6 amazing ideas to decorate your balcony

The balcony in a home may be the only place wherein one can truly enjoy the spectacular surroundings and fresh natural air. But apart from imparting a mean to view and feel the outside world, it also possesses a potential for plenty of creative ideas. Places such as the 2 to 3.5 BHK apartments in Thane will be the perfect place for you to let your creativity flow and transform your balcony into your very own personalized decorative corner.

While the ideas on decorating your balcony may be endless, here are a few ideas to help you inspire with your balcony decorations.

  1. Turn your balcony into a green corner
    Green plants and flowering potted plants is the perfect way to transform balconies into a perfect semblance of a mini oasis. You can even opt for pots that hang from the ceiling or grow a climbing plant along the railing of the balcony, to save on space. Use plants of different sizes and heights to get that lush green cover you want in your own balcony. Keeping these requirements in mind, the real estate company in Thane has incorporated proper drainage systems to ensure that homeowners can maintain their green cover with ease.
    decorate your balcony
  2.  An outdoor beach retreat
    Who doesn’t love the feeling of a beach setting? Bringing a beach home is the perfect way to transform your flats in Thane west into the perfect outdoor setting. String up a huge hammock and pile it up with cushions and pillows to make it into the perfect swing. Strew gravel around the balcony and touch it up with seashells in the corner. To complete the look, you can even place a small sandbox in the corner for any entertainment or activity purposes.
  1. Mini bistro with a view
    Having a meal with a view, is a definitely a bonus for any of the 2 to 3.5 BHK apartments in Thane. Opt for pale tiles or a large carpet for your balcony. Invest in a small bistro furniture set and place is as per your convenience. Hang up Mediterranean lamps from the ceiling to finish that bistro look. For an added bonus, you can even fix an icebox in the corner of the balcony to keep your drinks chilled as you munch on your mouthwatering meal.
    decorate your balcony1
  1. Outdoor reading library
    A peaceful surrounding, such as the ones, you will find in the flats in Thane West, makes the perfect peaceful escapade for the bookwork. Invest in a lounging chair or a bean bag for those long hours of sitting. Mount a folding table to the wall, or to the railing to hold any food, drinks or books. A small cupboard with glass doors will be perfect to hold and store your books anytime you require them.
  1. Animal and pet-friendly mini garden
    Most pets love the outdoor view, especially when it comes to dogs and cats. You can corner off a part of your balcony with a grass path or a sandbox so that your pet can relieve themselves while providing you with a mean of minimum maintenance care. Invest in a small pet couch or rug so they can catch a bit of sun during the day. If you don’t own a pet, and yet want to be nature-friendly, you can hang up a bird feeder from your balcony railing or even the ceiling. Place towering plants in the corner of your balcony so that the lush greenery can be a safe haven for birds when they come to feed.
  1. Kid friendly outdoor
    Toddlers and young kids are the perfect adventurers, making the balcony the ideal place for their playground. The real estate company in Thane has no doubt kept in mind the safety features and have incorporated them in the outdoor balcony. Make a small sand pit in the corner of your balcony for a personal sandbox for kids. If you want to avoid kids painting on the walls, you can paint a chalkboard on the wall of your balcony and encourage them to paint there. Place a small toy box in the corner of the balcony to encourage them to store their toys after each playing session more responsibly.