Why Residential Projects Should Offer Open Spaces For Children?

There are a number of factors every home buyer tends to look into when buying a house. While space, amenities, school, pharmacy and so on, do play a major role in your home purchase, it is also vital to ensure the project offers open space for children. A lot of homebuyers tend to neglect on this aspect. Not much attention is given to open spaces for children to play. When you reside in apartments, children do not have access to open garden and spaces. This is why ensuring the residential project you are investing is has open spaces for children.

Lack Of Open Space Forces Parents To Look For Other Options

You will find a number of residential projects tend to have less or no open space for children. This further forces parents to look for other options like watching television, playing on mobiles and so on. While social development is of paramount importance, having enough open spaces ensures this option is fulfilled. Every sq.ft of space is put to use for construction purpose. This leads to no or less space for gardens or open spaces. This also forces the parents to indulge their children in other activities like football, gymnastics, and tennis and so on. However, as these activities are under the supervision of adults, it leaves no room for social interaction. Well, the same aspect is well taken care of by T Bhimjyani – a reputable real estate company offer various residential projects in Thane and around by having large gardens for children and senior citizens.

Importance of Play Areas for Children

The importance of play areas and gardens should not be neglected. After all, these areas help children to learn more about the surroundings and meet other children of the society. Apart from this, the slides, swings and more work towards building a sense of competence in them. This further helps in increasing the confidence level. Furthermore, when children are not in a structured environment, it allows them to let their imagination flow the way they want it to. Besides, it also helps them to meet and make new friends who are not possible if they live in a structured environment.

How can Developers Incorporate Needs of Children in the Projects

Every parent is concerned about the falls and scraped knees. But then, these are part of every child’s growth. Considering this aspect, it is important for parents to invest in the projects that have play area or garden. As far as incorporating the same is concerned, builders and developers can include the same in the project plan. A lot of renowned real estate companies  include the same in the plan whether for 2 BHK or 3 BHK in Thane and around. After all, they understand how important it is for children to play outside than staying inside.