Giving Your Parents the Ultimate Gift – Finding the Right House for Your Parents

If you still thinking on what to gift your parents on their 60th wedding anniversary, then how about gifting them a new house? It is a great gift, and your parents will surely love it. Your parents have helped you in buying your dream home. And now, it is your time to buy them a good home with all the facilities. Buying a house for your parents can be quite a task as there are various flat for sale in Thane. You also have to consider numerous factors before finalising on the house:

Know Where Do Your Parents Want to Stay?

Before you start choosing a place for your parents, it is wise you have a word with them of the same. You need to have a discussion on whether they have any locations or areas in mind or do they want a house that is closer to the current one. Getting to know their preferences is vital after it is them who will be staying in the house. It is always advised to choose a home for your parents in your vicinity itself. Location plays a vital role in this aspect. Study the location you have selected for your parents. After all, you want the best for parents, right?

Healthcare Center Nearby

As they will be staying alone, it is wise you choose flat for sale in Thane that have healthcare centre nearby. This works well especially in the case of emergencies. It is therefore advised to buy a house in your locality as you can pay visits on a regular basis. It also becomes easier to take them to the hospital in case of any medical emergency.

Know the House Is Elderly Friendly

You should know your parents cannot climb the stairs especially when you have chosen a flat on the sixth floor. Therefore, you should choose an apartment on the ground floor itself. This works well even if the lifts stop working. It is convenient and ensures your parents are always safe. Apart from this, if you have chosen a house on a third or any upper floor, ensure the building has two lifts. This ensures even if one lift stops working, the second one is accessible.


Another vital factor to keep in mind when finding the right house for your parents is easy accessibility regarding transport. Get to know whether the area has transportation options available. Your parents cannot walk 3 miles just to catch an auto rickshaw. Ensure the flat for sale in Thane you are looking at are located in such a way that it offers easy and convenient transport solutions.

Buying a house for your parents is surely a great gift you can even give to your parents. But, do keep these aspects in mind in choosing the right home.