-purpose hall with badminton court.

The other conveniences include a tennis court, common rainwater harvesting, audio-visual room, gymnasium and health facilities, disposal of sewage and sullage water, common mini basketball court, landscaping, and tree planting, and solid waste management and disposal.

3)    Proximity to the central city: The project is close to railway stations, bus stops and depots. Educational institutes like SVPM’s Sanskar Public School, Vasant Vihar School, and Lokpura Public School are very close. Thane’s age-old hospital, Bethany, is also nearer to Neelkanth Woods. Entertainment spots and shopping centers such as R Mall, Cinemax WonderMall and Viviana are just a few minutes away.

What are you waiting for? Book your dream house today!

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5 Tips Before Purchasing a Flat/Apartment in Thane

Thane, the city of lakes, has always remained an under-rated area in Mumbai. However, over the past decade or so, Thane has undergone a humongous transformation. The city has developed an urge amongst the high-end segment in India to purchase flats/apartments here. From the upscale residential projects in Thane to educational centres to hospitals to public transportation to essential amenities, everything has seen an uplift in Thane.

Thane maybe a prime spot to own a house today, however, there are certain tips homeowners should abide by before purchasing 1, 2, 2.5 BHK flats in Thane:

1)    Property price: Ascertain the budget and look for a property within that bracket. Some properties demand a considerable amount for the amenities they offer and the locality. Once the developer quotes a price, verify it with the neighbouring area’s properties. The property rates can be found in Thane’s supplement newspapers such as Maharashtra Times, Dainik Saamana, Navbharat Times and others, listed property portals and brokers in Thane.

2)    Builder-buyer agreement: The moment one books an apartment, they are provided a token amount. In return, the buyer receives an allotment letter. Then, the buyer, builder and the bank enter a three-party agreement to settle the remaining amount. This agreement is mostly in favour of the developer. So, the buyer should read the terms and conditions of the contract carefully. In case of any doubts, the buyer must clarify them at that point itself.

3)    Locality: Every buyer should thoroughly look around the area they will be eventually residing. This is crucial concerning the connectivity, malls, hospitals and other necessary facilities. For example, the Manpada area in Thane is in demand of late owing to the highway, Ghodbunder road, that connects to suburban Mumbai and the famous Viviana mall. One can find several 3 BHK flats in Manpada such as T Bhimjyani’s Neelkanth Woods or Neelkanth Greens, from where one gets access to the highway, best hospitals and entertainment.

4)    Flat possession: The possession of flat gets delayed, as the commercial and residential plan’s delay. Buyers should have a precise estimate of the timeline of the possession. Generally, developers ask for a grace period of 6 months. Nevertheless, builders must provide a valid explanation for the same.

5)    Hidden charges: Ensure to read all the documents and clauses carefully. Penalty levies on the builder if they do not provide the buyer with the apartment within the grace period. The buyer has to keep in mind the additional expenses such as GST, stamp duty, registration charges, home loan processing costs, and other charges before signing the agreement.
Buying a flat/apartment is a huge affair. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind before venturing into any residential projects in Thane.

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Shifting To Mumbai? 5 Best Localities That Home Buyers Should Consider

When it comes to metropolitan cities, two facts cannot be denied: unaffordable property market and dense population. Yet, the city of dreams, Mumbai, welcomes everyone with open arms. Mumbai has a place for everyone, irrespective of their social standing. Where one can find the costliest private property Antilla at a posh area like Worli, slums occupy a large part of the tinsel town.

No matter what you do, who you are, and how much you earn, every person can have a piece of Mumbai. Real estate companies have projects scattered across Mumbai, turning every home buyers’ dream a reality.

Following are the localities that every homeowner should consider:

1)    Andheri: Be it West or East, every income group can own a flat/apartment here. One can find the busiest local station in this locality. People can also enjoy class-apart metros, airports (domestic and international) and malls at proximity, wherever they are placed. It is also centrally located to two business hubs, Powai and Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC). The real estate companies who are all set to launch their projects in Andheri are Oberoi Realty, Kanakia, Omkar Realty, Raheja, Lodha, Mahindra Lifespace and Pride Group.

2)    Thane: Once known as the pollution emission city, is today Mumbai’s top locality. Real estate companies in Mumbai like T Bhimjyani, Hiranandani Constructions, Godrej Properties, and Piramal Realty have realised Thane’s popularity and made luxury affordable. Its local station provides connectivity to Mumbai, as well as, the new suburbs. Plus, one can find the best educational centres, hospitals and malls, making every investment worth the penny. In fact, owning a flat in T Bhimjyani’s Neelkanth Woods is a matter of status symbol nowadays.

3)    Kharghar: Adjoining the Central Business District (CBD) in Belapur, facing the scenic hills and bound by two major highways is Kharghar in Navi Mumbai. It is primarily a residential township and home to several renowned educational institutions like NIFT, ITM and many others. The real estate investments in Kharghar is all set to take a new turn, thanks to the upcoming international airport in Panvel.

4)    Chembur: The real estate demand in Chembur has seen a rise in the recent past. Owing to the Eastern Express Highway that connects to South Mumbai and the Santacruz Chembur Link Road (SCLR) that takes people to BKC and airport quickly, real estate companies in Mumbai have recognised Chembur’s true potential. Many new home buyers are investing in this locality at an unprecedented pace.

5)    Wadala: It is an area snuggled between South Mumbai and the suburbs. This is one of the reasons that Wadala offers seamless connectivity through road and rail. Also, Wadala station is the first stop in the harbour line of the local trains. The monorail between Wadala and Chembur is an added attraction. Entertainment buffs can also enjoy high-quality movies at IMAX, making Wadala a ‘paisa-vasool’ investment.

Which area are you vouching for?

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