Designs & Utilities That are a Must-Have for Your Dry Area

Having an entire room dedicated only to laundry is not something everyone is accustomed to. But, it actually is a very practical idea. Most of the upcoming and new residential projects in Thane are offering a separate dry area only for your laundry. This new style has attracted many people, especially NRI’s who are looking for an NRI investment in real estate. Managing to fit everything you need in a small dry area is not easy. However, keeping in mind the needs of the people, the new residential projects in Thane offer you a spacious dry area, enough for your laundry storage. Apart from the washing machine and the dryer, there are many other aspects that you need to take into consideration when designing the dry area of the new residential project in Thane.

Organizing things become easy if your dry area is bright and open. Using the space wisely will enable you to have additional usage space which you can use to wash the clothes and iron them in the dry area itself. With each individual that have their specific needs and preferences, it is necessary to first find out how you want your dry area to look? And how must you design it, in order to get the desired look as well as maximize the space to be used? Here below are 5 designs and utilities that are a must-have for the dry area of the new residential projects in Thane.

Utility Sink: A utility sink multi-tasks as a hand-washing station, a place to soak soiled sports gear or even an area where you could pot a few plants, making your dry area look a little colourful and lively.


Cabinets or Overhead Storage: Having various cabinets, designed specifically for different purposes can make the dry area of the new residential projects in Thane look wonderful. Cabinets or overhead storages serve as a linen closet and could be used to store small laundry baskets. They can be used to hide detergents and cleaning supplies, as well as to keep an ironing board. You could also add sliding rails to your cabinets which could be helpful to pull out hampers or other utilities.

Hanging Racks: Hanging racks enable you to save space and also provides you a place to air-dry delicate clothes or hang shirts that come straight from the dryer. A hanging rack comes in different designs. You could either choose a steel bar or a fold-up rack, which allows you to save space.


Open Storage: An open storage above a counter or above the hanging steel bar rack in the dry area of the new residential projects in Thane could be of great use, helping you keep the folded linens high and dry.

Clean and Tidy Bins:


In addition to your dirty clothes, a clean and tidy bin could also hold cleaning supplies, extra toiletries, and towels. This is a great idea which will help you save some bathroom space in the new residential projects in Thane.

Today, with many NRI investments in real estate, the new residential projects in Thane are developing at a faster pace and are providing amenities that would be useful to all kinds of people who invest in these apartments. With the new residential projects in Thane that are trying to provide people with the best, they are gaining a lot of popularity in terms of their housing structure and designs, especially with the room for a dry area.