The 6 Vaastu-Centric Points You Should Keep In Mind While Planning Your Home Purchase

For many buying a house that is Vaastu complaint is of paramount importance. For people who do not know what exactly Vaastu means, it is an ancient science of architecture which offers a complete insight when building structure. Vaastu is a Sanskrit work in which “Vaas” and “Tu” means “Live” and “You” respectively. When talking about Vaastu compliant houses or flats in Thane west and around, you should know a number of buyers now ensure the home conforms to the Vaastu norms.

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Mentioned are some Vaastu centric points or guidelines you can consider when buying your first house or apartment:

Sunlight and cross ventilation – Two of the major aspects that holds great importance in Vaastu is sunlight and ventilation. Considering this aspect, ensure your house receives ample amount of sunlight and also has cross ventilation. You can consider an east or north facing flat with balconies and windows in either of the two directions. You should know early morning sunlight is good for health and brings a lot of positivity, while afternoon sunlight can be harmful to the health. Hence, you should avoid buying a house that has entrance and windows to the south or south-eastern.

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Entrance – As far as the entrance of the house is concerned, North or North East tend to serve as auspicious direction. One of the primary reason is that the sun rises in the east and brings in a lot of positivity. South or West entrance should be avoided as the afternoon sun rays are harmful to the health.

Location of the kitchen – You are highly advised not to invest in the flats in Thane west or around if the kitchen is in the North-East. As it tends to welcome the morning sun and hence that room is perfect for meditation purpose or living room. The ideal location is the South-East corner of the house. Also, ensure the kitchen is not located directly facing the main door.

Location of the toilet – South-West corner or South serves as the best place for bathroom and toilet. Apart from this, North-West corner is also recommended. However, bear in mind that the toilet and Pooja room should not be next to each other.

Master bedroom – It is of paramount importance for the master bedroom to be located at the South-West corner for a home which faces to the east. Consider square or rectangular shaped bedrooms.

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Know the Community – Another important Vaastu centric point every buyer needs to keep in mind is the community. Ensure the building block located in the south-west direction is the tallest among the others. This further does the job of protecting the other building blocks from any harmful sun rays. Apart from this, the play area, garden and open spaces should be in the eastern or northern side. Avoid investing in a house that has these areas at the back.

These are some of the vital Vaastu centric points one need to consider when buying a house. Reliable real estate group like, Neelkanth Group understands how important Vaastu is for the buyers and ensure the houses and apartments are built on them.